October 2008 Edition

Certificate of Co-Curricular Learning and Student Assessment

We are proud to announce the establishment of an initiative designed to encourage our students to become more engaged in learning about and participating in their host communities and programs overseas outside the traditional classroom walls.

The Arcadia Certificate of Co-Curricular Learning acknowledges the fundamental importance of the variety of learning opportunities and outcomes of an Arcadia program abroad. In consultation with senior staff in Glenside, our resident directors around the world have identified subject areas that they believe are critical to understanding the host country (culture) in which they are based and have developed a focused and connected program of co-curricular activities that facilitate student understanding and learning within each topic area.

The Certificate of Co-Curricular Learning will be issued to all Arcadia program students who participate in co-curricular activities to a significant degree (more than 15 hours) and, alongside their academic transcript, is intended to be a reliable and centrally held record of each student’s educational accomplishments while abroad, both within and outside of the classroom. Our approach is holistic and intentional and we are committed to making education abroad a transformational experience for all of our students.

Simultaneous to the Certificate of Co-Curricular Learning initiative, the Center is moving forward in refining our learning assessment instruments. These two initiatives while distinct in purpose are connected in the theoretical proposition that significant and measurable learning occurs outside of the academic classroom during an education abroad experience.

Arcadia is examining whether the intentional introduction of co- and extra- curricular programming into a student’s overseas experience produces additional student learning, changes in their global perspective, or changes in their inter-personal skills and identity.

Cataloging each student’s individual involvement in the co- and extra-curricular activities is critical to this assessment model. Please contact David Rudd, Director of Research and Assessment, or Prof. Dennis Dutschke, Dean of Studies, for more information on this exciting new initiative.

Global Leadership

As part of our new and unique Life of the Mind series, the Arcadia University Center for Education Abroad is dedicating 2009 to Global Leadership.

Arcadia has put together a comprehensive program of events, speakers, excursions, and cultural opportunities that will promote and underscore the importance of defining students’ role in our inter-connected world. Through education abroad, students gain an understanding of themselves, their own country, and the wider world that will enlighten and empower them and prepare them to become informed leaders and responsible global citizens.

National Advisory Board Meeting

We had the distinct pleasure of welcoming our National Advisory Board to campus for a three-day retreat at the end of September. We were also joined by Carmelle LeVin, Director of Australian Operations, Dr. Chiara Briganti, Academic Director for our programs in the UK, and Andrea Custodi and Janice Levitt of the Alliance for Global Education. The meeting was a huge success and helped us reaffirm, once again, how vitally important the contributions of our Board are to Arcadia and to the work we are engaged in every day.

This year was particularly important as we presented new programs, new ideas and concepts, and new staff positions. Topics presented at the meeting included: The Arcadia Certificate of Co-Curricular Learning, student assessment, financial aid and scholarships, the London Now program, Arcadia in Tanzania, quality in short-term programs, and our recent assumption of the Barcelona program in Spain. Please note that the 2008 site visit report for Australia is now available. Please contact Jessica Madoll if you would like a copy.

 As always, we are enormously grateful to the Board for their helpful feedback and insights!

Application Deadlines

Although the published deadline for many of our spring semester programs is October 15th, we are still accepting applications for several programs. Please check with Tim Barton, Director of Student Services (866-927-2234 Ext. 4070) for details.

London Now!

An informational PDF presentation for our dynamic London NOW program is available – click here to download.

Election 2008

Arcadia has developed a webpage designed to support students in obtaining absentee ballots and becoming informed voters. Our resident staff covered this topic thoroughly during our September orientations. You can access the page here and please feel free to direct any inquiries to Tim Barton, Director of Student Services.

Leadership Symposium: Italy

One of the exciting events that has been planned to support our theme of Global Leadership is a leadership symposium entitled “Putting your Experience Abroad into Context,” which will take place in Italy. Initiated by our Resident Director, Tina Rocchio, the Symposium will include invited speakers and workshops among several other activities. Stay tuned for details!

Advisor Visits

Every month, Arcadia hosts advisors from around the country for an evening and a day here on our campus. The Advisor Day provides an opportunity for study abroad advisors and/or administrators and faculty to learn more about our values, policies and programs and to meet various members of the Arcadia team from our Dean of Studies to our Health and Safety Officer.

There is plenty of time built into the day to learn more about our programs as well. This is a wonderful chance to not only meet colleagues from around the country but to engage with our staff in a focused day of activity. If you are interested in participating, please speak with the Assistant Director for your region about this opportunity.

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