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Outside Scholarship Information for Students

In addition to the financial aid available to students from the federal government, the state and Arcadia University, the Office of Financial Aid receives information on grants and scholarships offered from a wide variety of sources. Students may apply for these awards by contacting the organization or agency directly. Below is a current list of available grants and scholarships. Click on each "Scholarship Title" for details. If you have any general questions about this database, please contact Alison Venditti in the Office of Enrollment Management at 215-572-2837 or by e-mail.   

There are two scholarship lists below. The first one is for undergraduate students and the second one is for graduate students.


Scholarship Title Special Requirements / Features Deadline
Fast Recipes Students studying in the US  
  Various Scholarship Opportunities Any Student 12/15/14 Any Student 12/15/14
MAC-IECA Students considering a career in erosion and sediment control industry or related field.  These fields of study could include, but are not limited to: biology; environmental science; earth studies; earth science; agricultural, civil, and environmental engineering; natural resources management; soil science; agronomy; geology, hydraulics; hydrology; construction technology; environmental education; forestry; agricultural science; marine science; and landscape architecture. 12/29/14 Any Student 12/31/14 Any Student 12/31/14
Avvo Students intending to go onto Law School 01/01/15
Tapper's Jewelry Design Students 01/01/15
Mensa Any Student 01/15/15
Lexington Law Any Student 02/07/15
Credit Repair Any Student 02/28/15
Attorney Stewart Guss Any Student 03/1/15 Any Student 04/15/15
Dutchcrafters Any Student 05/01/15
Dickson Law Any Student 05/15/15
Chicago Injury Center Disabled Veterans 06/01/15
Military Education Scholarship Affiliated with the Military N/A

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Scholarship Title Special Requirements / Features Deadline
Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers Single Mother in a Grad Program 12/5/14
National Founder's Scholarship MBA Students 12/12/14
SeniorAdvisor Any Student 12/31/14


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Last Updated: 12/03/14