October 20, 2009
Arcadia University Bulletin
October 20, 2009 A Weekly Publication Highlighting Arcadia News and Events

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Education Students, Two Alumni Honored at Induction
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The Department also honored two alumni with the Outstanding Education Department Alumni Award. Kathleen DeLussey ’01, who earned her B.A. degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, and Cheryl Rossini ’07, who earned her Master of Education degree.

In introducing DeLussey, Dr. Cindy Kennedy Reedy, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Early Childhood Education, spoke with both excitement and pride. “She is a lifelong learner who diligently puts forth extra efforts and has a true desire to learn, question and probe, and she maintains the highest level of professionalism in the field. Kate was a student in one of my 1999 education courses, and I was immediately impressed by her level of maturity and commitment. She saw deficits in the early childcare site where she observed, and instead of complaining about them, she shared information with them in addition to crafting handmade toys that she donated to the site.”

In 2008, DeLussey was named a National Board Certified Teacher in the area of Early and Middle Childhood/Literacy: Reading-Language Arts. “To become National Board Certified,” says Reedy, “you must complete additional rigorous qualifications that include detailed portfolios and interviews. This is a self-selected goal teachers choose to pursue and the field identifies these individuals as master teachers.”

The second alumni honoree was Cheryl Rossini ’07M.Ed, who was introduced by Dr. Peggy Hickman, Associate Professor of Education. “Cheryl Rossini was a student in my undergraduate Managing Inclusive Classrooms course when I first met her. When I think of Cheryl, I think of two things: passion and commitment to children. Her desire to take on the most challenging of students in class exercises, and in her practica and work, ultimately led her to seek her master's degree in Special Education. She currently is employed in the Colonial School District, where she designed and opened the first autistic support classroom at the middle school level, and she teaches four learning support classes as well as in the autistic support program. Her advocacy, commitment, and passion for meeting the needs of these children is exemplary, and so it is an honor to give her this award. She is a model of excellence in teaching.”