arcadia university art gallery  

Student Biennial 2008

February 5 – 24, 2008

Juried by Elyse Gonzales, Curator, Insititute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia.

Opening Reception on Tuesday, Feb. 12, from 4:30 to 6 p.m. in the gallery.

Participating Students

  • Tara Amelia: Haunted Texture, photography
  • Sultana Aschim: Sterling and Onyx Bangle Bracelet, sterling silver, black onyx; 3 Piece Flower Set,  nickel, copper, plastic
  • Chris Belden: Curtis Mayfield, digital
  • Chris Bongard: Fox Skull, carbon dust; The Devil, printmaking
  • Leah Bowen: Bruised Reed, silver, pearl, stuffed bangalese finchi, found objects
  • Ryan Bross: Game Man, wire, fabric
  • Eva Calder: fx2y = x^2- y^2 (Calculus III based Sculpture), porcelain
  • Amanda Crelin: Vermont Postcards, digital
  • Colleen Crowley: Circle of Life, charcoal, pastel
  • Chelsea Crozier: Birds, construction paper, push pins
  • Chad Esrig: - Nineteen (DIPTXCH), black and white photography; Self Portrait, charcoal and pastel on toned paper
  • Christina Fallstick: Scott, photography; Steph, photography
  • Tim Fitzgerald: Night Studies, photography
  • Lauren Garvey: Self Portrait, oil on canvas
  • Rebecca Gillam: Melonie, pastel
  • Jessica Grazel: Bound Feet, oil
  • George Groves: Self Portrait, Standing, Charcoal on Vellum
  • Sarah Ingram: Pura Vida, digital photography print
  • Jamie Jastrzembski: Untitled Series 1, photography
  • Crystal Kim: Self Portrait, pencil, charcoal, pastel; Untitled #1, photography
  • Elizabeth R. Kimport: Invisible Chair, old lawn chair, acrylic paint, photography
  • Matt King: We’ll Laugh About This Someday, copper, brass, vinyl keychain; Figure Drawing Composition, various mediums
  • Chau Le: ông,Bá, metal, copper
  • Amy Longo: Girl in the Park, black and white photography print
  • Tony Marrone: Parking Space, photography
  • Ayami Mori: Ring I, metal
  • Robert Minton: Self Portrait #2, photography
  • Jennifer Osler: Untitled, charcoal; Untitled 2, ink
  • Krista G. Peofitt: Cookie Cutter, digital
  • Laura Polaski: Film Poster, graphic design
  • Katie Popelak: Untitled Sink, oil on canvas
  • Scott Richards: Percy, batik
  • Liv Rothfuss: Self Portrait, pencil
  • Chris Scott: Creation of Life, mono print
  • Amanda Sekerele - Film Fest Poster, digital
  • Pricilla Snyder: Boy in Cave Mine Elevator, digital photography; A Bird’s Perch, digital photography
  • Daniel Sypolt: The Journey to Understanding, black and white photography; Alleyway, black and white photography; Inspired Fontbook, digital print and mixed media
  • Andrew Taylor: - Jedi, conte
  • Jennifer Titone: Push Button Lace Book, mixed media
  • Katherine Van Ness: Branch Bangle, sterling silver/black patina
  • Tonya Walker: Strawberries & Tomatos, oil pant
  • Patty Wall: Hers, mixed media


Student Biennial 2008