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Summer Program Fees

Summer 2010 Program Fees are now available on the website.


Still Time to Apply!

We are still accepting applications for the following programs:

Australia: all programs except Bond

England: London NOW

Ireland and Northern Ireland: all programs except UCD, NUI Galway, and Trinity College

New Zealand: all programs


Explore by Subject!

In an effort to ensure that students, advisors, and faculty have the best information and tools to locate appropriate programs for their majors, we have developed a platform on our website for discipline specific information. Please encourage your students to check it out!


Arcadia in Tanzania Welcomes Roland Adjovi

Roland Adjovi, an attorney with extensive teaching experience, was recently appointed Academic Director at the Arcadia Center in Arusha. He is also responsible for teaching a portion of our core course, Tanzania in the Midst of Peace and Conflict: Contemporary Issues in East Africa.

Mr. Adjovi brings a strong background in working with African judicial and human rights organizations, including his experience as Senior Legal Officer within the Registry of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and as legal assistant for the Organization for African Unity. He also has extensive experience teaching at various U.S. and French institutions as well as serving as Editorial Assistant for the African Yearbook of International Law (through AFIL, the African Foundation for International Law). Mr. Adjovi earned his B.A. in Law and Public Administration from the University of Paris and then went on to earn a Master’s degree in Political Science there.

Arcadia offers semester and summer programs in Arusha,Tanzania with a focus on human-rights education and East African culture. Students are encouraged to consider links between East and West, theory and practice, and diplomacy and development, with field studies in Arusha and the Maasai community All courses are taught by expert faculty in the field of peace and international conflict studies, with additional instruction in Kiswahili language.

For more information on Arcadia in Tanzania, please contact Margaret Walter, Program Manager.


Arcadia University and University of Edinburgh Sign Memorandum of Agreement

Arcadia University President Dr. Jerry Greiner recently joined Professor Stephen Hillier, Vice Principal International of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, to sign a memorandum of understanding between the two universities, building on a long-standing and successful partnership between Arcadia and the University of Edinburgh.

Professor Hillier is responsible for implementing the University of Edinburgh’s “Internationalization Strategy ” and hopes the strategy will enable the University to see “clear benefits in terms of having even more vibrant, internationally-focused staff and students who are open to and working with the best minds worldwide."

For more information on the program at the University of Edinburgh, contact Traci Chupik, Senior Program Manager.


Book Clubs in Italy and the UK

In Spring 2009, The College of Global Studies launched the Arcadia Study Abroad Book Club, providing students with a great opportunity to understand their host country in a whole new way!

This semester Arcadia is highlighting two works from the United Kingdom and one book from our newest club in Italy to be read and discussed both online and in person with fellow students and Arcadia staff over the course of the semester.

Visits to sites of importance to the books under study are also part of the Club's mission and in some cases, the authors themselves play a significant role in the book club either by accompanying students on a tour, giving a lecture, or participating in the online discussion.

This Spring Matthew Fort, author of Eating up Italy, will accompany students on their excursion to Ferrara at the beginning of the term as well as spending time with students and the organizers of Gambero Rosso, the creators of the Slow Food Movement.

Students’ guides for this experience are Arcadia Program Managers Katharine Reinhart, Traci Chupik, and Jaclyn Daddona, who will moderate the discussion group and provide ideas and suggestions in order to understand each work in its historical and cultural context.

All accepted students to our England, Scotland and Italy programs will receive an email invitation to the book club from their corresponding program manager.


This month's background highlights the city of Edinburgh, where Arcadia students study at the University of Edinburgh.

NOVEMBER 2009 news

A Letter from Lorna Stern

Dear Colleagues:

As Thanksgiving approaches, we are delighted to be looking at a very strong spring semester enrollment across our programs. Nevertheless, we have some programs that are still able to accommodate students. Please do contact us to confirm that space remains open as places are filling up.

I would like to draw your attention to a very exciting series of initiatives developed by several of our program managers. The Arcadia Study Abroad Book Club gives students the opportunity to engage in directed reading and discussion on-line prior to departure which continues when they arrive overseas. Students have been able to visit places important to the books being read, engage in discussions with the authors when possible, and participate in on-going activities pertinent to the material being discussed. This innovative idea have received a warm response from students who have more than risen to the occasion and have participated fully with intelligence, wit and interest.

As we travel to your campuses, we are meeting more and more students and advisors who are asking for tools to help them locate the most suitable programs for specific majors. For this reason, we have recently launched a discipline-specific portal on our website. This is just the beginning of our commitment to this important area of advising. We will continue to build out this section of the web over the next several months. The list of programs is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather to highlight unique opportunities and strengths at particular universities. We hope you and your students will find this helpful and easy to use and as always, we welcome your feedback on this project!

Finally, we'd like to wish all of you a very happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. Without your support we would not be able to continue the important work with which we are all engaged. Thank you.


Lorna Stern
Director of Institutional Relations


Arcadia University #1 in Study Abroad, Open Doors 2009 Reports

Arcadia University has the highest rate of undergraduate participation in study abroad of any master's university in the nation, taking the #1 spot for the second year in a row. The Institute of International Education published its Open Doors 2009 report this week. Learn more.


Cape Town Summer Program in Social Entrepreneurship

In addition to our successful semester, academic year and summer programs in South Africa, the Arcadia University College of Global Studies is pleased to offer an exciting new summer program that will enable students to learn about business and social development while gaining an understanding of social responsibility.

The program, Summer Study Abroad in Cape Town: Social Entrepreneurship, will be offered in conjunction with SHAWCO (Students’ Health and Welfare Centres Organization) of the University of Cape Town. The program will combine an internship in the social development arena or in a local Cape Town township business with relevant coursework. Classes offer an opportunity to reflect on development debates, the role of the various sectors of the economy, and the potential for social entrepreneurship to address issues faced in these communities.

For more information on the program in Cape Town, please contact Traci Chupik, Senior Program Manager.


The Alliance to Administer State Department's Critical Languages Scholarship Sites

The Alliance for Global Education has been chosen to administer two of the U.S. Department of State's Critical Languages Scholarship (CLS) sites. The CLS program is part of a U.S. government interagency effort to expand the number of Americans studying and mastering critical need foreign languages. Students who are awarded the full scholarship will study intensive Chinese with the Alliance in Beijing and Shanghai (Beijing Language and Culture University or Fudan University). Classes will be offered at the intermediate or advanced level. During the 8-week program, students will enroll in 20 hours per week of Chinese language, live with Chinese roommates (Shanghai) or host families (Beijing), and have a peer language tutor. All program fees, round-trip air travel, meals, activities and excursions will be covered by the scholarship.

Eighty full scholarships are available for China, and the Alliance will host at least half of the scholars. Information about the CLS program is available online at Students of diverse disciplines and majors who have 2 years of previous Chinese language study are encouraged to apply. The application deadline is December 18, 2009, and students may apply online beginning in November on the CLS website. For more details, please contact Julia Levy, Senior Program Manager for China, at


Renewable EnergY: POLICY AND DEVELOPMENT in Bonn, Germany

The Arcadia University College of Global Studies, in collaboration with the Study Abroad Office and the Initiative for Sustainability and Energy (ISEN) at Northwestern University has developed a unique 5-week summer program for students in Bonn, Germany. The Bonn program will introduce students to green concerns particularly in the areas of renewable energies (wind, solar and others), while also considering the role of regional and national policy making in the European Union. The program will be conducted in English (with German language instruction) and offers a unique interdisciplinary curriculum and an introduction to the field of renewable energies as a response to today’s climate and energy challenges.

The fee for the program is $5,500 and includes tuition, housing in single rooms, orientation, field excursions, a public transport pass, and transcript. The deadline for application is March 15, 2010.

Contact Jacki Daddona, Program Manager, for more information.


university college dublin business summer internship

We are pleased to announce a new business summer internship program, offered at University College, Dublin.

Students will have the opportunity to experience the rich culture of Dublin through the lens of the working world, while also exploring Irish life. The eight week program consists of a six-week internship placement at a leading Irish company or non-profit organization, a mandatory core course on the evolution of the political, social, cultural, and economic structure of modern Ireland, and a capstone research project.

Irish History

In addition to the internship, students are required to enroll in a special module focusing on Irish history and culture: From Colony to Republic: The Making of Modern Ireland. This module is taught intensively during the first week of the program. Field trips to places of historical interest are an integral component of the course. Students will earn a total of six credits for the internship and related coursework.

Contact Andrew Downs, Senior Program Manager: Internships, for more information.


Arcadia Welcomes Leap Intern

The College of Global Studies welcomes Hiroaki Korekuni, a Japanese citizen who is participating in the Long-term Educational Administrator Program (LEAP) at Arcadia University from October through March.

Hiroaki works in the Office of Student Support at Hiroshima University. Last year, he interned at the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in Tokyo, along with the other eight LEAP participants, before heading to Montana State University for six months. Hiroaki likes watching and playing sports, eating hot dogs, and traveling.

The LEAP program is designed to foster closer and better educational and cultural connections between Japan and the United States.


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