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From the Chair

The Human Side of Connectivity

Leif GustavsonBy Leif Gustavson, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Department Chair

Connectivity has almost become a cliché, and as such, pushes us to challenge the truth of the inherent idea. In a recent interview that I heard with Viola Davis, where she commented on the criticism that The Help perpetuates stereotypical portrayals of African Americans, she suggested that in order to not let something become a cliché, one needs to humanize it. This issue of the EDUcadian is an attempt to do just that. In a 2.0 world, where we seem to be ever-connected, we need to work even harder to ensure that the substance of that connection is deep, genuine, and…human. Sure, we are ‘connected’ through social media, and that is an important thread within the fabric that makes us the Arcadia University Education community, but of equal importance is how we are connected philosophically, practically, and physically. That is what distinguishes us as Arcadia Education students, alumni, and partners. More.


Marketing on the Move: Big Changes Afoot

Video clips. Audio interviews. Social media. The Education Department is diving head-first into the Information Age river! Education Department staff are interviewing current education students, alumni and faculty to gather stories about student experiences in the department, on topics that run the gamut from fieldwork to influential professors, and work-life balance to convenience of programming. “Talking with students and interviewing faculty about their work is our best way of communicating what we are about to the outside world,” Education Department Chair Leif Gustavson explains.  “We started last fall by developing handouts based on these success stories of our students, and we are continuing by taping the interviews and developing short but powerful clips for our web site.” More.

“At the Top of the Field”: Q&A with Dr. Erik Nelson

By Erica Lamberg

Dr. Erik NelsonDr. Erik Nelson wears multiple hats at Arcadia University.  He serves as Dean of the School of Continuing Studies, which includes the Center for Adult and Professional Education (CAPE); as an Assistant Professor of Education; as Coordinator of Instructional Technology; and as Director of Arcadia Online.  In March 2011, Dr. Nelson added another responsibility, that of leadership of Arcadia’s King of Prussia Campus.  The University’s King of Prussia location, in the heart of the area’s commercial district, focuses on the needs of adult learners.  Dr. Nelson shares his keen understanding of the needs of this important and growing population—and shares why the King of Prussia campus is an exciting augment to the Education Department.

Question: How can today’s adult students, including those in the education profession, benefit from advanced classes such as Arcadia’s master’s programs, special graduate certificates and institutes?

Dr. Nelson: Quite simply, we’re at the top of the field.  Arcadia’s undergraduate and graduate courses and programs continue to be at the forefront in the greater Philadelphia region. Our approach to learning is integrative, and our highly regarded faculty, who are experts in their areas of specialization, effectively intergrate real world classroom scenerios, multi-disciplinary activities, unique teaching strategies and the latest technology. Our faculty are partners in learning. Our classes are small and we provide individualized attention.  Students know their professors, and our professors know our students.  It’s a true partnership in learning.

Question:  Can you share the specifics of the King of Prussia campus?

Dr. Nelson:  Arcadia University’s new King of Prussia Campus opened its doors last March.  When we were designing the space—a 13,000 square foot campus located at 1150 First Avenue, Suite 700, in the Parkview Tower Building—we kept the special needs of adult learners in mind.  The facility is modern, appointed with the latest in technology and classroom design.  It is a prime location for meetings, conferences, and peer-to-peer networking, which play a critical role in the lives of our students and the surrounding business community.  Within this space, we offer adult students graduate education programs, and undergraduate Bachelor’s business and liberal studies programs for adult students in the center of King of Prussia commerce.  More Q&A.

CAPE Sets Customized Programming High Standard

There’s a special anniversary coming up at Arcadia. Just one year ago, Arcadia University cut the ribbon on a high-tech, well-appointed King of Prussia campus in the heart of a buzzing commercial district.  The 13,000 square foot campus is housed in an office complex and features modern classrooms outfitted with the most current educational technology and classroom and lounge spaces custom-designed for adult learners.  The campus is home to the Center for Adult and Professional Education (CAPE), founded in 2010. CAPE’s programs set it apart from other offerings in the area: Customized seminars and special programs for educators and school administrators focused on staff development, certification, and graduate study.  Another hallmark of CAPE is the division’s close interaction with the Education Department--many CAPE courses are taught by Education Department faculty, and programs are the equivalent of those offered at the Glenside campus. More.

New Tradition Launched to Honor Graduates

Candlelight Reflection Ceremony

Teaching is a profession of self-reflection.  Arcadia’s education programs incorporate self-reflection into many courses, encouraging students to consider how their student teaching and fieldwork experience influences their professional and personal development.

Building off this theme, the Education Department launched a new ceremony to recognize undergraduates who complete their programs.  The inaugural Candlelight Reflection Ceremony was held on December 6, 2011 in the Mirror Room in the Castle for the undergraduate Education students who were slated to graduate in December 2011.  Of the 11 undergraduates, Megan Carpenter, Evelyn Ciaburri, Shannon Emery, Alexsandra McIlvaine, Stephanie Thomas and Hajiba Zahour chose to attend. More.

student spotlight

Creative Approach to Address Issues of Inclusion

Tina PischTina Pisch, ‘11 Ed.D., Special Education, presented the results of her dissertation research at the Castle in November 2011.  Tina’s dissertation research evolved into an inclusive theater project that grew out of her interest in supporting the theatrical talents of six students in her inclusive classroom at Churchville Elementary School.  As they graduated from elementary to middle school, these students (who had played roles in The Wizard of Oz, a production directed by Tina), and their parents,  were faced with a dilemma: Although the students had great gifts in acting, singing and dancing, they were unlikely to be awarded roles in plays and musicals in the upper grades due to the competitive nature of theater. More.

faculty & programs

Beth Specker Named to Director Role at CAPE

Beth SpeckerIn January, Beth Specker joined Arcadia University’s School of Continuing Studies (CAPE) in the role of Director of Educational Initiatives. In this role, Beth will develop innovative CAPE programs to meet the needs of today’s educators, in collaboration with the Education Department. Her primary role will be to establish connections with school districts, charter schools and independent schools in the King of Prussia area and beyond, and to explore, develop, and direct grant opportunities with these institutions.

Beth’s background has prepared her well for her new position. Most recently, Beth was Director of Civics Education with the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, where her focus was on establishing professional development opportunities for teachers, and the development of civics curriculum for elementary students. In addition, she directed operations and integration of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Representative Democracy into National Constitutional Center Educational offerings. More.

alumni Spotlight

Dana Barby-NubleSince 2004, when she was in the last year of her undergraduate degree at Arcadia, Dana Barbry-Nuble ’04 B.A. Liberal Studies/Elem. Ed., ’06 M.Ed. Language, has been effecting a positive change at a homeless shelter in West Philadelphia. In 2005, she accepted the position as Education Service Coordinator. More.

Nathan Federick, ‘07, Secondary Education (English), recently published a book about his experience as a new teacher in one of Philadelphia’s toughest schools. For Real, For Real: The Entirely-True Story of a First-Time Teacher and an Inner-City School is available at Amazon and other select stores.

Dana CollinsIn January, Dana Collins ’03 ECE, '05M.Ed., Educational Leadership, was assigned the position of Executive Program Director at the YMCA of Burlington and Camden counties in New Jersey. During the past six years, Dana has been part of a team to expand early childhood care, education for school-aged children, and summer camp programs. More.

Kathleen Jackson, ‘12, M.A., Library Science (candidate), was recently named a “Student Librarian of the year” by the Pennsylvania School Library Association. Kathleen, who entered education after a long career in marketing, believes education in the U.S. is at a critical juncture, and a strong school library program offers resources to tackle obstacles in education. “Teacher-librarians have a unique vantage point in education. In a sense, we are heads of the ‘information and inquiry’ department, seeing all the student in school, and presiding over materials that cover every possible subject area.”

Meg EubankMeg Eubank ’05 BA, Elementary Education; ’07 M.Ed., Language Arts and Fine Arts/Photography, Meg coordinates Welcome the Stranger, a nonprofit that offers English classes to immigrants and refugees in Morrisville, PA. She supervises and develops curriculum and teaches her own caseload of 75 English Language Learner students. She is an ESL Specialist at Bucks County Community College and a mentor to new hires. More.

Sandra Morash Basara MillerOn October 20, 2011, Sandra Morash Basara Miller ‘04, M.Ed., Secondary Education, presented at the National Council of Teachers of Math (NCTM) Regional Conference in Atlantic City, NJ. This marked her second time as a presenter at NCTM. At this conference, she presented on ideas and activities related to the Golden Ratio and Golden Triangle. Teacher attendees learned about Fibonacci, the Italian mathematician of the 13th century who is well known for the Fibonacci’s Sequence. She discussed how the number patterns are found in nature, architecture, music and art! Sandra was excited to share her information with other teachers.

Adam Anderson, ‘09 B.A., Certification in Art Education, successfully spearheaded the creation of the Ninth Grade Academy at Frankford High School in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia School District describes an academy as “a school within a school designed to be more personal and focused on a specific theme.” Adam, who will return to Arcadia for graduate studies in the fall of 2012, is engaged to his long-time girlfriend, who is also an alumna of Arcadia.

Christina Fallstick, ’11, B.A., Fine Arts with Art Education and Mathematics Certification, was featured in the Fall/Winter 2011 Focus, the newsletter of the Center School. The article profiled Christina as a new faculty member at the school. In the article, Christina remarks on her new position, saying, “Through art, I want the kids to express and respect themselves as they celebrate their strengths and differences.”

Regan SchoelerRegan Schoeler ’11 M. Ed., Literacy Studies w/Reading Specialist and ELL certificates, discovered Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) when she attended the Greater Philadelphia Job Fair in March of 2011. She thanks Dr. Kathleen Wirth, coordinator of Literacy Studies, for preparing her for a rewarding career in teaching. Regan was quoted in the article, “Fresh Perspectives: New teachers in ACPS share insights,” which appeared in the Alexandria Gazette Packet on January 5, 2012. More.

Tell us where YOU are now!




The Provost's Desk

By Dr. Steve O. Michael, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

In this Issue, I continue in my reflection on what the Education Department does and does so well in comparison with other Teacher Education programs in the region.  Specifically, I focus my attention on the Department’s contributions to the needs of adult students and graduate education.  The complexity of teaching at the K-12 education level requires that teachers maintain their certification and stay abreast of new pedagogical developments.  Therefore, school teachers must have access to university education programs that are responsive to the changing needs of K-12 classrooms and flexible in meeting the needs and lifestyles of adults who must balance their personal life with their professional demands.  More.

Faculty accomplishments
& publications

Dr. Christina Ager

Dr. Christina AgerDr. Christina Ager, Professor and Coordinator of the Doctoral program in Special Education and Director of B2EST, was chosen as “Woman of the Week” by BEN-FM in November, 2011, for her work on the ABA and Autism programs at the King of Prussia campus. (She can tell me more on Monday, the 30th)

Dr. Clare Papay

Dr. Clare PapayDr. Clare Papay, Assistant Professor of Education and Coordinator of Secondary Special Education, has been named a member of the inaugural 2012 cohort of Emerging Scholars in Postsecondary Education for People with Intellectual Disabilities by Think College!  More

Dr. Ellen Skilton-Sylvester

Dr. Ellen Skilton-SylvesterOn sabbatical in 2011-12, Dr. Ellen Skilton-Sylvester, Associate Professor and Coordinator of ESL and TESOL Masters Programs, is living in Monteverde in a cloud forest in Costa Rica this year exploring language learning first hand. More.

Dr. Graciela Slesaransky-PoeDr. Graciela Slesaransky-Poe

In October 2011, Dr. Graciela Slesaransky-Poe, Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Graduate Special Education and Certification Program, attended the Family Matters Conference at Widener University in Chester, PA, where she presented on “What is “normal” anyway? A conversation with LGBTQ parents to create Welcoming Schools for their families.” More.

Dr. Peggy Hickman

Dr. Peggy HickmanDr. Peggy Hickman, Associate Professor of Education, Coordinator of the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership, presented a keynote address on December 18, 2011 for the Allegheny Intermediate Unit full-day symposium with general educators.  Her keynote was titled, "Differentiating Instruction for ELLs: RTII and Language Learning."  More.

Dr. Bruce Campbell

Dr. Bruce CampbellDr. Bruce Campbell, Assistant Professor of Education, Coordinator, Educational Leadership Program and Supervisory Certifications, will serve as Spring Faculty Forum Speaker on March 8.  He will present on “Assessing Pennsylvania’s Standards Aligned System in Your School” in the University Gala Room in the Landman Library on the University’s Glenside campus.

Dr. Cindy Reedy

Dr. Cindy ReedyIn October 2011, Dr. Cindy Reedy, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Early Childhood Education Program, along with Terry Jaecks, a graduate student in the Infant-Toddler Mental Health Certificate program, presented at the 3rd Annual PA Infant Mental Health Conference in Harrisburg, PA. They presented with colleagues from Chatham University and Widener University on “Higher Education Training in Early Childhood Mental Health.”


Summer Courses Kick-Off, March 22

To celebrate the start of the Summer 2012 term, the first Summer Kick-off event is Thursday, March 22, featuring field games, music, barbecue, information and summer course registration.

The event will be held on Haber Green and the Commons Outdoor Cafe and Terrace from 4 to 7 p.m. In case of rain, the kick off will be held in the Great Room.

Also, meet faculty for a reception in the Commons Fireplace Lounge and North Terrace from 4 to 7 p.m. Information and registration will be available.

This event is open to the University community and visitors to promote summer programs on the Glenside Campus, King of Prussia Campus and online.

Tables will be available to provide information about summer programs and services. Computers and staff will be available for registration. The event will provide the opportunity for students to speak with Enrollment Management and faculty to hear firsthand the exciting special programs being offered this summer.

Inaugural Education Department Colloquium, March 29

Arcadia University’s Education Department will host its first-ever Colloquium this spring!

The Colloquium,  “Unpacking the PA School Budget: What Does This Mean for Me?” will be held on Thursday, March 29, 5:30 p.m., in the Common Great Room (map). The event will feature a panel discussion that will delve into the details of the Commonwealth’s School Budget as announced by the Governor in February 2012. This event will tell you how the budget will affect your schools, communities, and children. The event, hosted by Dr. Bruce Campbell of Arcadia's Education Department, will feature a panel discussion moderated by Baruch Kintisch, Director of Policy Advocacy and Senior Staff Attorney with the Education Law Center, an advocacy organization that works to make good public education a reality for Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable children. More.


Education Faculty Positions

The Education Department of Arcadia University is seeking two, tenure-track faculty who see urban education and social justice at the core of their scholarship and practice. We invite applicants for two full-time, tenure-track positions starting August 2012:

Assistant/Associate Professor in
Early Childhood Education

Assistant/Associate Professor of
Literacy Education

Center for Applied Linguistics Internship

As part of its annual summer internship program, the Center for Applied Linguistics is looking for highly qualified graduate students interested in measurement and assessment issues related to language.  More.