Spring Break Service Trip 2008

03/09/2008 - 03/15/2008

Esperanza International - Tijuana, Mexico

For Spring Break 2008, a selected group of thirty one Arcadia Students, one Drexel student, and two Arcadia staff members traveled to Tijuana, Mexico for the annual Alternative Spring Break volunteer trip. Based out of Arcadia University’s Community Service Department, this group worked with Esperanza International, a non-profit, non-sectarian, charitable corporation, dedicated to empowering the poor to help themselves by bridging existing needs with available resources. Over the course of a week this group worked diligently throughout both physical labor and cultural exchange. While digging the foundations of soon to be homes alongside the residents of local Tijuana communities, this group was able to gain insight into different opinions about issues regarding Mexican poverty and immigration to the United States.

During the week, Arcadia volunteers continued the building process at 4 sites around Tijuana. At all 4 sites, volunteers worked diligently to prepared and dig the foundations for 4 families. Students spend 4 days shoveling, pick-axing, and jackhammering the dirt and rock away to prepare a strong, stable foundation for these families new homes and new lives.

Students also took a trip to a local orphanage, a trip to the border to hear the immigration debate from the other side, and a trip to a tourist town to see the difference between tourist Tijuana and everyday Tijuana.


Day 1 & 2 - Adrianna & Lydia - 347 Photos Day 4 & 5 - 334 Photos
Border - 44 Photos Orphanage - 161 Photos
Tijuana - 176 Photos Posada - 60 Photos
Ensenada - 534 Photos Wrestling - 130 Photos


Blowhole #1 Blowhole #2 Little Girls Guillermo
Hopscotch Jackhammering Mariachi #1 Mariachi #2

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