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See You in Charlotte!

Several members of our senior staff, including Dr. Nikki Christensen, Vice President; Dr. Dennis Dutschke, Dean of Studies; and Lorna Stern, Director of Institutional Relations, will be attending the Forum on Education Abroad conference in Charlotte, North Carolina on March 24-26th.

We welcome the chance to see you there! Please contact Jessica Madoll at to arrange a meeting.


New deadline for summer program in bonn

We have extended the application deadline for our Renewable Energy: Policy and Development program in Bonn, Germany to March 31, 2010.

This unique 5-week summer program, offered in collaboration with the Study Abroad Office and the Initiative for Sustainability and Energy (ISEN) at Northwestern University and Bonn University, will introduce students to green concerns particularly in the areas of renewable energies (wind, solar and others), while also considering the role of regional and national policy making in the European Union.

The program will be conducted in English (with German language instruction) and offers a unique interdisciplinary curriculum and an introduction to the field of renewable energies as a response to today’s climate and energy challenges.

The fee for the program is $5,500 and includes tuition, housing in single rooms, orientation, field excursions, a public transport pass, and transcript. Contact Jacki Daddona, Program Manager, for more information.


Fees publication schedule

We recognize that this is the time of year when many of you are looking for program fee information.

As a general guideline for the posting of fees, please note that our finance team works under the following schedule:

  • Academic Year/Fall 2010: March 15

  • Spring 2011:
    August 15

  • Summer 2011:
    November 15

For a complete list of program fees, please visit


staff changes in glenside

We are pleased to inform you about the following promotions and shifts in program responsibilities. Please note the following changes:

Andrew Downs has been promoted to Assistant Director of Student Services.

Rachel Tarlecky has been promoted to Program Manager Assistant and will continue her outstanding work with both our Australia and the Internship programs.

Traci Chupik will now work with the Scottish Parliamentary Internship program and the Cape Town Social Entrepreneurship Internship, in addition to managing our university-based programs in Scotland and South Africa.

Jacki Daddona is the new contact for all First-year programming as well as managing the Italy programs.

Cliff Tironi has added London NOW and City University to his portfolio of programs.

Margaret Walter will be program manager for the Arcadia in Paris in addition to her responsibilities with the Tanzania and New Zealand programs.

Amanda Zimmerman will manage the UCD Summer Internship and Dublin Parliamentary internship programs.

A complete list of program responsibilities is available on our website.

Please note:
We are currently searching for a Program Manager for Internships, please see full job description here.


This month's background highlights a Spanish tile pattern.

February 2010 news

dedicating 2010 to The year of sports, culture and context

As many of you know, each year The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University chooses a metaconcept that reflects a global issue. This theme helps to connect our programs around the world and provides a framework and focus for much of our co-curricular programming, and work with our partner universities.

The Life of the Mind Series challenges both our students and our staff to purposefully engage in host cultures in new and meaningful ways.

This year, our Life of the Mind series focuses on the significant role that sport, in its varied forms, plays in creating individual and cultural identity.

With the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand in 2011, and the 2012 Olympic Games in London serving as a backdrop, we’ll examine the economic and political effects of hosting a large, international sporting event.

We'll also discuss the influence of sport on the development of regional and national identities, the commercialism, the hero-creation, and the unifying and polarizing dichotomous effects of team.

We’ll highlight unique, cultural games and the importance they have to individuals in framing both self and national concepts. Through special events, lectures, and activities, we seek to challenge students to look below the surface of the culture in which they are studying.

Some examples of the special events planned for 2010 include (tentative):

Students will join Arcadia staff on a wilderness event in the Basilicata Region, exploring the Apennine Mountains, its ancient traditions and its terrain. Students will develop orienteering skills, enjoy local cuisine and traditional music, and take part in sports such as climbing, rafting and hiking.

Great Britain
Students participate in a tour of the Olympic Facilities, attend a football match in Liverpool, and join staff for an adventure weekend in Wales.

Focus on Irish field sports and issues of identity
Traditional and modern Irish sports -- University of Limerick

January term program: The Power of Australian Summer: Integrating Sport, Culture and Society.


New j-term program in australia

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new January term program beginning in 2011.

This exciting program, The Power of Australian Summer: Integrating Sport, Culture and Society, gives students the opportunity to learn about the integral role that sports plays in Australian culture while traveling and studying in three major Australian cities: Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra.

The course will be taught by Arcadia in Australia professor, Dr. Stewart Dickinson, and will draw on the expertise of a variety of guest speakers as well as hands-on field excursions and activities focusing on a range of sporting pursuits from professional to community-based.

Contact Vera Bacash, Program Manager, for details.


introducing graduate options

In response to a growing demand for graduate options abroad, we are pleased to announce that Arcadia has several programs for students at the graduate level.

The Dublin Parliamentary Internship Program is offered in partnership with the Institute for Public Administration and provides challenging course work, insights into the history, politics, and culture of contemporary Ireland, and an opportunity to complete significant research and administrative work under the direction of members of the Irish Dáil and Seanad. 

As students will be earning graduate credit in the program, they will be assessed and examined to a higher degree of academic expectation than undergraduate students, and will be held to a standard of professional achievement in their placements commensurate with their advanced level of education. Students will earn a total of 15 graduate credits for the program. For more information, please contact Amanda Zimmerman, Program Manager.

The Summer Graduate Study Abroad Program in Arusha, Tanzania is offered in conjunction with the Institute on International Law in East Africa and provides graduate students with the opportunity to work directly with international organizations and professionals in East Africa. This three week (4-credit) graduate Institute examines International Law and its application in East Africa, and the African continent. Read more here or contact Margaret Walter, Program Manager for Tanzania.

In Edinburgh, Scotland, Arcadia offers two graduate options through the Scottish Universities’ International Summer School and offers between 2.5 and 5 graduate credits, depending on the course option the student selects. The Graduate Program in Literature and Creative Writing is ideal for students with a penchant for creative writing or a passion for British literature. The program provides students with the chance to immerse themselves in the culture and history of Edinburgh while working with accomplished British writers and students from around the world. Please contact Traci Chupik, Senior Program Manager, for details.


new offerings in italy for students at quarter schools

We are pleased to offer two new program options in Syracuse (Sicily), Italy that cater to the unique schedules of students at quarter schools.

Both programs are offered in conjunction with the Mediterranean Center for Arts and Science and offer students the opportunity to combine challenging coursework with academic fieldtrips that enable students to explore the diversity of the Mediterranean world from a unique perspective and experience the richly varied culture of this intriguing island.

The Winter Quarter program focuses on Modern Mediterranean Studies and runs from January through March for a total of 10 weeks. Students will take 4 courses, ranging from Italian language and culture, to history, art and architecture for a total of 13 credits.

The Spring Quarter program focuses on Ancient Mediterranean Studies and runs from March through June for a total of 10 weeks. Spring students will enroll in 4 courses in language, history, art and archaeology, and religion and philosophy, for a total of 13 credits.

Please contact Chris Callas, Program Manager, at for details.


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