Dr. Xizhong Zheng

Department of

Computer Science and Mathematics

Arcadia University

450 S. Easton Road

Glenside, PA 19038

Office: Boyer 350A

Tel: 267-620-4803



o   Calculus (I, II and III)

o   Linear Algebra

o   Abstract Algebra

o   Introduction to Analysis

o   Data Structure

o   Theory of Computation

o   Design and Analysis of Algorithms

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Fall 2012: Monday and Wednesday 3:00-5:00pm, Friday 10:00-11:30am, or by appointment.

o   Computation Theory

o   Algorithmic Foundation of Numeric Computation

o   Computability and Complexity in Analysis ( CCA)

o   Mathematical Logic

o   Foundation of Mathematics.

CCA 2010 (Seventh International Conference on Computability and Complexity in Analysis, Zhenjiang, China)

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o   X. Zheng. Classification of Computably Approximable Real Numbers Theory of Computing Systems, Vol. 43(2008), No. 3-4, 603-624.

o   X. Zheng. A hierarchy of computably enumerable reals Fundamenta Informaticae, Vol. 83 (2008), 219 - 230.

o   X. Zheng. A computability theory of real numbers CCA'08, August 21-24, Hagen, Germany 2008

o   Q. Chen, K. Su and X. Zheng. Primitive recursive real numbers.Mathematical Logic Quarterly, Vol. 53(2007), No. 4/5, 345 -- 360.

o   X. Zheng. On the hierarchy of Delta_2 real numbers, Theor.Inform. Appl. 41(2007), no.1, 3--25.

o   X. Zheng. Initially-bounded computability and hierarchy of computably enumerable sets, COCOON 07, Banff, Canada, July 16-19, 2007.

o   X. Zheng. Finitely bounded effective computability, CCA'07, June 16-18, 2007, Siena, Italy.

o   Y. Fan, D. Ding and X. Zheng. Totally d-c.e. Real Numbers, CiE 2007, Siena, Italy, June 19-23, 2007.

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