January 27, 2009
Arcadia University Bulletin
January 27, 2009 A Weekly Publication Highlighting Arcadia News and Events

Campus News

Greiner Names Dr. Steve Michael as New Provost

Dr. Steve O. Michael, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Arcadia University, effective July 1

President Jerry Greiner has named Dr. Steve O. Michael as Arcadia’s new Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, effective July 1. Current Arcadia Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Michael L. Berger has announced that he will retire after the 2008-09 academic year, following 16 years of distinguished service in that position.

Dr. Michael has served as Vice Provost at Kent State University for six years and earned the rank of Professor of Higher Education Administration. His research interest includes the application of business strategies to institutional management. He is known nationally for his work on institutional diversity and is widely published on higher education finance, strategic planning, marketing, accreditation, internationalization and academic entrepreneurship. He is the 1st Vice President and President-elect for the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education, an organization sponsored by the American Council on Education. Read more.

Visiting International Professor Brings Global Math Perspective

Dr. Wolfram Meyerhofer, Visiting International Professor at Arcadia University

The Arcadia University Faculty Spotlight Lecture Series presents Visiting International Professor Dr. Wolfram Meyerhöfer, from Germany, on Thursday, Feb. 5, at 4 p.m. in the Rose and Mirror Rooms of Grey Towers Castle at Arcadia University. His focus is mathematics education.

Meyerhöfer's lecture, “How We Make Our Children Ill: Some Analyses of Dyscalculia and ADHD,” addresses Dyscalculia, which labels a specific developmental disability affecting a person's ability to conceptualize and perform mathematics. His lecture discusses a school's responsibility for the learning of all pupils instead of labeling bad learners with diseases, the potential for special education approaches to support children's learning, and the social/cultural impact of professionalizing education. The lecture is free and open to the public. Read more.

Tax Forms for Hope, Lifetime Learning Credit Now Online

Financial Aid CornerThe form to claim the Hope or Lifetime Learning Credit (1098T) now is available online at the Tax Credit Reporting Service (TCRS) Student/Taxpayer Web site at www.1098t.com. TCRS provides tax credit reporting services for Arcadia students. At this site, click on Access My Record. A Social Security number or PowerCampus ID number and last name will be needed to retrieve the record. (No PIN is needed.)

A hard copy also will be sent to students’ home addresses by Jan. 31. Please contact the Tax Credit Reporting Service Call Center at 1-877-467-3821 or James Adams, Arcadia’s Associate Controller, at 215-572-2936, with any questions. The TCRS also provides useful information on the Taxpayer Relief Act (TRA) of 1997, which provides education tax incentives for eligible taxpayers. These benefits, called the Hope Scholarship Credit and Lifetime Learning Credit, allow taxpayers to reduce their federal income tax based upon qualified tuition and fees paid, assuming the taxpayer meets all TRA requirements.

Civility Update: Info Sought on Recent Incident

Civility LogoOn Jan. 21, a swastika was drawn in the snow on a student’s car. This is the fourth incident of incivility reported this academic year. It is unfortunately the second incident of this type in a week. The student reported this incident to Residence Life staff and the Dean of Students, and the swastika has been removed. The individual(s) who committed this act have not been identified at this time. Anyone with information about this incident should contact either the Director of Public Safety (215-572-2187) or the Dean of Students (215-572-2932).

When an act of incivility occurs at Arcadia University or at Arcadia University sponsored events, there is a thorough inquiry of the situation. If the persons responsible are identified, the actions will be adjudicated through the University disciplinary process. In addition, it is our priority to support and respond to the needs of those directly affected, and to communicate with and educate both the immediate community and the larger University community as appropriate. If you or anyone you know is aware of information about this incident or any other act of incivility, please contact the Dean of Students as soon as possible.

The Civility Flag, located between the Dining Complex and the Landman Library, will be lowered for five days.

Weekly Green Tip: Drink Tap Water

By Stephanie Clymer

Recycle LogoIn 2006, Americans drank 8 billion gallons of bottled water. What’s the problem with those bottles of water with pretty mountain pictures on them? A lot, actually. Bottled water is marketed to sound pure and pristine. It’s not. In fact, 25 percent of bottled water comes from tap water--that includes many name brands. The other 75 percent of bottled water isn’t necessarily cleaner or safer than tap water. Bottled water standards vary by state and bottling company and aren’t regulated in the same way as municipal tap water, not to mention the controversy over chemicals possibly leaching in from the plastic PETE bottle, which people rarely recycle. By the gallon, bottled water is more expensive than the gas prices many complain about. Why pay so much for water when you can get it practically for free from a faucet or water fountain? Try buying a reusable water bottle and a Brita/PUR filter.

To get involved with Arcadia’s Environmental Network, contact Stephanie Clymer at sclymer@arcadia.edu.

Sources: www.rd.com, www.fda.com, The Los Angeles Times

Contest: Where's the Knight? (Second Chance)

Knight Contest
"I get around."

The Arcadia Knight ventured out of Grey Tower Castle again and was busy kicking around on campus with his digital camera to capture his travels. Take a peek into the Knight's latest photo album and try to trace his travels. The first two students to correctly ID the five locations will receive $25 gift certificates for the campus bookstore. To be considered for a prize, e-mail answers to cropperp@arcadia.edu with the subject line "Where's the Knight?" Be sure to answer as specifically as possible. The two winners will be announced—and the locations revealed—in next week's Bulletin. (Note: Last week’s winners succeeded with four out of five right—even President Greiner only got four right as he was stumped by the copier—so take a guess if you’re not sure.)

Business Club Includes More Majors, Joins FBLA

“Students majoring in Business, Accounting, Economics, Marketing/Advertising, Health Administration, Actuarial Science and those with untapped potential for great things, there is a club for you,” says Mark Noth, secretary of Arcadia’s student business club. “In the past you may have heard of SABA, the Society for the Advancement of Business Administration; however, as of this semester it will become a registered chapter of the nationally recognized Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). In addition to our status change, we will be scheduling video conferences with surrounding universities to discuss current topics ranging from economic issues to global concerns. We are also planning a trip to New York City on April 6.

“We support every facet of business and related fields and invite you to partake in all of our events and encourage ideas to be proposed,” adds Noth. “As a result of a suggestion last semester, there is currently a student-run business on campus being designed and organized. In SABA there is no academic major prejudice, and it is to be used as a resource to fuel student potential, so despite your path of education, you are enthusiastically invited to attend the meetings every Tuesday from 6 to 7 p.m. in Easton Hall Room 146. We hope to see you there!”

Cotillion 2009 Set for Adventure Aquarium in April

Residence Hall Council is sponsoring "A Knight Under the Sea" Cotillion 2009 at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, N.J., on Saturday, April 4. This year’s cotillion will feature an aquarium touch tank and seals, a brand new menu, and coach buses to transport all students. Tickets will be on sale Feb. 9 to 26 and are $50 per student. For more information, contact Residence Hall Council at rhc@arcadia.edu.

Attention Seniors: Who's Who Program Application

Academic achievement combined with leadership, participation, and service are important for the success of Arcadia University’s students. Therefore, Arcadia University is participating in the Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges program, which annually honors outstanding campus leaders for their scholastic and community achievements. Students who completed their graduation requirements in the summer of 2008, in the fall of 2008 or will in the spring of 2009, are eligible for nomination.

Attached is an application, which you are invited and encouraged to submit.  A campus committee will review all applications and select students based on the following criteria:

  • Academic achievement
  • Leadership experience
  • Campus involvement and participation
  • Contributions made in the area of diversity
  • Service to the University and surrounding community

All applications must be submitted to Student Activities, Dilworth Hall, no later than Feb. 6. Notification of recipients will be made in April. For more information, e-mail studentactivities@arcadia.edu or call 215-572-4082. Download application.

Environmental Network Joins National Teach In, Feb. 4-5

Recycle LogoThe Environmental Network, Arcadia's environmental club, with support from the College of Undergraduate Studies, Residence Life, and the Environmental Education program, hosts a series of events in conjunction with the National Teach In on Global Warming: Solutions for the First 100 Days of the New Administration in February (www.nationalteachin.org). Students, faculty, staff, and the greater community are invited to participate in the following events:

  • "The First 100 Days" Webcast at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 4, in Grey Towers Castle Rose Room.
  • Expo Fair with information, activities, food, representatives from local organizations, and more from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 5, in Grey Towers Castle. The fair includes speakers and panel discussions by students, staff, and members of Cheltenham's Environmental Council in four time slots to coincide with class periods.

“Tell your friends! Bring your class!” says Stephanie Clymer, President of the Environmental Network.

Apply Now for Campus Leadership Positions: OL, CA, RA

Campus Leadership positions are available, and it’s time to apply. “Develop new skills and hone current ones,” says Assistant Director of Residence Life Cat Mattingly. “Make long-lasting friendships while you discover new talents you never knew you had!”

  • Orientation Leader applications are due Feb. 5. Go to Student Affairs in Knight Hall or Student Activities in Dilworth Hall to pick up an application.
  • Commuter Assistant applications are due Feb. 20. Commuter Assistants receive a small stipend. Contact Dean of Students Jeff Ewing at ewingj@arcadia.edu.
  • Resident Assistant applications are due Feb. 20. Resident Assistants receive 40 percent off the room rate and a monthly stipend. Check out Residence Life Employment Opportunities on MyArcadia (Blackboard) and fill out the online application. Contact Mattingly with any questions at mattingly@arcadia.edu.

Who’s the Best Chili Maker of Them All?

“Think your chili is the best?” asks Sara Goodwin, General Manager of Parkhurst Dining Services. “Enter the Super Bowl Ultimate Chili Showdown in the Dining Hall at noon on Jan. 30. We are hoping to get three contestants to cook their chili recipes and have a head-to-head competition with our Chef Gene Boyle.” Contact Goodwin at goodwins@arcadia.edu for more information about becoming a contestant. “Samples of each chili will be available to try on Jan. 30, and all who come will be able to vote for their favorite on the 30th."

Living the Promise

Despres: ‘Professors Know You by Name’

Dustin Despres '11 took the Arcadia Promise back to Prospect Mountain High School in Alton, N.H., over winter break. Invited to be on a panel of former Prospect Mountain students who could talk to juniors and seniors about college, Despres told the students why “he felt he had made the right decision by enrolling in the Psychology program at Arcadia,” as reported in the Baysider newspaper on Jan. 10. He illustrated the Promise of personal attention and was quoted as saying, “The professors know you by name.”

Despres also exemplified the opportunities for global perspectives that are a key part of the Arcadia Promise. The Baysider reported, “Pointing out that Arcadia is also widely regarded as the number one school in the country for study abroad programs, Despres said he planned to spend five months in Australia next year.” In response to a question about how prepared he was for college, “Despres replied that although he had ‘skated through’ his first year of college, he had been hit with a much heavier workload at the start of his sophomore year. ‘It’s a nice challenge,’ he said, adding that the key to success in college, in his opinion, was learning how to budget one’s time.”

Scholarly and Creative Accomplishments

Paradis Speaks on ‘African Americans at Gettysburg’

Dr. James Paradis, Adjunct Professor of History, makes a special Black History Month presentation at the Grand Army of the Republic Museum and Library in Philadelphia. Paradis talks about “African Americans at Gettysburg” at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 1, as part of a First Sunday Open House Civil War History presentation. Paradis is a noted Civil War historian and author.

Atkins Writes About Participatory Journalism

Larry Atkins, an Adjunct Professor in the English, Communications, and Theatre Arts Department, wrote an article on Participatory Journalism for the February 2009 issue of The Writer Magazine titled: "Dive Into a New Experience."

Upcoming Events

Let's Go

The Future of Science and Religion, Jan. 28

The campus community is invited to hear two guest speakers who will make presentations to students in the Future in Science and Religion (RE 328 and 428) course, taught by John Luetzow, Adjunct Professor of Religion.

Dr. Solomon H. Katz speaks on the subject of "The Future of Science and Religion" in the Calhoun Amphitheater, Boyer Hall at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 28.

The second speaker is Dr. Michael J. Behe on the subject of "Intelligent Design," also in the Calhoun Amphitheater at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 11.

Annual Fund Senior Class Challenge Kickoff, Jan. 29

“Seniors, ever wonder how you can get your name on The Alumni Fund Walk of Pride?” asks Annual Fund Assistant Director Vanessa Jackson. “Come to The Annual Fund Senior Class Challenge Kickoff and learn how.” On Thursday, Jan. 29, at 6 p.m. seniors are invited to join their classmates for two hours of good food, fun, while learning about the Annual Fund and giving back to Arcadia.

President Jerry Greiner and Vice President for Student Affairs Jan Walbert will speak along with alumni Andrew Johnson '02 and Shannon Dryden '09. Students who embrace the challenge can participate in a raffle where they can win big-ticket prizes such as a 19-inch flat screen HDTV. For more information, contact Jackson at vjackson@arcadia.edu.

Community Cinema Presents Tulia, Texas, Jan. 29

Tulia, TexasArcadia University’s Community Cinema in partnership with ITVS and WHYY presents a free screening of Tulia, Texas on Thursday, Jan. 29, at 7:15 p.m. in The Chat, located in the Dining Complex at Arcadia University. The film is open to the public. To sign up for notices about arts and cultural events at Arcadia University, visit www.arcadia.edu/arts.

In 1999 undercover narcotics agent Thomas Coleman executed one of the biggest drug stings in Texas history. Coleman and his drug task force arrested 46 Tulia residents—of whom 39 were African American—on charges of suspected drug dealing. Tulia, Texas by Cassandra Herrman and Kelly Whalen is the story of a small town’s search for justice and the price Americans pay for the nation’s war on drugs. Arcadia University cordially invites community members to view its monthly free screenings and to participate in post-screening discussions about the issues that highlight timely and important issues. Screenings are followed by a panel discussion featuring guest speakers and/or Arcadia faculty, staff and students.

SPB Comedy Club Presents Sheng Weng, Jan. 30

Comedian Sheng WengThe Chat will be filled with laughter Friday, Jan. 30, at 9 p.m. as the Student Programming Board (SPB) Comedy Club presents comedian Sheng Weng. This Taiwanese Texan has been featured on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham and toured with American Eagle’s “Campus Comedy Challenge.” Wang does not hesitate to joke about his own personal experiences and often makes jokes at his own expense making for a night of laughs and hilarity. Visit www.myspace.com/shengwang to learn more about Sheng Wang. For more information about the event contact SPB@arcadia.edu.

Off Campus: Punk Rock Flea Market, Feb. 1

R5 Productions hosts its bi-annual Punk Rock Flea Market on Sunday, Feb. 1, from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. This full-scale flea market is more than just punk rock. With more than 130 tables and vendors selling everything from old records, clothes, art, music, food, posters, computers, furniture, and tarot card readings, there is something to pique most everyone’s interests.

The Electric Factory is located at Seventh and Willow Streets (just below Spring Garden). For a list of vendors attending the Punk Rock Flea Market and what will be available, visit http://www.r5productions.com/prfm.html.

Casting Aside the Notions of Racial Division and Superiority/Inferiority in Our Society, Feb. 2

Yumy Odom
Photo courtesy Philadelphia Weekly

Civility in Action presents “Casting Aside the Notions of Racial Division and Superiority/Inferiority in Our Society,” on Feb. 2 at 7 p.m. in Kuch Hospitality Suite.

“The principal aim of this session is to prepare participants to become public 'authorities' on this multifaceted issue.Participants will be provided clear, factual, definitive information and data to address the critical issues related to notions of race, racism and ethnicity with the objective of creating a healthy human racial ideology,” says Yumy Odom.

Odom has been a multidisciplinary educator, scientist and researcher for more than 30 years. He is currently the CEO of the Frator Heru Institute. He served as the Director of the Temple University Pan-African Studies Community Education Program (PASCEP), from 2002-2008. He previously served as Assistant Director for Administration and Acting Director of PASCEP.

For more information, contact the Office of Multicultural Affairs in Knight Hall or call 215-572-4088. The event is sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Office of Student Activities.

Practical Self-Defense Seminar, Feb. 2-4

The Arcadia University Martial Arts Association hosts "Practical Self-Defense," a three-day seminar covering basic self-defense and safety tips to keep in mind on campus and off campus. The seminar takes place Feb. 2-4, from 9-11 p.m. in The Chat. No martial arts experience is necessary. For more information, contact Stephen Scherer at sscherer@arcadia.edu.

SPB Presents: The Express, Feb. 6

On Friday, Feb. 6, enjoy a film viewing of The Express, courtesy of SPB, in The Chat at 9 p.m. This event is free and outlines the astonishing true story of college football star Erinie Davis and his rise to become the first African American to win the Heisman Trophy. Despite Davis never being able to play professionally due to a health tragedy, this inspirational tale outlines that with a dream and dedication, anything is possible.  Contact Kate Bryant for more information at bryantk@arcadia.edu.

Double Feature: Lakeview Terrace and The Express, Feb. 7 and 8

Courtesy of SPB, a double screening of Lakeview Terrace and The Express will be shown on Saturday, Feb. 7, at 7 p.m. in The Chat (followed by Bingo at 11 p.m.) and on Sunday, Feb. 8, at 7 p.m. in Oak Summit C119. Lakeview Terrace synopsis: For Chris and Lisa, their dream life together was just beginning when they moved into their plush Southern California home on the idyllic Lakeview Terrace. However, once news of their interracial marriage hits new next-door neighbor and LAPD officer Abel Turner (Samuel L. Jackson), things start to take a turn for the worse. Throwing away any notions of being neighborly, a war begins between the families when Chris and Lisa decide that it's time to fight back; a war located in their own backyards.

BAS Sponsors Baltimore Road Trip, Feb. 7

On Saturday, Feb. 7, join Arcadia’s Black Awareness Society for a trip to the “Blacks in Wax” museum in Baltimore, Maryland. Afterward, spend the remainder of the day shopping and eating in Baltimore Harbor. Buses leave at 10 a.m. and are set to return by 9 p.m. Space is limited. Register at the Student Activates Office in Dilworth Hall.

Math Professor on Breaking The Da Vinci Code, Feb. 9

Arcadia’s Colloquium Series (www.arcadia.edu/colloquia) presents the lecture Breaking The Da Vinci Code with Dr. Gordon Williams, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Ursinus College, on Monday, Feb. 9, at 7:30 p.m., in Grey Towers Castle Mirror Room. The lecture is free and open to the public.

Williams will discuss a wide range of the mathematically related claims made by Dan Brown, author of the international bestseller The Da Vinci Code. Brown’s startling claims—some true and some not—about the ancient Greeks, classical art and mathematics have spawned an industry of conspiracy theories, historical television programming, and a movie. Arcadia University Colloquium Series events are open to undergraduate and graduate students, educators and interested members of the community. Attendance provides one hour of Act 48 professional development credit. Forms are available at the colloquium.

SPB CoffeeHouse Presents: Natalie Stovall, Feb. 12 

Join SPB on Thursday, Feb. 12, at 9 p.m. for a free concert featuring the musical creations of Natalie Stovall. Stovall has been a lover both of music and performing for years. Her mix of the country genre with aspects of rock, pop, and soul have captivated audiences across the nation.  For more information on Stovall, log onto www.nataliestovallartist.com.

Basketball Pizza Party, Feb. 17

Staff Council welcomes all staff members and their family to join us on Tuesday, Feb. 17, at 5:30 p.m. at the Kuch Center for a Basketball Pizza Party. After the party, support the Men’s and Women’s Basketball Teams in their final home games of the season. The women’s game starts at 6 p.m., and the men play at 8 p.m. Please contact Jess Madoll, Katie Kelly, or Scott Grabus by Friday, Feb. 13, to register.

Theatre Presents The Women, Opening Feb. 19

The WomenArcadia University Theatre brings Clare Booth Luce’s 1936 satire The Women to the MainStage of the Spruance Fine Arts Center starting Feb. 19. The Women is a social satire on the role of women in 1930s society. More than a play about gossip, the play is about class differences and the struggle for women to secure their place in the world, and it explores maturity and friendship among the women. Arcadia University is located at 450 S. Easton Road in Glenside, Pa.

The Women is about types,” says director Rob Roznowski. “The types of women who existed in the 1930s—and some could argue today—and how these women must deal with each other, men and their role in society. This show has great acerbic humor, and the class discussions of the play are some of the most relevant and best parts of the play. It is easy to look at the play as a camp piece of nostalgia, yet I think it is more important to look at the play and see what these wealthy women were barely escaping at the time—the depression.”

Show times are the following:

  • Feb. 19, 20, 21, 26, 27 and 28 at 8 p.m.
  • Feb. 21, 22, 28 and March 1 at 2 p.m.

For ticket reservations, e-mail arcadiatheatre@arcadia.edu, call 215-572-2112 or use the online ticket reservation system TicketLeap. Purchase tickets online up until Thursday before weekend performance. To sign up for notices about arts and cultural events at Arcadia University, visit www.arcadia.edu/arts.

American I AM: The African American Imprint, March 1

Staff Council invites all members of the University community and their friends and family to attend the premier of American I AM: The African American Imprint on Sunday, March 1, at noon at the Constitution Center. "We need at least 20 people to register ahead of time to get the $8.50 group admission rate. So we would like to find out how many people are interested before we order the tickets," says Scott Grabus. "Please contact Katie Kelly by Friday, Jan. 30, if you are interested in purchasing tickets." For more information, visit: www.constitutioncenter.org.

Off Campus: Three Great Upcoming Shows at Keswick Theatre

  • Dave Mason, a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and co-founding member of the English rock band Traffic, is touring to support his new CD 26 Letters-12 notes. He makes a stop at Keswick Theatre on Sunday, March 8, at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are on sale now starting at $29.50.
  • Neko Case, singer-songwriter and featured vocalist for Vancouver indie super-group the New Pornographers, appears on Friday, April 10, at 8 p.m. Case is touring in support of her sixth CD Middle Cyclone. Tickets range from $26 to $30.
  • Platinum-selling classic rockers Foreigner play the Keswick Theatre on Thursday, April 30., at 7:30 p.m. Throughout the 70s and 80s Foreigner was hailed as one of the most popular rock acts in the world. Now they’re back, promoting their new album No End in Sight. Tickets start at $47.

Tickets for all Keswick Theatre events can be purchased online through www.keswicktheatre.com, by phone at 215-572-7650, or in person at the box office Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Campus Happenings

Inauguration Wrap-Up

Students at the Inaugural Ball
Students at the Inaugural Ball in Grey Towers Castle. View photos.

Not all the inauguration hoopla took place in Washington, D.C. Dr. Jennifer Riggan, Assistant Professor of International Studies, marched in the Inaugural Parade for President-Elect Barack Obama on Tuesday, Jan. 20, as part of a Peace Corps delegation. And Marketing and Development Writer Michelle Tooker '07 reported from the celebration via Twitter and Youtube (video 1; video 2). But lots more happened right here at Arcadia—including the Yes We Can! Can Drive, special viewings of the inaugural events, and an Inaugural Ball. View photos.

85 Volunteers Help MLK Donations, Shredding

This year’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service event hosted by Arcadia University provided community members an opportunity to lend a helping hand by donating their unwanted items at the “One Stop Drop” and provided access to a shredding truck for people to shred their unwanted paper. On Monday, Jan. 19, about 85 volunteers from eight athletic teams and four clubs along with willing staff and students helped in the collecting and sorting of donations for the SPCA, Aid for Friends, Lions Club, St. Vincent de Paul and Cradles to Crayons. Additionally, they prepared breakfast bags, dinners and containers of soup for Aid For Friends. Nexcut helped volunteers shred more than 6,000 pounds of paper in an environmentally friendly manner. “Our One Stop Drop event made more than 700 meals for local shut-ins, delivered two large vans full of donations to Cradles to Crayons, and filled a St. Vincent’s DePaul tractor trailer full of donations,” says Cindy Rubino, Community Service Coordinator. “Students also prepared 2,600 inserts for a Cheltenham Township mailing to let the community know about the event.”

Study Abroad—Foreign Correspondence

Study Abroad in India

Students in the Alliance for Global Education’s new study abroad program in India arrived last week and headed to a rustic, secluded orientation site in the hills between Mumbai and Pune. See blogs and photos about study abroad in China and India through The Alliance for Global Education, a non-profit partnership of the Arcadia University Center for Education Abroad and the Institute for Study Abroad at Butler University. Read more.

Share Your Study Abroad Experience!

University Relations is looking for study abroad experiences from current Arcadia students and alumni. Let us know—through writings, photos, videos or audio clips—what you learned and how it has impacted your life. Experiences will be posted as part of Arcadia's celebration of 60 years of studying abroad and may be used in other University publications. Visit www.arcadia.edu/studyabroadmemories for guidelines and submission forms.

  • Check out Kayla Grzech’s blog as she spends the spring semester studying abroad at the American University in Cairo. An International Studies major with a concentration in Globalization, Development, and Human Rights, she’s taking Arabic and focusing most of her studies on the Middle East.
  • Follow along with Elizabeth Armstrong, a junior from the Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business Honors Program, as she studies with Arcadia University in London.

Sports Update

Career Highs Highlight Women's Basketball Win over Gators

(3-14) Four players helped themselves to career highs but it was a total team effort as the Knights of Arcadia University Women's Basketball erased their four game winless streak in a 73-59 victory over the Gators of The College of Notre Dame (Md.) in non-conference action Monday evening. Read more. View photos.

Men's Basketball Falls to Elizabethtown 72-58

(7-10) Elizabethtown College handed the Knights of Arcadia University their first Commonwealth Conference home loss of the season, defeating the Knights 72-58 in a heated battle of conference rivals. The Blue Jays improve to 10-8 overall and 4-2 in the league while the Knights drop to 7-10 overall and 2-3 against Commonwealth opponents. Read more. View photos.

Knights to Host Annual Softball Clinic

Arcadia University Softball will host its annual softball clinic for young girls on Sunday, March 1, at the Kuch Athletics and Recreation Center. Read more.

Lycoming Sweeps Knights in Middle Atlantic Dual

(Men's 2-7/2-2, Women's 0-9-1/0-3-1) Lycoming College Men's and Women's Swimming, undefeated in their last four outings, made it five in row, defeating Arcadia University on Saturday in a dual Middle Atlantic Conference meet. Arcadia's men, led by senior John Konieczny and first-years Adrien Chan and Jason Sharpe, earned the Knights top times of the day, in a 151-80 loss for their team. On the women's side for Arcadia, sophomore Steph Bartolotta and first-year Kayla Kroll were tops in a 150-70 loss to the Warriors. Read more.

In the News

Students in the News

Senior Blaise Pepitone was mentioned in the Jan. 10 Daily Journal in Vineland, N.J., where he is a graduate of Sacred Heart. The article credited Pepitone with 10 points in the Arcadia men’s basketball team victory over Lebanon Valley College on Jan. 7.

Alumni in the News

Teacher Recognized by National Catholic Education Association: Kindergarten teacher Olenka Zajac, who earned a master’s degree from Arcadia, received a certificate of recognition from the National Catholic Educational Association and will be honored by the parish at a special presentation during Catholic Schools Week on Wednesday, Jan. 28, according to the Jan. 23 Catholic Standard & Times. Zajac has taught for 23 years at St. Athanasius-Immaculate Conception School in Philadelphia’s West Oak Lane area and serves as a mentor to new teachers. She told reporter Arlene Edmonds, “The kids are eager beavers who want to learn and enjoy expanding. Whether we are doing phonics or arithmetic, their minds are wide open. I am just amazed at what they can do.” Read more.

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