October 13, 2009
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Smith, Students Conduct Summer Research on Gene Expression
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“We spent the vast majority of our time breeding flies and stockpiling their eggs to experiment on later,” says Schindel. “We also did online research to figure out which genes we wanted to look at and then did a couple of experiments to find out when those genes were being expressed during the flies’ development.”

Through this project, Smith, helped to mentor these students as well as taught them numerous techniques in molecular biology that will help them to address important biological questions related to evolution and gene expression. 

“It has always been a personal goal of mine to interest students in science and research,” Smith says. “As a professor, I feel a strong obligation to expose students to research, as my professors did, and to encourage them to consider science as a career.”

“Dr. Smith has been available and attentive every step of the way,” says Schneider. “The communication and availability we have with her has allowed us to grow as students and become more attached to what we are doing because we know there is someone who cares about our success.”

The students agree that the opportunity to conduct research through the summer was beneficial.

“It not only allows students to have a work study position, but it also allows us to continue our academics through the summer,” says Schneider. “You are able to perform in-depth procedures and have a better and clearer understanding of specific research techniques.”

“The techniques we're doing here are the same ones used in labs everywhere, so this is pretty good preparation for work after college,” adds Schindel. 

“Through the summer research program, students gain exposure to cutting-edge laboratory techniques used to test hypotheses in the areas of transcription regulation, genome organization, epigenetics, evolution, and development,” Smith adds. “All of the students who have trained with me have been highly motivated and have gone on to professional/graduate programs or are now employed in academic laboratories.”