August 25, 2009
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August 25, 2009 A Weekly Publication Highlighting Arcadia News and Events

Campus News

Provost Begins Academic Planning Process, Seeks Input

Provost Begins Academic Planning Process, Seeks Input
Dr. Steve O. Michael, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, presenting to Arcadia faculty.

"A great university starts with a vision that is translated into a plan,” notes Dr. Steve O. Michael, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, in his blog this week. "It might be possible to be a great university without formal planning, but the journey is shorter, the route clearer, and resources more strategically deployed with a good plan." Michael has begun a campus-wide exercise to develop an Academic Affairs Strategic Plan (AASP), and the process will include a Planning committee, focus groups and public comments. Read the blog.

Students: Get Your New ID Card

Knight CardReturning students should pick up their new ID cards at the One-Stop Shop, and new students will receive their Knight ID cards at New Student Orientation. In a change returning students can appreciate, Arcadia will no longer issue “validation stickers.” Instead, payment systems in Templeton Bookstore and Dining Services are electronically linked, and students with accounts in good financial standing will be able to use their Knight ID card to charge various items on campus. Read more.

Welcome Week Kicks Off Late Knight Series

Justin Kredible
Justin Kredible mixes comedy and magic. He will perform in Stiteler Auditorium at 10 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 31.

Are you thinking about what you will be doing on weekends this semester? Look no further than Late Knights at AU. "The Student Activities Office, in addition to programming from the Student Programming Board and other clubs and organizations, is hosting a variety of events on campus every Friday and Saturday night. These events will provide awesome entertainment until midnight, and often later, to fill up your weekend nights," says Caitlin Rooney '07, Campus Activities Programmer. Events include everything from pool parties with smoothies to laser tag.

Before making other plans for the weekend, check the MyArcadia Events Calendar to see what's going on. The Student Activities Office is kicking off Late Knights at AU with Welcome Week. See the schedule below and make sure to check the MyArcadia Events Calendar for more details. Welcome Week events schedule.

Facilities: A Little Work Can Make a Big Difference

Facilities: A Little Work Can Make a Big Difference
View photos of Kuch Field, New Field, Oak Summit parking and the "pit" access road.

Sometimes just a little bit more can mean a lot. And the Facilities Department has been busy over the summer tending to details even while doing fewer capital projects to conserve resources.

Kuch Field: A little more width, for example, was needed so that Kuch Field would meet NCAA specifications. Additional fill was added to the side of the field adjacent to Kuch Recreation and Athletic Center, and even as the last sod was laid last week, student-athletes had begun to use the field for practices and scrimmages. Thanks to this work, men’s and women’s soccer will be able to play their games at the heart of campus again this year. Read more.

Fall Fest: Volunteers Needed for Casino Night

Fall Fest: Volunteers Needed for Casino Night
Take part in Casino Night. To view the entire Fall Fest schedule, visit

Fall Fest—which incorporates Family Weekend, Alumni Homecoming and fireworks over Landman Library—is the weekend of Oct. 9-11. Students can remind their families to “save the date” for this special visit to campus, and faculty and staff can volunteer to add to the festivities at Casino Night.

“There are many opportunities for the campus community to interact with students and their families as well as our alumni and their families,” says Caitlin Rooney, Campus Activities Programmer. “Casino Night on Saturday, Oct. 10, is one of those opportunities!” A variety of games are set up for family and alumni to test their luck and skill. Beat the Dealer, Roulette, Blackjack, and Texas Hold’em are a few favorites.

“This year there also will be the opportunity for our campus guests to play bingo for chips toward prizes. No previous experience is necessary in order to help out! Volunteers can choose to work at a gaming table, be a bingo caller, or help out as chip runners,” Rooney adds. For more information or to volunteer at the event, contact Rooney in Student Activities, or 215-572-2852. To view the entire Fall Fest schedule, visit

First-Year Student Visits Alnwick Castle in England

First-Year Student Visits Alnwick Castle in England
Billy Purschel '13 in front of Alnwick Castle.

First-year student Billy Puschel '13, a Theater Arts and English major in the Honors Program, visited Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, England, during a summer vacation with his family. Alnwick, pronounced “Annick,” was the original inspiration for Grey Towers Castle. Puschel brought along his Arcadia Knight, who was happy to pose on the grounds of the castle, along with a tour guide dressed as a Hogwarts student. (Alnwick was used as a movie set for several key scenes in the first two Harry Potter movies.) The Duke of Northumberland and the Percy family are celebrating 700 years as the owners of Alnwick Castle, and they have created a special exhibit celebrating the lives of key family members over the past seven centuries.

Despite being a movie set and a tourist attraction, the castle is still very much a family home. Family photographs sit on priceless tables next to precious artwork, and bean bag chairs in front of a flat-screen TV made it clear to Puschel and his family that the massive library also serves as a comfortable place for the family to hang out together. There are four children in the Percy family, including 24-year-old Earl Percy, who will inherit his father’s noble title some day.

Dubowe Named Director of Gift Planning

Dubowe Named Director of Gift Planning

The Office of University Advancement is pleased to introduce Mark Dubowe as the Director of Gift Planning. His primary role will be to engage alumni and donors with major gifts and planned giving contributions for the University. Additionally, Mark will have responsibility with At Home & in the World—The Campaign for Arcadia University.

After a successful career in health care sales and marketing, Dubowe entered the field of philanthropic fundraising with a variety of nonprofit organizations, including Outward Bound and the American College. In addition, he serves on the Board of Directors for the Association of Fundraising Professionals. His educational background includes a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Dayton and an M.B.A. from Philadelphia University. Dubowe and his wife, Gail, reside in Bucks County, Pa., where they enjoy their favorite outdoor activities, including hiking, kayaking and organic gardening.

High School Counselors Experience London Preview

High School Counselors Experience London Preview

Thirteen high school guidance counselors experienced Arcadia University’s London Preview for Guidance Counselors from July 27 through Aug. 2. This is the 11th year that Arcadia has conducted the London Preview for Guidance Counselors, and the counselors were selected for the experience in November when their names were drawn from nearly 200 attendees at Arcadia’s annual Counselor Workshop and Luncheon, sponsored by the Office of Enrollment Management.

“The Arcadia University Preview program was an exceptional and professional trip that combined learning about the education system in England while experiencing firsthand the freshman study abroad program,” says Deanna Klingman from Abington Heights High School in Clarks Summit, Pa. “The Counselor Workshop program offered each fall provides guidance counselors from the northeast United States the opportunity to discuss relevant issues, topics and current trends in the field. It is definitely a conference worth attending every year.” Read more.

Students: Campus Work Study Training Sessions on Sept. 1

Students who received a Campus or Institutional Work Study allocation as part of their financial aid package are eligible for on-campus employment. Placement is not guaranteed and is based upon availability of positions and timely receipt of applications.

New and returning students who have been placed in an on campus job must attend one of two training sessions to review work study policies on Tuesday, Sept. 1, in Stiteler Auditorium. The sessions are offered at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Read more.

Forensic Science Student Gets Crime Laboratory Scholarship

Lauren Kajiura, a graduate student in Arcadia’s Master of Science in Forensic Science program, is the first Arcadia student to receive the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors Scholarship.

Kajiura, a resident of Kaneohe, Hawaii, earned her undergraduate degree in Biology from Willamette University in Salem, Ore. She is a member the Arcadia University chapter of Alpha Epsilon Lambda, the national honor society for the promotion of academic excellence for graduate students and students at professional schools.

The American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD) is a nonprofit professional society of crime laboratory directors and forensic science managers dedicated to providing excellence in forensic science through leadership and innovation. The purpose of the organization is to foster professional interests, to assist the development of laboratory management principles and techniques, to acquire, preserve and disseminate forensic-based information, to maintain and improve communications among crime laboratory directors, and to promote, encourage and maintain the highest standards of practice in the field.

NAC&U Members Top U.S. News for Value, Innovation

Arcadia University is part of a group of New American Colleges and Universities acknowledged on specialized lists in the 2010 rankings of "America's Best Colleges" by U.S.News & World Report magazine. In addition to the popular overall rankings, 80 percent of NAC&U members were acknowledged on specialized lists that examine metrics that add quality and value to the student experience. Sixteen New American Colleges and Universities appeared on one or more of the following lists: "Great Schools, Great Prices"; "A Strong Commitment to Teaching"; "Keep an Eye on These Schools"; and "Programs to Look For." Read more.

Parking Validation Stickers Now Available

The new parking validation stickers for the 2009-10 academic year are available at the Public Safety Office. Stickers may be obtained Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. “You will need to bring your current hang tag and your vehicle registration to the Public Safety Office for renewal. A form will be outside the office for you to complete,” notes Barbara Kleckner of the Public Safety Office.

One-Stop Shop Stays Open Weekend Before Classes

The One-Stop Shop will be open on Saturday, Aug. 29, and Sunday, Aug. 30, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. "We are available to help students who need to pick up their new Knight ID cards, submit their request form for refunds, make payments to their accounts, and more," says Dennis Darvas, Director of the One-Stop Shop.

Scholarly and Creative Accomplishments

Grady Book: Shakespeare and Impure Aesthetics

Hugh Grady

Shakespeare and Impure Aesthetics, a book by Dr. Hugh Grady, Professor of English, was published by Cambridge University Press. In this work, Grady explores Shakespeare's representation of ideas of the aesthetic and of modernity in four plays—A Midsummer Night's Dream, Timon of Athens, Hamlet, and Romeo and Juliet.

“I have chosen these plays because they all treat the aesthetically central themes of sexuality and mortality within worlds which, in varying degrees, create thought experiments to examine characteristics of modernity in interaction—characteristics including free-flowing subjectivity, identity crises, challenges to tradition and traditional identities, autotelic or Machiavellian power politics, and aestheticized deaths unconnected to Christian salvation,” Grady notes. “My argument is that this is the terrain of what later theorists in the Frankfurt School, their sources, and developers would call the aesthetic. The first half introduces the concept of the aesthetic used here and investigates Shakespeare’s prescient construction of an idea of the aesthetic before the coining of the term in 1750, with attention of the relation of art to sexuality (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) and to capitalism (Timon of Athens). The second half focuses, in discussions of Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet, on how death and mourning become aesthetic resources in these plays." Read more.

Loury: ‘They Have Got To See the Hurt’

Dr. Doreen Loury, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Director of Act 101, was interviewed for an Aug. 4 article in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Loury, an oft-quoted expert on race relations, talked to reporter Peter Schmidt for his story, “Beyond Henry Louis Gates: Many Scholars Find Inspiration in Discrimination.” Schmidt wrote, “Most point to a long list of incidents that influenced their work. …Other scholars are more likely to point to specific incidents. In teaching a class at Arcadia University called ‘Racism: Myth or Reality,’ Doreen Loury, an assistant professor of African-American studies, recounts what she calls ‘the pool incident.’ It was 1956, she was 8 years old, and her family had just moved from an overwhelmingly black neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio, to a house in an overwhelmingly white Columbus neighborhood that appealed to them because a park and public pool were just across the street. On the first day she ventured over to the pool and jumped in, the white children immediately climbed out of the water and stood on the rim, chanting for her to get out. More than 50 years later, she still gets choked up as she tells her classes the story. ‘I want them to always see the hurt that racism does,’ Ms. Loury says. She spends most of the class dispassionately walking her students through research on racism, she says, ‘but they have got to see the hurt.’"

Foreign Correspondence

Study Abroad Students: Glimpse Sponsors Photo Contest

Glimpse magazine is having a photo contest, and students could win a $250 travel voucher from STA Travel if they enter before Aug. 31, reports Kate Bryant, Assistant Director of the Office of International Services. “Here are the rules: Submit your best photo of a cultural explorer. They are specifically looking for photos of people working or volunteering abroad, interacting with locals, and/or participating in a cultural practice. In your caption, describe what we see in the photo and tell the story behind the photo. Be sure to explain how the person featured is engaging with his or her host culture. Put some thought into your caption, as it counts for a quarter of your total score.” Entries will be judged as follows, with each category worth 25 percent:

  • Extent to which photo captures the essence of theme
  • Composition
  • Clarity and technical quality
  • Story behind the photo, as relayed in the caption

To enter, or to check out some great student photos, go to: “Make sure you submit your photos to Arcadia, too! Upload them at Please send us your image(s) at highest resolution possible, preferably in JPEG format,” notes Bryant.

Upcoming Events

Poetry: In Celebration of Women, Sept. 15

Tamara Oakman

The Light of Unity Association is once again bridging cultural, racial and regional backgrounds to bring In Celebration of Women to the Parkway Central Library in Philadelphia, Pa., notes Tamara G. Oakman, Light of Unity Director and a graduate student in Arcadia’s Master of English program. This free event, scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 15, from 6:30 to 9 p.m., showcases arts ranging from poets, spoken word artists and fiction writers to essayists to promote social and cultural unity in the city of Philadelphia and beyond.

The Light of Unity Artist’s and Writer’s Series 2009 has been running since May 5, 2009, at The Free Library of Philadelphia and has had many distinguished guests. This performance will include the notable performers Yellow Rage, Eileen D' Angelo, Nzadi Keita, Mecca Jamillah Sullivan, Tarannum Laila, Deborah Derrickson Kossman '82, Joanne Leva, Stephanie Durann, Octavia McBride-Ahebee, and Geraldine Drakes. For more information, please contact Oakman at or visit

Graduate Counseling Lecture Series, Sept. 18


On Friday, Sept. 18, from 2 to 5 p.m. in the Landman Library University Room, Arcadia’s Graduate Program in Counseling Psychology Lecture Series presents Clinical Work with African American Clients: Cultural and Societal Considerations and How To Effectively Address Them In Treatment. Dr. Cheryll Rothery-Jackson, Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of Clinical Training for the Chestnut Hill College Doctoral Program in Psychology is the guest lecturer. Register here.

For more information contact Dr. Eleonora Bartoli, Assistant Professor and Director of the master's program in Counseling Psychology, at, or Carol Lyman, MA, Clinical Coordinator, at

Sports Update

Arcadia University Women’s Soccer Team

Arcadia University Women’s Soccer 2009 Season Preview

Arcadia University Women’s Soccer will look to make it nine straight seasons of post-season play as the team takes to the field for the seventh season under Head Coach Rick Brownell. Last season saw the Knights succumb in the Commonwealth semifinals to the eventual Division III national champion Messiah, who are again favored to win the conference title in 2009 in a survey of the league's coaches. The same poll picks the Knights to earn the fourth and final playoff berth as they return three All Commonwealth players from last year’s squad. Read more.

Arcadia University 2009 Men’s Soccer Team

Arcadia University 2009 Men’s Soccer Season Preview

Even though the Knights lost four-year All Conference forward Matt Benner to graduation in May, first-year Head Coach Rob Nydick (East Stroudsburg ‘03, goalkeeper) benefits from 16 returning players, a first-year recruiting class that runs 10 deep, and an experienced coaching staff. Arcadia University Men’s Soccer begins 2009 looking to erase memories of two consecutive seasons that saw them finish 1-5 among league opponents. The Knights seven-year run of post-season appearances ended in 2007 with the team’s first year in theMAC’s Freedom Conference, finishing 2-14-2 overall. The squad picked up a few more victories in 2008 ending the season 6-12 overall, including a 1-0 win over nationally ranked Swarthmore College.  Read more.

Arcadia University Field Hockey 2009 Season Preview

The 2009 Arcadia University Field Hockey team begins a new era under first-year Head Coach Erin Livingston (Kutztown ’05), who was named head coach in June. Livingston steps into her first head coaching position having to find replacements for much of the Knights scoring for the last four years due to the loss of a talented group of six starters.  The newly tabbed coach returns 12 players from last year’s team, including a pair of four-year starting keepers, and hopes their experience will help yield the team’s first win in the highly competitive Commonwealth Conference. Read more.

In the News

Alumni in the News

Vanni Exhibits at Cecil College Faculty Show

Lauren Vanni '05, '06M.Ed, now an Assistant Professor of Fine Art at Cecil College, is exhibiting her pottery and 3-D works in a faculty exhibition called Then and Now at the Gallery in the Milburn Stone Theatre on Cecil College’s North East campus through Sept. 30, as reported in the Aug. 14 Cecil Whig  (Elkton, Md.). “My work is a response to the natural environment and how humans mark, order and alter the land. I am interested in our history with the landscape, how we learn about the world through repetition and difference and how we understand nature by distancing ourselves from it,” writes Vanni on her blog. “Inherently capable of abstraction, clay encourages invention and possibilities. A material naturally formed from the earth, is mined, pulverized, and packaged by man; the perfect material to investigate the space between man and nature.”

While attending Arcadia, Vanni received the Ruth C. Grant Distinguished Achievement Award in the Fines Arts, a Faculty Choice Award for Best in Show, the Margaret LeClair Writing Award, and an Annual Achievement Award. She earned a Master of Fines Arts degree from the University of Delaware, where she was an adjunct professor, ceramics instructor of record and ceramics studio manager. She has taught art a several other locations, including Dover High School, Cheltenham Art Center and Sandy Run Middle School.

Alum, Founder of Phillybassd Records, Named to Who’s Who

Paula Webster-Grant '78, Chief Executive Officer of Phillybass'd Records Inc., who earned a B.S. in Chemistry and Biology at Arcadia, has been recognized by Cambridge Who's Who for demonstrating dedication, leadership and excellence in artist development, music production, recording and distribution, according to an Aug. 21 news release. Paula Webster-Grant founded Phillybass'd Records Inc., Philadelphia's newest entertainment consulting group, with her best friend from elementary school in 2000. Read more about how Webster-Grant went from a member of an all-girl rock group in high school to a career in the pharmaceutical industry to managing Robert Allen, co-writer of Chris Brown's song Forever and Rihanna's multi-platinum hit Disturbia.

Look Who's Coming to Arcadia University

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