horrorsThe Little Shop of Horrors Starts April 13 – Arcadia University presents The Little Shop of Horrors, everyone's favorite boy-meets-girl, plant-eats-world phenomenon, April 13 to 23 at the Arcadia Theatre. The production runs April 13 to 23, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m., and Saturday at 2 p.m. On Sunday, April 16, a performance is set for 8 p.m. On Sunday, April 23, a 2 p.m. matinee will be held. Also, Friday 10 a.m. matinees are available on April 14 and 21 for school groups. Tickets are: $6 Arcadia Students, $12 Alumni, $16 General Admission. For further information and ticket reservations, call 215-572-2112 or email arcadiatheatre@arcadia.edu.

37th Annual Senior Capstone Projects – Members of the Arcadia community, along with their family and friends, are invited to the 37th annual presentation of senior capstone projects. The senior and graduation theses will be presented Wednesday, April 26, through Thursday, May 11. For a complete list of presentation times for each discipline, Read More

grilledgoldGrilled Gold is Coming SoonMark your calendars for Saturday, June 3, 2006, from 1 to 4 p.m. for the Grilled GOLD picnic at Reunion. The GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) committee hopes you will join us for a day filled with good food, fun games, numerous activities, and the company of old friends. We are working hard to bring back some of the greatest attractions from our college days, including Human Foosball and entertainer, Dave Binder! And we remembered to include all the classics that make the day so memorable, such as the diaper derby and magic show. Grilled GOLD is a great time to catch up with your old roommates, lab partners, or even just that dear old friend you lost touch with over the years. Be sure to join us on Saturday, June 3, for the best Grilled GOLD picnic that Arcadia has ever seen! - Read More

truffleesThe 80s Love Chocolate – Join your fellow 80s classmates on Saturday, June 3, for a chocolate Truffle tasting by fellow alumni, Tom Sciascia ’86 and Loren Shuman Sciascia ’86. Tom and Loren are the owners of The Painted Truffle, and award-winning enterprise, where their passions for great food and art have happily collided. They will share with you their expertise in creating some of the most delectable chocolate truffle treasures you have ever tasted. RSVP today by emailing alumni@arcadia.edu

Texas Hold ’Em at Reunion – Take your chances and play the game sweeping the country at Reunion 2006. If you have never played poker before, you can learn on the spot! Join fellow alumni in the Rose Room on Friday, June 2, at 8 p.m. Watch the mail for your invitation and more information about Reunion 2006 on June 2, 3 and 4. Read More About Reunion

Alumni news

cookingCooking with Jerry – Jerry and Terry Greiner held a special cooking experience, called Cooking with Jerry, for alumni at their home in February as part of Arcadian Adventures. The President and his wife shared some of their techniques for creating a superb dining experience. Arcadian Adventures provide alumni with interesting excursions steeped in the history and culture of the area. Read More about upcoming Arcadian Adventures.

Visit to the Stenton Estate and Afternoon Tea – Celebrate Ben Franklin’s 300th birthday with a tour of the elegant Stenton Estate and special exhibit, “Shaping Franklin,” that highlights Franklin’s friendship with mentor James Logan, on Saturday, May 6. You can stand in the library where they exchanged ideas on books, science, mathematics and the nature of man. The estate sits on three acres of the original 500-acre plantation and includes the c.1730 mansion, privy, icehouse, barn and Colonial Revival garden. To register for this Arcadian Adventure, phone: 215-572-2160 or e-mail alumni@arcadia.edu

Genetic Counseling Students/Alumni Win Awards – The National Society of Genetic Counselors honored 10 genetic counseling students and alumni from Arcadia at its annual conference in November, with Sarah Charles ’06 of Newark, Del., earning top honors with the Beth Fine Kaplan Student Abstract Award. This is the second time that an Arcadia student has won this prestigious award. Arcadia’s Genetic Counseling Program is one of only 27 in the nation. Read more about the 10 Arcadia alumni and students who won awards.

Job Help for Seniors – The Arcadia University Online Community has a wealth of benefits for alumni. Graduating seniors can join today! The Alumni Online Community is an alumni version of Blackboard, which students use at Arcadia. The Online Community features a large Career Services section that is really helpful for seniors and young alumni. More than 75 alumni are registered as career mentors and can be contacted by other members of the Online Community. They would especially love to hear from graduating seniors. Another benefit of the Community is the alumni e-mail address that can be automatically forwarded to any other e-mail service, such as AOL, Yahoo or Comcast. Seniors may find it helpful in job hunting to have a professional e-mail address on their resume (example: jsmith@alumni/arcadia.edu) To register, just e-mail the Alumni Office for a one-time-use only password to enter the password protected community and set up an account.


Giving Matters

2005 Annual Fund Awards – celebrating the Alumni Fund – will be presented on April 22, 2006, at the Alumni Council Meeting in Grey Towers Castle. The classes winning the awards, and their respective Fund Agents, are to be congratulated for their significant achievements for the 2005 fiscal year:

  • Class of 1957 (Rosemary Deniken Blankley, Fund Agent) The Arcadia Annual Fund Award for the class with the largest gift.

  • Class of 1971 (Elsa Larsen Vernon, Fund Agent) The Arcadia Annual Fund Award for the class with the largest gift increase.
  • Class of 1955 (Elsa-Lu Greenblatt Berkowitz and Anne Cornell Swalm, Fund Agents) The Martha-Lee Taggart Sunderman Award for the class with the highest percentage of participation.
  • Class of 2004 (Jennifer Dassaro, Adrienne DiMino, Charles Maschi, Fund Agents) The Harry G. Kuch GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) Award for the GOLD Class with the highest percentage of participation.

Add it Up – Will your class win the Reunion2Sum Contest? The class with the highest Reunion2Sum – number of alumni attending Reunion 2006 plus number of alumni making a gift – will win a special cocktail reception hosted by President Greiner at Reunion. Read more information about Reunion and Reunion Giving – Read More


Justin Losh went to Tanzania to study global issues. But when students went on strike, he found that education isn’t just what you’re taught in the classroom, it’s also what you learn from your experiences. “Kitando usicho kilala hujui kunguni wake,” says the graduate IPCR student. It’s Swahili for “you can’t know the bugs of a bed that you have not laid on.” Read More about Losh's journey.

walbert Dr. Jan Walbert, Arcadia’s Vice President for Student Affairs, is the new President-elect of NASPA, the organization of student affairs administrators in higher education. Walbert will serve a three-year term, one as President-Elect, one as President, and one as Past-President. “My affiliation with NASPA has been a professional foundation throughout my career, and I welcome the opportunity to represent my colleagues and to provide leadership in our profession,” Walbert says.



hurricaneHelping Katrina Vicitims – Arcadia students and faculty found many ways to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. And over spring break, thirty-seven students and staff traveled to rural Louisiana to help rebuild homes. Just days after the storm, Education faculty members Dr. Deborah Pomeroy and Ruthanne Rust drove their motor home to Baton Rouge and donated it to Catholic Charities. Psychology Professor Sam Cameron made several trips a month later with the Red Cross. Read More about their personal stories and see the photographs they took while volunteering in the hurricane-ravaged state.

neworleans2Spring Service Trip to Louisiana – Thirty-seven students, faculty and staff spent spring break helping with Gulf Coast hurricane relief efforts from March 12-18. The weeklong service learning experience included hands-on work along with exposure to community development efforts in rural Louisiana. View More pictures from the service trip taken by Jennifer Vessels ’07.

new_orleans1Professors Drive Motor Home to Baton Rouge – Dr. Deborah Pomeroy, Associate Professor of Education, and her partner, Instructor Ruthanne Rust, drove their 32-foot motor home to Louisiana, donating it to Catholic Charities of Baton Rouge to serve as housing for Hurricane Katrina victims. Before they left, they packed the home with supplies donated by students, staff, faculty and community members. Instructor Pat Potocny also shared driving duty on the trip. Before the three professors flew home, they recorded their thoughts. Click here to read their journals.

Children's Books Collected for Katrina Victims – Many children's lives were shattered after the devastation brought by Hurricane Katrina. Arcadia University's chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, an International Honor Society in Education, offered its own form of help by collecting new and gently used children's books that were distributed throughout the Gulf Coast Region through chapters in that area. The nationwide goal was to provide a total of 50,000 books to help restore classroom and school library collections.

new_orleans2Sale of Baked Goods Helps Animal VictimsThe student newspaper, The Tower, sold baked goods to help pets and animals affected by Hurricane Katrina. When President Greiner heard that the students were going to use the residence hall kitchen for their baking, he and Mrs. Greiner offered the their kitchen – and their help. On Sunday, Oct. 23, the Greiner kitchen became a hurricane relief effort for 12 hours as staff from the Tower baked 132 cupcakes, 29 dozen cookies, 66 brownies, 42 giant Rice Krispie treats, 38 tea breads, and 13 cakes. The proceeds of $653 were donated to the North Shore Animal League America’s Hurricane Katrina animal rescue efforts. The President not only came up with the recipe for the Rice Krispie treats, says Tower Editor Kristen Riley, he also made them all himself.

Dr. Sam Cameron Reports from Louisiana – "They have lost everything, but few are depressed" – Dr. Samuel M. Cameron, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, was in Baton Rouge, La., for a two-week mission to provide counseling and other psychological services to survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Cameron volunteered his services through the American Psychological Association in conjunction with the Red Cross. His first observation of the state of the hurricane victims was: “The people are magnificent. They have lost everything, but few are depressed. They optimistically intend to rebuild and start their lives over.” He filed the following reports, beginning on Oct. 23:


I am now in my second week of work down here. The size of the Katrina–Rita relief operation is immense. It is the largest relief operation in the Red Cross’ history. I spent the first five days of my service in Red Cross headquarters in Baton Rouge. I was attached to Staff Mental Health, providing services to the staff at headquarters and nearby shelters. However, I was eager to be deployed to the field.

Finally I was asked if I would go to Lake Charles to replace mental health workers who had served their two weeks. What an opportunity! Lake Charles is directly above Cameron Parish where the eye of Rita hit. The towns of Holly Beach and Cameron were totally wiped out: literally leveled to the ground. This area was hit by both Katrina and Rita, but Rita did most of the damage. I had to get to Cameron and help out! Of course I said, “Yes, I’ll go.”

So far, I have worked in Hackberry to help people standing in line for their FEMA appointments and, later that afternoon, helped set up a clothing distribution center next to the Hackberry Community Center. The next day, I went to Sweetwater Baptist Church, which is the main food distribution center for Cameron County. It’s not on the map, but it is near Grand Lake.

The people are magnificent. They have lost everything, but few are depressed. They optimistically intend to rebuild and start their lives over. While I help them get food or clothing, they tell fantastic stories of survival. The whole population of Cameron County was evacuated, so few lives were lost (only two); the major loss was of property, livestock and equipment. The shock was returning home to see the devastation Rita had caused. Most had only the stuff they took with them when they evacuated.

neworleans5Today, I was assigned to the Lake Charles Civic Center Shelter. There are still about 200 evacuees from New Orleans housed there. Many have emotional problems and are on large doses of psychotropic medication. If I continue to work there will be many challenges.
I have not been able to get to Cameron nor Holly Beach. They are still closed and are under martial law. Because residents of the area were allowed in today (Sunday), a team of Red Cross workers, including mental health workers, was sent down, but, alas, I was not assigned. I hope to get down there eventually. Give my regards to all.

'As if an Atomic Bomb Had Hit’-- Hurricane Rita washed away nearly all signs of life when it descended upon rural Cameron Parish in Louisiana, and people have yet to return and reclaim what is left. Dr. Cameron, one of the first volunteers allowed into the area, reported, “The earth had been scoured clean of human habitation; only foundations, concrete steps and, occasionally, a fireplace remained to show that once a house had been there. It was as if an atomic bomb had hit the area. The only residents we saw were four women searching through the remains of their house for whatever they could find. We stopped, gave them cold water and listened to their stories for a while.” Click here for his full report, filed on Sunday, Oct. 30.

'As I breathed the air in, the mold seared my nostrils” -- “The homeowners had to wear hazmat masks to enter the building. I did not have a mask, but I poked my head in anyhow, thinking I might help. As I breathed the air in, the mold seared my nostrils. I took only one breath and got out, but the smell of the mold remained in my nose for the rest of the day,” says Dr Cameron, Click here for his full report, filed on Saturday, Nov. 5.


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