October 13, 2009
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Nodine and Siegel Talk About Talking
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According to Nodine, “The purpose in this course is to look at beginning language, so we are learning something about the speech of normal preschoolers. Then, we are learning about anomalous language, such as that of feral (wild or neglected) children. We will also discuss the language used by monkeys, the deaf, autistic, bilingual, and children with mental disabilities.”

“The class has been very interesting and well worth the time thus far,” says Elyssa Siegel '10, a current participant in the seminar. “We are going to be doing a presentation on a topic of choice, writing a research paper, and completing a language record of a young child.

“At first, I wasn’t sure that the material would be interesting, however, after listening to the lectures and exploring how language development differs, it is becoming a very interesting and informative class,” she continues. “I now see that there is a definite benefit between learning things in the classroom and using those facts to make connections in real-life situations.” Read more about Arcadia’s University Seminars.