December 1, 2009
Arcadia University Bulletin
December 1, 2009 A Weekly Publication Highlighting Arcadia News and Events

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Powell’s Electron Movers: Video Mix Pioneers Began in 1970s
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“As the Electron Movers, Rhode Island's earliest video artists, launch a retrospective of their work and that of the next generation on 13 video screens at Gallery Z tonight,” wrote Sheila Lennon of the Providence Journal, “it must be noted that their place in Providence history was secured by a 1978 art show largely comprising 2-D photos and prints of ‘Private Parts’ of the body. The original group arose at RISD  in the early '70s when the school purchased video equipment. By 1974, Laurie McDonald, Robert and Dorothy Jungels, Dennis Hlynsky and Alan Powell had founded the nonprofit Electron Movers: Research in the Electronic Arts, using grant money to buy equipment. They were soon joined by Ed Tannenbaum, and later by Larry Hyle, Randy Walters, and Philip Palombo. (Alan Powell's Electron Movers 1972 - 1980 details the genesis of the group.)” Read more of her article.

“I was part of a video art collaborative in Providence, Rhode Island from 1974-78,” says Powell. “Our video co-op introduced the idea of community-based media centers. We had every fourth-grader in Providence, R.I., doing video and photography about their community and city as well as Junior League, Women's Prison, and state mental hospitals. Our groups ranged in size from 5 to 30 people. We were very much into collaboration with musicians, electronic designers, dancers, sculptors, and theater people, all working together in our loft to create a new kind of art with new technology.” Read more about Powell’s journey in his own words.