June 24, 2008
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June 24, 2008 A Weekly Publication Highlighting Arcadia News and Events

Campus News

Schwartz Puts 60th Anniversary in Congressional Record

U.S. Rep. Allyson Y. Schwartz has helped to commemorate Arcadia’s 60th anniversary of study abroad with an entry in the Congressional Record. “Madam Speaker, I rise today to congratulate Arcadia University on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of its successful Study Abroad Program,” she said on May 6, noting that Arcadia began study abroad in the summer of 1948. “This year, Jerry Greiner, Arcadia’s President, will commemorate that landmark trip’s 60th Anniversary in July 2008. In addition, the University will introduce a new curriculum that emphasizes multi-cultural experience and reflection. In addition to the hundreds of Arcadia students who study abroad each year, the Center now serves 3,000 students a year from more than 300 colleges and universities.”

She concluded, “I commend Arcadia University for providing opportunities for young leaders to learn about the world and connect with students in other countries and I congratulate the University on reaching the 60th anniversary of its nationally acclaimed international program.” Read the entire Record.

Is Paris Ready for Arcadia's Bikers?

Greiner Video
Video: Terry Greiner, President Greiner's wife, talks about her excitement for the Paris trip and her husband's fitness regiment.
Fairmont Park Bikers
From left to right at Alumni Weekend: Evan Williams, Bonnie Hayes, Purnell Cropper, Maryanne Bowers, Sue Gettlin and Bill Meiers.

Serious training for Arcadia University's Paris Celebration of 60 Years of Study Abroad began at Alumni Reunion on May 30. Well, sort of serious.

Bill Meiers, known for coursing great distances over land and water in “Iron Distance" triathlons, managed to negotiate his narrow-tired bike over the stone-strewn paths in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park. Meiers, Associate Dean of the Honors Program, has the most experience of the bikers going to Paris next week, but President Jerry Greiner has indicated that Meiers might not be assigned the lead role—unless a speed limit and rest stops can be agreed upon.

"The stones in Fairmount Park were just a preview of Paris' cobblestone streets," says Sue Gettlin, Web Communication Manager and Associate Director of University Relations, who is coordinating the event. "We're using fat tire bikes, which should help." The Paris Celebration bikers will consist of 10 current students and recent alumni, President Greiner and his wife, Terry, and several faculty and staff.

Alumni Director Georgene Pilling, who will be biking in Paris, appreciated the May 30 "practice" event. "You can see from the picture that this was a very serious group and Maryanne Bowers, with her pink bike, was the perfect person for the job," she said. Bowers, an adjunct English instructor, won't be in Paris but helped to coordinate the local event.

Gettlin, Meiers and Pilling met in early May with the students who will be attending the event. Meiers stressed safety and preparation. Helmets are required, he said, painting a visual image of 20 or so novice bikers approaching a stop light in Paris. "The accidents will occur at the stops and starts," he said. "That's when it's difficult to get everybody moving in unison."

To watch it all unfold, follow the celebration of study abroad at: www.arcadia.edu/paristrip.

Arcadians Blog about Paris Adventures

A group of young Arcadia University women bicycling across Europe in the summer of 1948 paved the way for generations of students to study abroad. This July, Arcadians will go to Paris, France, to celebrate Arcadia's 60th anniversary of studying abroad. The itinerary includes bike tours, a trip to the Picasso Museum and a reception at the American Graduate School of International Relations and Diplomacy, Arcadia's affiliated campus in Paris. Participants will post writing and photos of their travels to a blog, which you can view here.

Education Students Study Literacy, Swahili in Tanzania

Arcadia students will work in the community, teaching English and computer skills.

Graduate Education students in a service learning course taught by Dr. Bette Goldstone, Professor of Education, are spending this week addressing teaching and learning in East Africa in conjunction with Arcadia’s Nyerere Center for Peace Research and Miracle Corners Community Center in Arusha, Tanzania. Theiri wiki at www.ed481arusha.wetpaint.com begins to tell their story.

Their in-country fieldwork in Tanzania runs June 20 through July 7. “Some of the questions we are investigating are: How does the East African culture affect educational practice? What is (are) the culture(s) in Tanzania? How is learning rudimentary Swahili similar and dissimilar to learning English?” says Goldstone. Each class period, a class member prepares material around Swahili words and concepts. “While in Arusha, we will be teaching in a community center, visiting other schools in rural areas, meeting a women’s group, interacting with Maasai, and going on a trek into one of the nearby national parks.”

The purpose of this course, ED 481 International Literacy, is to address literacy teaching and learning in East Africa, particularly Tanzania, says Goldstone. Students will examine African literacy teaching texts, investigate how culture influences what education is and how it is delivered, and reflect upon African pedagogic goals in the new millennium. Students will study current research, programs and strategies used to improve English literacy that can then be implemented when working with Tanzanians at the Miracle Corners Community Center. Students will have the opportunity to work with pre-school children; adult learners of English and/or English computer skills and/or a youth group.

What Does First-Grade Teacher Say about Tanzania?

Journey along in Tanzania with Ellen Zschunke, a first-grade teacher at Pine Road School in Huntington Valley, Pa., who is studying abroad this month at Arcadia’s Nyerere Center for Peace Research in Tanzania. Her blog for her schoolchildren and others provides a peek into her journey to Arusha, Tanzania, with her International Literacy graduate class. “Mrs. Z” is pursuing certification in Library Sciences at Arcadia University.

Her blog, “originally created as a format for reflection for two courses; ED 556e Technology for School Library Media Specialists and ED 668c Using Technology in the Design of Global Collaborations,” now includes her posts “as a reflective element of a course called (ED 481) International Literacy and its travel component to Arusha, Tanzania.”

Her pre-trip post contained a recipe for 22 hours of travel time, “factoring in the time difference and lay overs… I'm all set with my portable DVD player, magazines, books, my IPod, trail mix, and Tylenol PM.”

Arcadia Alum Takes Little Shop to the Big Stage

Sara Accardi

Theatre Arts and English major Sara Accardi '07 is only one year out of college and already has a dream job—she is the assistant director of theatre arts and director of upperclass one-act plays for Pennsbury High School’s theatre program. Even more remarkably, Accardi’s troupe was invited to present at the International Thespian Festival—one of only 10 groups chosen to perform on the main stage.

“It's the greatest honor you can receive at the high school level,” says Accardi. “Plus, it has been something these kids have tried to get for years now.”

While directing the Little Shop cast, Accardi’s Arcadia pride rubbed off on many of the students. “Students have become interested in the school because of the stories I have told them from my experiences. A few times this year I have brought my students to Arcadia productions to let them witness firsthand what they can realistically accomplish after high school.”

In fact, a piece of Arcadia will travel with the troupe in the form of man-eating plant puppets. Arcadia’s Costume Shop Supervisor, Alisa Kleckner, originally built the three puppets for the University’s 2005-06 production of Little Shop (in which Sara also performed), and they live on in Pennsbury High School’s production. Read more.

Larsen Says Greater Access is Key Challenge for Study Abroad

David Larsen

As Dr. David Larsen, Vice President and Executive Director of Arcadia’s Center for Education Abroad, prepares to retire after 20 years as a leader in the field of education abroad, Insider Higher Ed profiles him this week. In a Q&A with reporter Elizabeth Redden, Larsen talks about today’s increasing demand for study abroad—and about new challenges for colleges and third-party providers in creating more opportunities for students. “One thing is the recent [American Council on Education] report indicates that 50 percent of students come to college intending to study abroad. That certainly wasn’t the case a couple of decades ago. It speaks I think very positively toward what we’ve been able to do, to open the possibility of study abroad up not just to the privileged but to a much broader spectrum of students.” Read more of Larsen’s interview.

Emergency Procedures Posted on Campus

Emergency Procedures DecalNew Emergency Procedure decals are being posted on the inside doors of rooms and offices across campus, including residence rooms and faculty and staff offices. The sticker (shown here) will be placed on the inside of every door above the door handle at about eye level by the Public Safety staff, says James J. Bonner Jr., Director of Public Safety.

Arcadia Students Help ‘Buy a Book Build a Forest’

Arcadia students helped to participate in building a forest by buying and selling used textbooks, says Meg Lavan, Templeton Bookstore Manager. Arcadia University was one of the top 10 colleges to participate in Buy a Book Build a Forest. http://www.buildaforest.com/usedbooks / “Buying used books is like recycling!,” according to the used book Web site. “And it's good for the forest in so many ways. For starters, you're using a book that already exists instead of claiming the life of a living tree in order to make a new one. That's more trees for the forest and less stress for the environment. On top of that, when you buy used books we say thanks by planting more trees. So now you're building a new forest! And finally, because used books are cheaper, you save some money!”

Discuss the New Curriculum over Coffee or Lunch

It's not too late to participate in small group discussions about the new Undergraduate Curriculum. The Arcadia University Curriculum Committee invites faculty and staff to participate. Open-ended discussions will be very helpful for faculty, staff and administrators who have extensive contact with students. The committee will cover the cost of lunch or coffee as noted below.

Sessions will be held in the Dining Hall—look for a group of tables near windows with a sign. At least one of the faculty members on the committee will attend to discuss key issues. In order to ensure reasonably sized groups, RSVP to Diana Bonner at 215-572-2933.

Sessions are scheduled as follows:

  • Wednesday, July 2, at noon – Lunch provided
  • Thursday, July 17, at 9 a.m. – Coffee provided
  • Monday, July 21, at noon – Lunch provided
  • Thursday, July 31, at 9 a.m. – Coffee provided

Summer Orientation Important for New Students

Orientation Logo

Summer Orientation is fast approaching for incoming first-year and transfer students. Orientation is an important first step in the Arcadia experience. New students will make course selections and meet fellow classmates for the upcoming year.

The Summer Orientation component of the Arcadia University New Student Orientation program is the time that new students complete academic inventories that will help them place into appropriate classes. Inventories are given for writing, modern languages, mathematics and, for some students, physical science. Students will then select possible courses for the Fall semester.

Different days have been designated for first-year and transfer students. This summer, Orientation days for first-year students are June 19, June 27, July 10, and July 11. For transfer students, the dates are June 13, July 18, and Aug. 15. There will be a two-day program June 20-21 for students participating in the Fall 2008 First-Year Study Abroad Experience (FYSAE) program and their families. New full-time students are required to attend one of the days and should use the response card they received in the mail or use the online form on MyArcadia to indicate their preferred day. For more information, contact Student Affairs at success@arcadia.edu.

Parents and families are encouraged to attend Summer Orientation. Programs are designed to answer questions concerning campus services, academic resources, residence and commuter life, financial aid, and many other topics. Read more.

Faculty, Staff Invited to Help with Move-in

The plans for Fall Opening Week are well under way. The New Student Orientation Team has been planning, and training for the staff has begun—everyone is getting ready for the entering class of Fall 2008. Faculty and staff are invited to join the team to help move new students in on Friday, Aug. 22, from 8 to 11:30 a.m. The more hands the merrier.

“For those who have participated before, this is just an earlier call for volunteers—for those who haven’t participated, you simply don’t know what you are missing,” says Jan Walbert, Vice President for Student Affairs. “The major effort that is necessary to facilitate the arrival process is unloading students’ vehicles and helping to get their belongings to their rooms. For those who are unable to carry objects or who have limited mobility or difficulty with stairs, we have several assignments such as offering directions and information, and frankly, there is something for everyone who wants to be involved. We welcome participation in other events as well; details will be available closer to those dates, but we wanted to announce the move-in information now so you can plan ahead.”

To sign up to lend a hand, e-mail Diana Bonner at bonnerd@arcadia.edu.

Creative and Scholarly Accomplishments

Miserandino Presents Research at the College of DuPage


Dr. Marianne Miserandino, Psychology Department, presented two invited talks at at the 15th Annual Midwest Institute for Students and Teachers of Psychology at the College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, Ill., on Feb. 29-March 1. The first paper, "Working with Wikis: What's it all about?" was based on her experiences creating and maintaining Personality Pedagogy, a wiki for teaching personality psychology. The second talk, "Think like a Scientist: How to Incorporate Research Experiences into the Undergraduate Curriculum," described the exemplary research-based psychology major here at Arcadia University as a model curriculum for other undergraduate psychology majors.

upcoming events

American Red Cross Blood Drive, July 1

An American Red Cross blood drive will take place July 1 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Grey Towers Castle Rose and Mirror rooms. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate. Pick a time to donate at www.membersforlife.org or by contacting Christina Harris at charris@arcadia.edu. Donors are eligible to enter a drawing for a $50 gas card.

Farewell Reception for Dr. Lathardus Goggins II, July 17

Please join the campus community in wishing Dr. Lathardus Goggins II, Associate Dean of Multicultural Affairs, a fond farewell and good luck in his new position at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. The reception is in the newly refurbished Castle Dining Room on Thursday, July 17, 2 to 4 p.m. Refreshments will be served. Please RSVP by July 7 to Diana Bonner at bonnerd@arcadia.edu or call 215-572-2933.

Check the online Events Calendar at http://calendar.arcadia.edu.

Foreign Correspondence

Share Your Study Abroad Experience!

University Relations is looking for study abroad experiences from current Arcadia students and alumni. Let us know—through writings, photos, videos or audio clips—what you learned and how it has impacted your life. Experiences will be posted as part of Arcadia's celebration of 60 years of studying abroad and may be used in other University publications. Visit www.arcadia.edu/studyabroadmemories for guidelines and submission forms.

Sports Update

Kristyna Dratch Named Head Coach of Women’s Tennis

Kristyna Dratch

Arcadia University has named Kristyna Dratch, of Huntington Valley, Pa., as the new Head Coach of the Women’s Tennis program. Arcadia competes in the Commonwealth Conference of the Middle Atlantic Conference.

Dratch served as the Assistant Coach for the men’s and women’s programs at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia following a two-year stint as the Women’s Assistant Coach at Temple University. While at Chestnut Hill and Temple, Dratch was responsible for organization, program development and administration while guiding her programs to a 46-39 overall record.

“Kristyna has both the competitive playing and coaching experience needed to instruct and develop our student-athletes into a more competitive program,” says Shirley Liddle, Director of Athletics at Arcadia. “Her student-athletes have shown continued improvement from year to year, and I’m confident that her technical knowledge of the game will help bring our student-athletes to the next level, especially as we head into the MAC’s Commonwealth Conference with top-notch programs like Elizabethtown and Lebanon Valley,” adds Liddle. Read more.

Men's Basketball to Sponsor Day Camp

Arcadia Men’s Basketball program will sponsor its annual Day Camp Aug. 4 through 8 on the University’s campus in Glenside. The day camp is designed for second graders on up to high school freshmen who are interested in learning the basic skills of basketball or refining advanced skills.

Coach Pat Dorney will be accompanied by a highly qualified staff comprised of CYO, high school, and college coaches. NCAA players, including members of the Arcadia Knights basketball program, will also be on staff. 

The camp will run from August 4 to 8 in the Kuch Center gymnasium.  For more information please download the camp brochure or e-mail Coach Dorney dorneyp@arcadia.edu. View brochure.

In the News

Alumni in the News

Vanais Harrigan '08, who earned her B.A. in English, wrote an Op-Ed which appeared in the June 21 Philadelphia Inquirer. Harrigan’s piece “Learning to face prejudice.” Read more.

Diana Newbury '82, who earned a degree in Art History, was profiled in the story “Wasteland to Wonderland,” in the June 13 Philadelphia Inquirer. The story covers how Newbury, an architectural and landscape historian, took overgrown acres on her property in Chestnut Hill and rebuilt gardens through effortless, no-fuss landscaping.
Read more.

Nancy Ludin '97M, who earned a master’s degree in Education, is the new executive director at the Jewish Pavilion, as reported in the June 13 Heritage Florida Jewish News Read more.

Dr. Maryjane Richmond '81M is the new Assistant Superintendent of Schools for the Phoenixville school system, as posted May 19 on PhoenixvilleNews.com. Richmond earned a Master of Education degree and certification as a Reading Specialist from Arcadia.

Arcadia in the News

Arcadia University was listed in AAC&U News June/July 2008 On the Road on the visit of Ross Miller, AAC&U senior director of assessment for learning, who visited Arcadia on May 14 to speak at a faculty workshop on general education revisions. The workshop included discussions of achieving multiple outcomes, identifying current assessments of continuing value, and finding combinations of pedagogy and learning experiences that are especially effective in helping Arcadia students meet essential learning goals.

In the June 20 Chronicle of Higher Education cover story “All Abroad! Overseas Study Required” Arcadia was mentioned twice, first about how “students who will be coming in the fall 2008 will have to complete a new 'global perspectives' requirement by going abroad, studying at a domestic institution such as a historically black college, or doing independent study in a multicultural community.”

The second mention was that at Arcadia "each department has developed 'pathways' to studying abroad, which lay out overseas-study options for each major, including potential sequences of courses to take, at home and abroad, equivalent courses at partner institutions and, for education majors, options for fulfilling student-teaching requirements in a foreign country.”

Faculty in the News

Robert Kieserman, Assistant Professor of Business/Healthcare Administration and Economics and Coordinator of Arcadia University’s Global Small Business Institute was interviewed for a story that appeared in the June 15 Bucks County Courier Times “Following in dad’s footsteps." He stated that leaving the work at the office is one of the keys to making a family-owned business work. “When you’re in business you’re your family, the biggest struggle is trying to keep the family dynamics that we all have to deal with separate and apart from the business, which usually becomes impossible,” he said.

Thomas M. Brinker, Professor of Accounting, published “The Reappearance of a Familiar Tax Savings Opportunity: Combining Section 179, Bonus Depreciation, and Regular Depreciation under the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008,” in the May 1 Journal of Financial Service Professionals. The article as stated in the abstract examines the newly enacted Economic Stimulus Act of 2008’s business incentives with regard to depreciation, bonus depreciation, and Section 179. The new law resurrects provisions that have changed, disappeared, and reappeared over the last few years. In addition to including the much publicized stimulus or “rebate” payments of over $107 billion, the bill contained both business incentives and foreclosure assistance of more than $45 billion. The focus of the article is to highlight some of these business incentives and to illustrate the urgency required by taxpayers in employing some of these “one-year only” (i.e. 2008) tax-saving opportunities.

Also in the May 1, Journal of Financial Service Professionals, Brinker’s article “Is an Alternative Minimum Tax Resolution on the Horizon? Or will the AMT Continue to Mean “Add More Tax?” was reprinted from the original column published in the September 2005 issue of the Journal of Financial Service Professionals and updated for the Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2007.

David Bradley, who teaches in the Theatre Program, was mentioned in the May 15 Main Line Times in the article “Friendships should be a hardship." This summer Bradley and psychologist Dr. Carol Moog will combine their teaching and professional experience in ImagineAct, an eight-session theater program beginning June 23 and running through Aug. 11, that creates a theatre of social skills for kids with Asperger Syndrome. The sessions are for children ages 8 through 12  and will combine improvisational arts with therapy with the help of Bradley whose background in theatre and educations includes directing professional productions and designing programs for youth, including those with special needs.

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