Financial Aid Application
For Graduate Students
Arcadia University

Please note: Students must have been accepted as a matriculating student in a degree or certificate program to receive Federal Direct Stafford Loans. Additionally, students must take a minimum of 6 credits per semester during the academic year to meet the half-time enrollment requirement to obtain a Federal Direct Stafford Loan (during the summer, 6 credits over the course of all summer sessions satisfies this enrollment requirement). If you drop below 6 credits and you are receiving loan funds, depending upon when this occurs, all or a portion of your loan funds may need to be returned.
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2. Admission Information
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If you will not be enrolled in one of the above full-time programs, indicate which program you will be enrolled in: 
Have you been accepted as a matriculating student in a Graduate or doctoral degree program?*
If you are not enrolled in a degree program, indicate which certificate or certification program you are enrolled in: 
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If not enrolled in a full-time, cohort program, indicate number of credits you will enroll
for each term. Please list number of credits for each term below (failure to do so will prevent us from processing any aid on your behalf) :
Summer Session I, 2013
Summer Session II, 2013
Summer Session III, 2013
Fall 2013
Spring 2014
Summer Session I, 2014
Summer Session II, 2014
Summer Session III, 2014
I plan to graduate in (month/year):*
3. Financial Aid Information
If you will receive scholarships/financial resources from any private agency/organization other than Arcadia University, please indicate these below. If you qualify for veteran's benefits and/or the Yellow Ribbon Program, please note this as well.
Aid Source 1
Yearly Amount
Aid Source 2
Yearly Amount
Tuition benefits from student's employer or spouse's employer:
Yearly Amount
$20,500/year is the maximum you may borrow through the Federal Direct Stafford Loan Program. Provided your educational costs warrant it, your loan will only be certified for the amount you indicate here.
Please indicate the amount of the Federal Direct Stafford Loan you wish to borrow for the 2013-14 academic year.
I wish to borrow a Stafford Loan of the following amount for 2013-14.*
4. Education Data
Please list ALL colleges/universities attended, even if only one course was completed:
College/University Date attended
Today's Date: 1/21/2017

Please note: Students must have been accepted as a matriculating student in a degree or certificate program to receive Federal Stafford loans. Certificate - only students should visit www.arcadia.edu/finaid for information on certificate programs eligible for federal aid.
  • Submit the 2013-14 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to Federal Student Aid Programs as soon as possible beginning January 1, 2013. If official tax information is unavailable, estimate as accurately as possible. The FAFSA can be filed electronically at www.fafsa.gov. The Arcadia University Title IV code #003235 must be listed on the FAFSA. If you already filed your 2013-2014 FAFSA but did not list our school code on the form, simply add Arcadia as a recipient school online at www.fasfa.gov using your federal PIN number.
  • Complete this application.
  • Complete a 2013-2014 Graduate Federal Direct Stafford Loan Acceptance Form at www.arcadia.edu/gradfinaidforms2013.
  • First-time Direct Loan Borrowers at Arcadia must also:
    1. Complete a Federal Direct Stafford Loan MPN (Master Promissory Note) at www.studentloans.gov (click on complete MPN)
    2. Complete a Direct Loan Entrance Counseling session at www.studentloans.gov.

      Note: Students randomly selected by Federal Student Aid Programs for federal verification after filing their FAFSA form will be required to complete a federal Verification Form and select the IRS Data Retrieval option at www.fasfa.gov once 2012 federal tax returns have been submitted to the IRS. Otherwise, they will be required to request a Tax Transcript directly from the IRS.
  • Deferments on current loans may be available for the period you will enrolled. Deferment forms can be obtained from your loan servicer directly.
By submitting this form I understand that all information submitted as part of my financial aid application is subject to verification. I certify that I am not in default on a Federal Student Loan nor do I owe a refund on a Federal or State Grant. I certify that I will use any financial aid funds received under Federal Title IV, HEA Programs only for expenses related to my study at Arcadia University. I agree to notify the Financial Aid Office of any changes in my enrollment status or address. I authorize release of my financial aid information to the U.S. Department of Education, AES/PHEAA and federal, state and internal financial aid auditors at the University. .

(215) 572-2980 • FAX: (215) 572-4049 • finaid@arcadia.edu • TITLE IV Code: 003235