Arcadia Updates March 2010 Issue
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Summer cost sheets available

Summer Cost Sheets have been posted on the fees page of our website. Please contact the program manager or Sean Flenders, Senior Accountant, for more information.


check out the new photo galleries on our website!

We have set up galleries of pictures for each of our main region landing pages, with more to follow for countries and special programs. Check them out on our website!



Scholarship funding of up to $2,000 per student is still available for all Alliance for Global Education summer programs.

Students may apply for the need-based scholarships until April 1st. Please encourage your students to take advantage of this opportunity.

Scholarship applications may be downloaded here.



We are still accepting applications for our summer programs, including Arcadia in Granada, which coincides with the famous Festival Internacional de Musica y Danza de Granada, and Arcadia in Mallorca.

The application deadline for most summer programs is March 31, but depending on the program there may be some flexibility.

Please be in touch with the individual program managers for details.

At this time, The Pembroke-King's Programme at University of Cambridge, London Summer Internship, Sydney Summer Internship, and UCD Summer Internship programs have reached capacity and are no longer accepting applications for summer 2010.


co-curricular learning certificate program

Arcadia recognizes that so much of what makes study abroad a transformational experience happens outside of the classroom.

Credit: Bingzhe Ren

It is precisely these experiences that are often most valuable to students in their future careers and indeed, throughout their lives. Therefore, we created the Co-Curricular Learning Certificate in Fall 2008.

Credit: Frances Gubler

The CLC is a non-credit-bearing certificate that accompanies the official Arcadia transcript upon completion of the Arcadia program abroad. Students can work towards a Co-Curricular Learning Certificate by participating (minimum of 15 hours) in a variety of learning activities and writing a reflective essay, maintaining a journal, or creating a photomontage or film about their experiences.

Since The College of Global Studies piloted the Co-Curricular Learning Certificate program. close to 390 students from 100 different home institutions have participated.

The countries that had the highest participation rate for the CLC thus far are Australia, Great Britain, Italy, and New Zealand. You can view examples of project themes by clicking on the links above.


This month's background photo was taken of the geological wonders of the hot springs at Rotorua National Park, which Arcadia students in New Zealand have visited during orientation.

march 2010 news

president obama at arcadia!

Earlier this month, we had the distinct honor of welcoming President Barack Obama to the Arcadia University campus.

President Obama delivered remarks on healthcare and health insurance reform to a packed auditorium.


South Africa & Tanzania Directors to Deliver Public Lectures

We are delighted to welcome our African resident directors to the Arcadia University campus during the week of April 11th.

Dr. Alan Jansen, Resident Director in South Africa, and Mr. Roland Adjovi, Academic Director for Tanzania, will present public lectures at Arcadia on April 13th and 15th, respectively. We invite those of you in the greater Philadelphia area to join us for one or both of the lectures as well as the receptions immediately following the lectures.

The two lectures, part of the Arcadia University Faculty Lecture Series, are free and open to the public. Arcadia University is located at 450 S. Easton Road in Glenside, Pa. Please contact Jessica Madoll for details.

Dr. Alan Jansen, Resident Director for the Arcadia University programs in South Africa will present a lecture entitled “Of Magic, Mandela and Politics: Exploring Democracy in South Africa,” on Tuesday, April 13 at 4 p.m., which will focus on the implications for South Africa’s young democracy in the wake of Nelson Mandela’s departure from politics. The ensuing years have revealed a shift from the ‘magic’ of the Mandela era, leading to a period of political-self interest. Exploring notions of political maturation, factionalism, controversy and the judiciary, Dr. Jansen will speak about the nature of democracy, and whether recent events in South Africa comprise steps toward its normalization, or aspects of its undermining. Dr. Jansen’s bio can be viewed on our website.

Mr. Roland Adjovi, Academic Director for the Center for East African Studies, for The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University, will present a public lecture entitled “Extraordinary Actors of International Criminal Justice” on Thursday, April 15, at 4 p.m. in the Castle Rose Room at Arcadia. Mr. Adjovi’s lecture will address the roles of states, victims and jurists in international criminal justice with regard to both the formation of norms and their interpretation. Adjovi has worked with African international law organizations and with the United Nations, including as Senior Legal Officer in the Office of the President of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. Read Roland Adjovi’s full bio here.


New Zealand National Soccer Star to Meet with Arcadia Students

Credit: Camw

Each year, The College of Global Studies designates a common thread or theme through The Life of the Mind Series that connects all of our programs around the world together.

For 2010, the theme is Sports, Culture and Context. As part of theme-related events, our New Zealand staff have arranged for soccer star Tim Brown, player for the Phoenix, the NZ All Whites, and the New Zealand National Team, to meet with students. Mr. Brown will hold a session on Friday, April 23rd.

The event will be an informal chat where students will have the chance to ask questions about Mr. Brown’s career as a professional soccer player, and events leading to the World Cup in South Africa.

Mr. Brown has played previously for the University of Cincinnati and has lived in the US. He offers an interesting perspective on New Zealand sport in contrast to sport in the US, as well as insights into the pressures and physical demands of professional soccer in both countries.

Please contact Margaret Walter, Program Manager, for further details.



In response to a growing demand for graduate options abroad, we are pleased to announce that Arcadia has several programs for students at the graduate level.

Graduate Study in Tanzania

The Fall Semester Graduate Study Program and the Summer Institute in International Law in Arusha, Tanzania are offered in conjunction with the Nyerere Centre and provide graduate students with the opportunity to work directly with international organizations and professionals in East Africa.

For more information, please contact Margaret Walter, Program Manager for Tanzania.

Graduate Study in Ireland

The Dublin Graduate Parliamentary Internship is offered in partnership with the Institute for Public Administration and provides challenging course work, insights into the history, politics, and culture of contemporary Ireland, and an opportunity to complete significant research and administrative work under the direction of members of the Irish Dáil and Seanad.

As students will be earning graduate credit in the program, they will be assessed and examined to a higher degree of academic expectation than undergraduate students, and will be held to a standard of professional achievement in their placements commensurate with their advanced level of education. Students will earn a total of 15 graduate credits for the program.

For more information, please contact Amanda Zimmerman, Program Manager.

Graduate Study in Scotland

In Edinburgh, Scotland, Arcadia offers two graduate options through the Scottish Universities’ International Summer School and offers between 2.5 and 5 graduate credits, depending on the course option the student selects. The Graduate Program in Literature and Creative Writing is ideal for students with a penchant for creative writing or a passion for British literature.

The program provides students with the chance to immerse themselves in the culture and history of Edinburgh while working with accomplished British writers and students from around the world.

For more information, please contact Traci Chupik, Senior Program Manager.


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