November 11, 2008
Arcadia University Bulletin
November 11, 2008 A Weekly Publication Highlighting Arcadia News and Events

Campus News

Knight Madness Hits Arcadia

Basketball player goes up for a dunk Arcadia Knight mascot
View more photos from Knight Madness

This year’s Knight Madness brought a strong dose of cheering crowds, school spirit and plenty of prizes, but students got an added surprise at Thursday’s event—the introduction of a newly clad Arcadia Knight! As the lights dimmed down and the rumble of anticipation began, Arcadia’s very own mascot ran out to cheer on the members of the women’s and men’s basketball teams.

The event, which is hosted by Residence Hall Council (RHC), began with the faculty/staff versus students game. For second year in a row, the faculty/staff team was defeated by the students. The final score was 8-6. Read more. View photos.

Faculty, Staff Mentors Named for Previews

Faculty and staff mentors have been selected to accompany first-year students to London, Scotland and Spain, as well as transfer students to Italy, in Arcadia’s distinctive spring Preview programs. Click here for the just-released list of faculty and staff mentors.

London/Scotland/Spain Preview is a spring break adventure for first-year students at Arcadia University. Italy Preview is for transfer students.

Arcadia University Art Gallery Presents A Closer Look 7, Nov. 13

Partial view of James Johnson's "Promise"
Exhibition installation in progress showing a partial view of James Johnson's "Promise" (2008).

Arcadia University's Art Gallery presents A Closer Look 7 Nov. 13 to Dec. 21 in the Arcadia University Art Gallery. The exhibition opens on Thursday, Nov. 13, at 6:30 p.m. with a panel discussion in Stiteler Auditorium, Murphy Hall. The discussion features the six exhibited artists and is moderated by Curator Sheryl Conkelton. A reception follows immediately in the Art Gallery.

The exhibition is an ongoing series that started in 1995 to present in greater depth the work of selected artists who have previously exhibited in Arcadia's juried Works on Paper shows.

The exhibition features recent work by Phillip Adams, James Johnson, Kocot & Hatton, Lucy Pullen, and Linda Yun, all of whom (with the exception of Pullen) currently live and work in Philadelphia. Read more.

Arcadia Student Wins NCHC Logo Contest

Jen Crow's winning design.

Sophomore Jen Crow recently won the National Collegiate Honors Council’s (NCHC) 2009 logo contest. Her winning design will be the featured logo on program materials and t-shirts. Crow will receive recognition in the conference program booklet and complimentary registration to attend the conference, which occurs in Washington, D.C., from Oct. 28 to Nov. 1, 2009.

In order to win the contest, Crow had to design a logo that captured the essence of the conference’s theme. This meant showcasing Washington, D.C., as an international city that symbolizes American genius, sacrifice, diversity, curiosity and creativity.

M.B.A. Grad Working for Global Firm

Nymie Brown '08M.B.A.
Nyime Brown '08M.B.A.

After learning some important business skills from Dr. Tony Muscia, Executive Director of Arcadia’s M.B.A. with an International Perspective, Nyime Brown '08M.B.A. has landed a dream job. She works as a Global Trainee for Skanska, a global engineering and construction firm.

“Dr. Muscia taught me not only that preparation is power, but perception, in most cases, is everything,” says Brown. “Be yourself, of course, but it’s all about the presentation of the package.”

It is with this knowledge that Brown landed her current job. Muscia teaches his students that men and women perceive colors differently and these colors affect emotions. Before her interview with Skanska, Brown planned to wear a brown suit, which is a color that signifies friendliness. She changed her mind at the last minute—remembering that while in black, women tend to exude more confidence. Read more.

Two Acts of Incivility Reported Last Week

Civility LogoTwo acts of incivility were reported over the last week. During the evening of Nov. 4, there was an act of incivility reported in a residence hall. A staff member overheard a discussion that included racist language. When those speaking saw the staff member, they left the space. While this incident does not include behavior that violates our Code of Conduct, it does interfere with the ability of all members of our community to feel safe on campus. This is the third uncivil act this semester. When there is an act of incivility, the Civility Flag, located between the Dining Complex and the Landman Library, is lowered for five days.

On Nov. 3, an act of incivility was discovered on University property including a picnic table. Racist and other remarks were written. The remarks were reported to Public Safety by a staff member and have been removed. The individual(s) who wrote the remarks have not been identified at this time. Anyone with information about these incidents should contact either the Director of Public Safety, 215-572-2187, or the Dean of Students, 215-572-2932. Read more.

Weekly Green Tip: Native plants in Cheltenham

Recycle logoPlants imported from around the world to be used in gardens have escaped into Cheltenham's parks. They have spread profusely, replaced native species, and disrupted the natural ecosystem. By replanting native plants, you can help provide food for animals, stop erosion along stream banks, and filter pollutants from our water. To learn more, visit the Cheltenham Web site and scroll to the bottom. A native flora planting event in Cheltenham will be held Saturday, Nov. 15, starting at 9 a.m. If you would like to carpool from Arcadia, contact Stephanie Clymer at

Graduate Open House on Wednesday, Nov. 19

Expore Arcadia's Graduate programs on Wednesday, Nov. 19, from 4 to 7 p.m. in Grey Towers Castle. Featured programs include Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy, Genetic Counseling, Forensic Science, International Peace and Conflict Resolution, Public Health, and Health Education. This is a chance to speak one-on-one with faculty and staff and to meet with financial aid counselors. Register Online or call toll-free 1-877-ARCADIA (1-877-272-2342) to reserve a space.

Doctorate of Physical Therapy Application Deadline Approaching

All Arcadia undergraduates who are candidates for assured admission to the Doctor of Physical Therapy program must submit their applications for admission, recommendations, GRE scores, and official transcripts (including transcripts with courses taken at any other institutions) to the Office of Enrollment Management by the end of the day on Monday, Dec. 15, 2008.

If you have questions about the admissions process, please contact Julie Ellis in Enrollment Management at 215-572-2912 or via e-mail at For more information about the D.P.T. program, contact Dr. Scott Stackhouse in the Physical Therapy Department at 215-572-8527 or via e-mail at

Staff and Faculty Invited to Volunteer for Late Night Breakfast

The Late Night Breakfast is fast approaching. Staff and faculty members are needed as volunteers to serve breakfast to hungry students in the Dining Hall as a way to help break the stress of finals week. The breakfast will be held from 10 to 11:30 p.m. on Dec. 9. If you are willing to help, contact Breann Donnelly,, or Laura Bickert,

Wellness Services Looking for Student Input

Students, faculty and staff: Wellness Services is conducting the American College Health Association (ACHA) Survey for all full-time undergraduate students from Nov. 9 until Dec. 3. Students will receive this survey attached to an e-mail that is sent by an off-campus organization. Wellness Services is looking for a good response to help them to understand the needs of Arcadia University students in order to better plan and implement services on campus. They have permission from the Internal Review Board (IRB) to perform this survey every three years and last held it in Fall 2002 and Fall 2005. Please do not hesitate to contact Fran Pollock at 215-572-4091 or Claire Washington at 215-572-2844 with any questions.

Campus Happenings

Talking Peace: IPCR Lecture Draws Large Audience

Roland Adjovi and Dr. Jean-Pele Fomete
From left, Roland Adjovi, Senior Legal Officer for the ICTR, and Dr. Jean-Pele Fomete, Programs Director of the ICTR

On Nov. 6, the Landman Library Gallery Room became standing-room-only as International Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) graduate students and undergraduates from the Political Science and International Studies departments filed in to listen to the lecture, “International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR): Completion Strategy and Fight against Impunity.” The two-hour talk was hosted by the IPCR program and showcased the expertise of lawyers Roland Adjovi, Senior Legal Officer for the ICTR, and Dr. Jean-Pele Fomete, Programs Director of the ICTR. The lecture coincides with Arcadia’s Nyerere Centre for Peace Research in Arusha, Tanzania, where Adjovi and Fomete will be doing joint research and teaching courses. Read more.

Scholarly and Creative Accomplishments

Haertsch and Kirgan Present SEPCHE Research Project

SEPCHE project
From left, Tracy Paine, Gretchen Haertsch, and Alyssa Kirgan '11

Gretchen Haertsch, Adjunct Professor of English, was one of eight faculty who participated in a SEPCHE research project this past summer with two undergraduate students—Alyssa Kirgan '11, an English major from Arcadia University, and Tracy Paine, a History major from Holy Family College.

Haertsch and the two students had to apply for the project. The students had to be full-time and be part of the SEPCHE group of schools. They needed to be in good academic standing and would be entering either their junior or senior year in the fall of 2008. The participating students would each receive a $3,000 stipend. Read more.

Grady Publishes ‘Shakespeare and Impure Aesthetics’

Dr. Hugh Grady

Dr. Hugh Grady, Professor of English, published the article “Shakespeare and Impure Aesthetics: The Case of A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” appeared in Shakespeare Quarterly, Volume 59, Number 3 (Fall 2008), pp. 273-301. In this article, Grady argues that Shakespeare studies generally has avoided the idea of "the aesthetic" over the last 25 years, but a number of developments suggest that a return to aesthetics is now on the critical agenda. His essay argues that "impure aesthetics"—borrowed primarily from Theodor Adorno and Walter Benjamin and emphasizing the relation of alterity between art and its "other" and the influence of erotic desire, the commodification of the lifeworld in capitalism, and art's role in ameliorating the mutilation of nature produced in modernity is a promising form for the revival to take. According to Grady, Shakespeare himself seems to share at least some of the ideas of "impure aesthetics," especially in A Midsummer Night's Dream. The play is one of Shakespeare's fullest explorations of aesthetic ideas, and it is thus a meta-aesthetic drama—as well as a development of the genre of comedy to unprecedented levels of aesthetic complexity and self-reflection.

Appelbaum Publishes ‘Embracing Mathematics’ Textbook

Dr. Peter Appelbaum

Dr. Peter Appelbaum, Professor of Education, co-wrote the textbook Embracing Mathematics: On Becoming a Teacher and Changing with Mathematics, which was published by Routledge this past summer. Written with David Scott Allen, a math teacher at Pennbrook Middle School in North Wales, this alternative textbook for math education courses asks teachers and prospective teachers to reflect on their relationships with mathematics and how these relationships influence their teaching and the experiences of their students. In addition to covering basic topics, this book also introduces novel approaches, such as psychoanalytic perspectives and post-modern conceptions of curriculum. In her review of Embracing Mathematics, Dr. Corinne Hahn, President of the International Commission for Study and Improvement of Mathematics Teaching, notes: “This is a book that helps the reader think about his/her practice. It guides teachers in a quest for teaching methods that will enable students to develop a critical mind, which should be the goal of all mathematics education.”

Stackhouse Publishes in Journal of Neurotrauma

Dr. Scott Stackhouse

Dr. Scott Stackhouse, Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy, published the article “Effect of Cervical Dorsolateral Funiculotomy on Reach-to-Grasp Function in the Rat,” which appeared in the August 2008 issue of the Journal of Neurotrauma (25:1039-1047). Cervical spinal cord injury can severely impair reaching and grasping ability, and several descending systems have been implicated in the control of reach-to-grasp movements. The primary aim of a study undertaken by Stackhouse and his co-authors from Drexel’s College of Medicine was to characterize further the forelimb deficits associated with a cervical dorsolateral funiculotomy, which ablates the rubrospinal tract but spares the dorsal and ventral corticospinal tract in the rat. They concluded that the deficits in forelimb function after cervical dorsolateral funiculotomy are detected using sensitive assessment of reach-to-grasp function, but not gross function tests such as preference for forelimb use. They suggest that a staircase test would be the preferred functional test for a screening tool for future intervention studies in the cervical dorsolateral funiculotomy because it is easy to implement, analyze and demonstrates persistent deficits over the recovery period.

Paulk Publishes Article on Detecting Child Maltreatment

Dr. David Paulk

Dr. David Paulk, Associate Professor of Medical Science, published the article “Child maltreatment: Seeing the problem is only step one,” which appeared in the Journal of the American Association of Physician Assistants, Volume 21, Number 5 (May 2008), pp. 46-50. In this article, Paulk notes that clinicians see the impact of child abuse or neglect, but usually not until it has progressed to a significant level. He maintains that the practitioner must understand the scope of the problem, as well as the types of abuse that exist. Most well-trained clinicians may understand reporting laws and recognize the overt signs of abuse. However, a major problem exists in how clinicians convince a child to disclose abuse when it is suspected in the first place. Paulk discusses the challenges of eliciting such disclosure, a difficult feat that requires remarkable communication skills and patience. He suggests that helpful communication strategies include finding an appropriate time or place to engage the child, asking direct questions, and being confrontational in the right way.

Haffar Reports on IPCR-UPEACE Collaboration

Dr. Warren Haffar

Director of International Peace and Conflict Resolution Dr. Warren Haffar and University for Peace (UPEACE) research fellow Jurgen Carls wrote “Resolving the Boruca dam conflict in Costa Rica,” published in Analysis II on Nov. 4. The article summarizes the findings of a joint research project by UPEACE and Arcadia University examining the conflict surrounding the proposed construction of the Boruca Hydroelectric Dam, located in southern Costa Rica. Read the story.

Tate Gets Grant for Shoulder Research

Dr. Angela Tate, Adjunct Professor of Physical Therapy, was recently awarded a grant of $16,893 from the United States Masters Swimming (USMS) Endowment Fund. Tate will serve as the principal investigator on a study titled “Identification of Modifiable Risk Factors for Shoulder Pain in Swimmers.” Shoulder pain is a common ailment for professional swimmers (with a reported range between 40 percent and 69 percent) and often is so severe that it can lead to termination of their participation in the sport. The long-term objective of this research is to provide a scientific basis for preventative training programs that incorporate education and training strategies. In the letter confirming the award, the Chair of the USMS Endowment Fund’s Board of Governors observed that “all swimmers, young and old alike, will benefit from your efforts and we are excited to see this research proceed.” Graduate students in the Physical Therapy program will assist in the poolside collection of data on such measures as the flexibility of the shoulder, strength of the rotator cuff and scapular, endurance of shoulder and core muscles, and presence of shoulder instability and impingement. The grant will fund a cross-sectional study of more than 240 competitive swimmers ages 10 to 70. Competitive swimmers from Arcadia will be among those tested.

Atkins Writes about Student Web Sites

Larry Atkins, an Adjunct Professor in the English, Communications, and Theatre Department, wrote an article for the Online Journalism Review on how college students should create their own professional Web sites. He also wrote a feature profile article in the November issue of U.S. Catholic Magazine on Tommy Geromichalos, who helped to save his school from closing by writing a letter to the Make a Wish Foundation, which inspired a fund-raising effort by the local community that raised more than $400,000.

upcoming events

Let's Go: Find out what's happening at Arcadia University

Race Matters: Jewish Identity, Nov. 12

Race Matters, a Campus-Wide Discussion on Race, presents “Jewish Identity” on Wednesday, Nov. 12, from 12:15 to 1:30 p.m. in the University Gallery Room in Landman Library. The campus community is invited, and lunch is provided. Race Matters is sponsored by the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice, the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and the Office of Multicultural Affairs. For more information, contact John Noakes, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, 215-572-2897.

The Civility in Action Leadership Discussion Series: Angela McIver, Nov. 12

Angela McIver, Executive Director of the Fair Housing Rights Center, speaks about promoting civility throughout communities on Wednesday, Nov. 12, at 7 p.m. in Kuch Hospitality Suite. She has more than 16 years of human services experience and specializes in developing institutional and organizational networking, community partnerships, and coalitions affecting adults and youths (including the provision of counseling, related support networks, performance analysis, and training). For more information, contact Dr. Judy Dalton in the Office of Multicultural Affairs, 215-572-4088.

Students Invited to Career Networking Luncheon, Nov. 14

Career Development and Alumni Relations are hosting their annual Career Networking Luncheon on Friday, Nov. 14, from noon to 2 p.m. Student are invited to meet with successful alumni and make important connections. To register, contact the Career Development Office by calling 215-572-2939, e-mailing, or stopping by 133 Knight Hall. Please provide your name, phone number, e-mail address, major and intended career field.

Drum Circle, Nov. 14

Feeling stressed or pent up? Come bang some drums. On Friday, Nov. 14, at 9 p.m. students can learn about the history of drum circles and how to drum for relaxation at this free event sponsored by Student Activities.

SPB Presents Comedy Club in the Chat: Mary Mack, Nov. 15

On Saturday, Nov. 15, get ready for an evening of back to back laughs as SPB presents Comedy Club in the Chat. The nights guests include Will Marfori will regale the crowd with jokes about growing up with Cerebral Palsy and experiencing dating, physical therapy, and growing up the son of a musician. Then comedienne Mary Mack will leave you in stitches as she and her mandolin serenade the crowd with her humorous folk songs. This is a free event and is open to all Arcadia students.

Empty Bowl Dinner, Nov. 17

Students enjoying Empty BowlArcadia University holds its annual Empty Bowl Dinner to fight hunger and homelessness on Monday, Nov. 17, in Grey Towers Castle. The community is invited to participate in this service event. Seating is by ticket only, with the first seating from 4:30 to 6 p.m. and the second seating from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

Since 1993, Arcadia University has been holding the Empty Bowl Dinner to help fight hunger and homelessness in U.S. cities as well as in other countries. Everyone who attends will get to select a handcrafted bowl made by Arcadia students and local artists in and the around the community. They can then fill their bowls, choosing from an assortment of mouth-watering soups, amazing breads, and desserts—all donated by restaurants and individuals in and around the campus. Read more.

International Education Week, Nov. 17- 20

International Education Week logoInternational Education Week is a national initiative that aims to promote intercultural exchange. This year, Arcadia promises a week full of fun!

Empty Bowl Benefit Dinner: Arcadia University staff and students share a simple meal of soup and bread at the Empty Bowl Benefit Dinner on Monday, Nov. 17, to raise awareness of hunger and poverty across borders. The Northwest Interfaith Hospitality Network of Philadelphia and Heifer Project International are the beneficiaries. Order tickets, $12 for students and $15 for non-students, at

Study Away Fair: The lunchtime Study Away Fair on Tuesday, Nov. 18, highlights opportunities for short-term, semester and year-long programs across the globe. Talk with faculty who will offer short-term programs, students who have traveled the globe, and professionals from Arcadia’s Center for Education Abroad and the Office of International Services. Don’t miss the Scholarship Corner.

Movie Nights: Two movie nights will highlight intercultural themes. On Wednesday, Nov. 19, at 7:15 p.m. in The Chat, I.O.U.S.A. will delve into the topic of the United States’ national debt crisis and how it affects everyone. I’m Not Scared is the story of an Italian boy who realizes that his small town is not what it seems. It will be shown Monday, Nov. 17, at 7:30 p.m. in Brubaker 102 and is R-rated and subtitled.

The week will wrap up with Celebrating Cultures on Thursday, Nov. 20. This annual event will highlight Arcadia’s Global Connections via personal stories, food, and fashion of Arcadia community members. The night always proves to be entertaining for students, staff, and faculty alike!

Women of NOLA: Voices of Resilience, Nov. 20

“Women of NOLA: Voices of Resilience Before, During, and After Katrina” is Thursday, Nov. 20, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in Brubaker 102. The Women of NOLA (New Orleans, La.) is a project created by Dr. Nadine Bean of West Chester University. Bean is a co-founder of an organization in the Lower Ninth Ward district of New Orleans ( While Bean was in New Orleans doing volunteer work, created this powerful multi-media program for women survivors of Hurricane Katrina tell of their own experiences. This event is sponsored by Ashley Friedman, Assistant Dean of Students for First- and Second-Year Programs, the First-Year Seminar “American Catastrophe,” Dr. Doreen Loury and the GATEWAY program, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, and the Black Awareness Society. For more information, contact Maya Stewart, President of the Black Awareness Society and the Class of 2009.

Da Vinci Drawings: Storytelling and Science Education, Nov. 20

Arcadia University’s Colloquium Series presents a lecture by  Caryn Babian '93M.Ed., a biology instructor and artist at Bucks County Community College, on Thursday, Nov. 20, at 7:30 p.m., in Grey Towers Castle Mirror Room. For more information visit

Babian’s discussion, “Da Vinci Teaches Anatomy: Blackboard Storytelling and Science Education,” will show how the simple technology of the chalkboard, coupled with drawings skills, can create a storytelling experience in the classroom that can foster whole-brain thinking and a sense of connection to the world around us.

Arcadia University Colloquium Series events are open to undergraduate and graduate students, educators, and interested members of the community. Attendance provides one hour of Act 48 professional development credit. Forms are available at the colloquium.

Check the online Events Calendar at

Foreign Correspondence

Share Your Study Abroad Experience!

University Relations is looking for study abroad experiences from current Arcadia students and alumni. Let us know—through writings, photos, videos or audio clips—what you learned and how it has impacted your life. Experiences will be posted as part of Arcadia's celebration of 60 years of studying abroad and may be used in other University publications. Visit for guidelines and submission forms.

Sports Update

Live Game Day Stats—Don’t Miss a Beat

“From your PDA or your computer, you can be virtually at the game, watching who puts in the next basket,” says Joy Zazzera, Assistant Director of Athletics, Sports Information, Compliance and Recruiting. “Bookmark our new Live Game Day Stats page and you will be able to follow men’s and women’s basketball as it happens.” Live Game Day Stats is a new feature on the athletics Web site that currently features both men’s and women’s basketball home games.

Benner Receives Second Team All Commonwealth Selection

Senior forward Matt Benner will graduate in May following four straight seasons having been recognized as an All Conference student-athlete for Men's Soccer. As it was announced by the conference office this morning, Benner secured a spot on the 2008 Second Team All Commonwealth team. Read more.

Men’s and Women’s Hoops Each Selected Seventh in Annual Preseason Poll

Both the men's and women's squads have been tabbed to finish seventh in the annual Commonwealth Conference preseason coaches poll announced by the conference office this week.  Division III national runner up Messiah has been selected to repeat as Commonwealth champions on the women's side, while the Widener University men have been picked to finish first. For the complete release for each team visit the team's Web page. 

Swimming Teams Pair Up for Dual Win at FDU-Florham

(Men's 1-1, Women's 1-1))Arcadia University Men's and Women's Swimming needed only their second meet of the season to earn a combined win, counting both overall and in the Middle Atlantic standings as the Knights defeated FDU-Florham, 99-49 in the men's events and 201-151 in the women's events. Both teams improve to 1-1 overall and 1-0 in the MAC. Read more.

Falcons Battle for 4-0 Win over Arcadia in Knights’ Season Closer

(9-7-2) Two blooper goals and a second half strong Messiah squad enabled the #2 and Commonwealth high seed Falcons to pull out a 4-0 victory over the Arcadia University Knights in the semi-final round game of the Commonwealth Women's Soccer Championships Wednesday evening in Grantham, Pa. Arcadia ends their sucessful season at 9-8-2, with this season's post-season appearance the seventh straight and fifth under head coach Rick BrownellRead more.

Nov. 8 Equestrian Results

6: Amanda Hoade: no place

5: Amanda Hoade: 6th

4: Chelsea Crozier: 4th
Carley Morgan: no place
Carrie Fillebrown: 1st (classed up)

3: Kim Richie: no place
Carrie Fillebrown: 5th
Carley Morgan: no place
Chelsea Crozier: 5th

2B: Catherine Sparan: 6th
Kacie Ulasevich: 4th
Molly Casey: 4th
Heather Strain: 3rd

1: Sarah Bellomo: 3rd

Game Photos Now Available on Shutterfly

View and purchase game day photos online in Arcadia University's official Shutterfly athletics photo albums. Photos are available in variety of sizes and can be printed on mugs, magnets, note cards, puzzles and more!! Items are available at minimal costs with proceeds directly benefiting student activities on campus. Please see righthand column or Fall team Web pages for access.

In the News

Alumni in the News

Josh Hitchens '07 appeared in Adjunct Professor of Theatre Arts Jared Reed's adaptation of Franz Kafka's The Trial, which was staged at the Curio Theatre in Philadelphia from Oct. 10 to Nov. 2.

Arcadia News

Hugh G. Moulton, a member of the Arcadia University Board of Trustees, will receive the Fundraising Volunteer of the Year Award from the Association of Fundraising Professional Greater Philadelphia Chapteron on Nov. 13. Moulton was nominated by L. Scott Schultz, President of Schultz & Williams, providers of strategic and innovative solutions to the nonprofit sector.

In nominating Moulton for the award, Schultz wrote, “I can honestly say that during my 30-plus years in this profession, I have not met many individuals who have done more, or been more effective as a volunteer than Hugh Moulton. He always leads by example and is a mover of people and ideas. He brings his experience and expertise in law and business to every nonprofit he has worked with and provides pragmatic, effective leadership in governance, planning, fundraising and organizational development."

Arcadia University participates in a Transfer Fair at Raritan Valley Community College on Monday, Nov. 10, from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. To learn more about transferring to Arcadia, visit

Staff in the News

Jamar Nicholas, Gallery Assistant, conducts the workshop “Breaking the Panels: Writing for Comic Books and Graphic Novels” on Saturday, Nov. 15, at Montgomery County Community College’s Annual Writers Conference. His workshop will decode the language and rules of writing for sequential narrative format. The discussion will cover the most popular styles of American comic scripting, writing from thumbnails, dialogue, pacing, and more.

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