August 22, 2006
Arcadia University Bulletin
August 22, 2006 A Weekly Publication Highlighting Arcadia News and Events

Campus News

Arcadia Moves Up in U.S. News Ranking;
Among the Top Universities in the North   

U.S. NewsArcadia University moved up five places in the U.S. News & World Report rankings, taking the No. 22 spot among the Best Universities in the North. Arcadia also earned acclaim as one of the top 20 Programs to Look For in the Study Abroad category. Arcadia’s top university ranking is in the master’s category, which encompasses comprehensive universities providing a full range of undergraduate and graduate programs.

Rising SAT scores for incoming students and an increase in the alumni giving rate raised Arcadia’s stature. The percentage of Fall ’05 freshmen in the top 25 percent of their high school class rose to 63 percent, up from 53 percent. The graduation rate, another strong indicator in the rankings, rose two points as well.

“Arcadia continues to enjoy good reviews from our peer institutions, which shows the esteem our colleagues hold us in,” notes President Jerry Greiner. “Our global perspective in education, one cornerstone of the Arcadia Promise, gives us a leadership position in the national arena. We will continue to build on our strengths, which begin with our quality faculty and students, as we both treasure our foundations and embrace new endeavors.”

The 2007 U.S. News & World Report rankings mark Arcadia’s eighth straight year among the top tier of the Best Master’s Universities in the North and its third year among the Programs to Look For in Study Abroad.

Parking Lot Ready for Opening

Parking construction parking lot
Parking lot construction in early August
New lot now ready for parking

The new parking lot at the Castle and Murphy Hall has been paved and will open on Thursday, August 24. Parking Lots 5 and 6 will include 122 new parking spaces, including many new spaces available for student use. The photos above show work in progress and the recent paving of the lot. New trees and shrubs will be planted at the end of September when the weather is cooler.

Public Safety has a new brochure and new Web site with parking information and parking area maps for students, visitors and faculty/staff at Note that all vehicles parked on campus or on campus-owned lots must be registered with the Public Safety Department. A parking permit will be issued and must be displayed as instructed. Vehicles without current permits will receive a parking violation citation. All students, faculty and staff are expected to observe campus parking and traffic regulations including—one-way traffic flow—and posted speed limits. Copies of the parking brochure are available in the Public Safety and Human Resources offices.

NOTE: Fire zones and parking spaces for the disabled are under the jurisdiction of the Fire Marshall and the Cheltenham Township Police, who frequently patrol campus and issue tickets to illegally parked cars.

tunnelOne Mystery of the Castle Uncovered

Work on the new parking lot near Grey Towers Castle unearthed evidence of the complexity of the Castle, built in 1893 for William Welsh Harrison, 31 years old and co-owner with his brothers of the Franklin Sugar Refinery. Designed by Horace Trumbauer, a young architect then 23 years old, the Castle included many modern amenities for its time.

One of those amenities was a greenhouse, sited near the southeast corner of the new parking lot. At right, Tom Macchi, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management and Capital Planning, shows the tunnel that carried steam pipes underground from the Castle to the heat the greenhouse. The tunnel which has since been sealed for safety purposes, still serves its intended purpose as an underground utility conduit for the new electric and water lines serving the new parking lots, and eventually, the soon-to-be-constructed front entrance to Arcadia University.

Shakespeare Campers Use Puppetry, Games of Wit

Camp Shakespeare campersThe young students at Arcadia’s summer Camp Shakespeare studied the bard’s text, his times and his performance techniques and performed scenes from Shakespeare's plays, with the scenes chosen to explore themes in Shakespeare. One group offered a series of Shakespeare's love scenes, set in forests, with all the scenes introduced by puppetry "fairies" who led the audience from one scene to the next. Another group offered "Games of Wit"—scenes of Shakespeare's wittiest characters, offered up with in the framework of a game show.

Camp Shakespeare campers“The goal is to offer all students a chance to tackle a chunk of Shakespeare's text, while encountering several of his plays...all the while served up in a fun and theatrical format,” says Michael Whistler, Adjunct Professor of Theatre. This summer Camp Shakespeare hosted 73 teens, ages 11 to 17, on the Arcadia Campus. The three sessions of the camp ran from June 25 to Aug. 5. Five students took advantage to earn college credit through the camp.

Janet Pilla, Adjunct Professor of Theatre, taught movement and period dance and choreographed pieces for performance. Students studied stage combat, voice and text work with John Lopes, Adjunct Professor of Theatre. They also learned about improvisation, acting fundamentals, Shakespeare's world and times, scene study and other tools for accessing their imaginations and exploring Shakespeare's text onstage. “We also offered classes in using non-traditional methods of theatrical storytelling, such as puppetry (taught by Alisa Kleckner, Adjunct Professor of Theatre) and mask work and Commedia Dell'Arte (taught by Whistler),” he adds.

Arcadia students who served as Student Assistants with the camp were Sara Landis year, Kat Schadt year, Chris Handschuch and Delante Keys. These Student Assistants worked with the campers through the day, assisted in creating and directing the performance pieces, and worked with the directors to create the imaginative staging used in the shows, writing the material which linked the scenes together. The Arcadia students also were given the opportunities to lead classes (aided by the teaching staff) of their own in topics such as improvisation, acting fundamentals and scene study.

Dining Hall Renovations Completed

Dining Hall

The Dining Hall underwent an extensive renovation by Parkhurst Dining Services over the summer, reopening on Friday, Aug. 18. Above is a peek at its new look, which includes new flooring and carpet, a new glassed entryway and serving stations.

In addition, Parkhurst announces the launch of its Dining Services Web site. The site features Catering menus and options, weekly menus, special events and days calendar, and more to come in the next few months. An online PDF form for ordering Catering Services is available in the Catering section. The site is accessible from the Administrative and Campus Web Links module under the Campus tab on MyArcadia.

Arcadia in Spain: Summer Internship Option in Toledo

Arcadia University, in conjunction with the Fundación Jose Ortega y Gasset, is pleased to announce a 6-credit summer internship option beginning in summer 2007. The new Center for Education Abroad program will be offered in addition to the successful semester internship program. Internship placements will be available in a variety of areas, including business, regional government, health, communications and media, social work, tourism, and cultural organizations. Students will combine 30 hours of on-site work with coursework covering topics related to working in Spain and the European Union. More details will be available in September, please visit

Upcoming Events

New Student Orientation Begins on Aug. 25

New Student Orientation LogoAfter holding six Summer Orientation Days for new students this summer (with another one coming on Aug. 18), the Orientation Planning Executive Committee is gearing up for the Fall Orientation program, which begins Friday, Aug. 25. As always, opening day promises to bring excitement onto campus as new resident students move into the residence halls with the help of athletes, orientation staff, campus life staff and volunteers from the Arcadia community. Meanwhile, commuter students will be settling into the Commuter Lounge and spending time with the commuter life staff. Programs for all new students begin at 11:30 a.m. with a welcome in the Kuch Center. More information will be sent to the University community regarding opening day and what everyone can do to help make it as smooth as possible.

Campus happenings

what to packWhat to Pack, What to Pack…

By Bridget Curtis ’08

It’s move-in day, and aside from the tearful hug goodbye from family and the initial surprise fitting all your things in your room, there’s a lot of new, exciting and confusing things to think about once you’re all settled. Whether it’s did I bring enough stuff, or what’s the best way to meet people or even, do I really need to use those shower shoes? (hint: yes!), the Bulletin has some suggestions.

The general college packing mentality should be less is more, so leave that favorite arm chair of yours at home. Aside from the necessities—clothing, bedding, etc., it’s important to keep in mind those lesser known objects that’ll really make a difference. Power strips are great, considering you are probably bringing lots of things that plug in. Don’t forget laundry detergent, and fabric softener. Speaking of laundry, a great tip is to bring a bottle of dish detergent. Believe it or not, it’s a great stain pre-treatment for laundry as well as for cleaning your dishes and silverware. The obvious requirements aside, senior John Maxon ’07 says that the most important thing you can bring to college is summed up in two words: duct tape. “Trust me,” he says, “it’s a necessity. You use it for everything.” The same can be said for Ziplock bags. There are hundreds of uses for them, and they take up almost no space.

Though important, there’s a lot more to residence hall life than what you bring to your room. It’s important to get to know your roommate and others in your residence halls.  Leave your door open, especially in the first few weeks of school so that others can pop their heads in and introduce themselves. It’s the easiest way to meet people and make new friends. Being friendly and familiar with your hall mates can go a long way, especially when a neighbor has the music blasting till 2 a.m. the night before your chemistry midterm. Living in a hall with shared laundry and bathroom facilities can be hard to adjust to as well, but just remember that patience is a virtue. “It’s frustrating when you finally have time to do your laundry and all the washers are full,” says recent graduate Theresa Ciccone, “but it’s just something you have to accept. It’s not just your laundry room it’s everyone’s.” That goes for the bathrooms, too. Communal bathrooms, even when clean, are not necessarily the homiest places in the world. You can’t leave your supplies in the shower, so a shower caddy is essential. Many models come equipped with built in drainage holes that are an added plus. And yes, shower shoes or flip flops are a must.

Preparations aside, the best advice is to just have fun. Though your studies should be first, take advantage of the great experience that is ahead of you. Adds Ciccone, “Though it did take a little bit of getting used to, I loved every second of living in the residence halls. I met so many wonderful people and made some really great memories.” Even though it may take some getting used to, it’s important to keep in mind that adjusting to college and life in a residence hall is a living and learning experience, one that you will never forget. Remember that there are always residence assistants ready and willing to help you with anything you need.  So, keep your door open, study hard and enjoy your year.

Graduate’s Advice to Freshmen: Find Your Niche

By Bridget Curtis ’08

Arcadia PromiseFour years ago, Megan Corcoran ’06 entered Arcadia with one goal: to leave a mark. Looking back on her college career—including the student government meetings and the campus tours she guided, Corcoran says, “Through all my activities, I’ve realized that on a campus such as Arcadia, the definition and impact of one’s ‘mark’ is limitless. Arcadia’s community and dynamic set-up allowed scores of opportunities for me to find a niche.”

At Arcadia, Corcoran served as a member of the Student Government Organization, a Resident Assistant, a member of Student Programming Board, a tour guide and a staff member on the Enthymion yearbook. She finished her senior year last spring as editor-in-chief. By involving herself as much as possible, Corcoran developed a personal relationship with Arcadia. “I wanted to be able to fill my mind with as much of Arcadia’s happenings and inner-workings as possible,” she says.

She credits her involvement with her introduction to the many faculty, staff and students who have helped her along the way. “I’ve met faculty who encourage me to find my own voice, administrators who inspire me to continue learning so that my experience can rival theirs one day, and students whose respect and friendship I want to earn and treasure. I am a better person because of the people who live and work at Arcadia.”

Though she regrets not being able to spend more than a short break abroad, Corcoran puts a positive spin on it. “Looking back, I wonder how different my four years would have been if I left Glenside for a couple of months. Sometimes I cannot imagine that the relationships I formed here can compare with the relationships I might have had elsewhere.”

Corcoran may have left her mark at Arcadia through her many activities, but more importantly, Arcadia has left its mark on her. “At Arcadia, I have had opportunities to expand my mind and outlook on life. I am better equipped for my future and a better student in the classroom and in life because of Arcadia.”

sports update

Men's Soccer Ranked 20th in Preseason Poll

The inaugural D3Kicks preseason men's soccer poll ranks Arcadia 20th in the nation among Division III programs. The Knights open their season Sept. 2 against The College of New Jersey, ranked 4th in the preseason, followed by a trip to top-ranked Messiah on Sept. 9. The Knights will play host to 10th-ranked York College on Sept. 27.

The D3Kicks Top 25 Poll is voted on by a selected panel of 23 sports information directors across the country, as well as the two creators of The first in-season poll will be released on Tuesday, Sept. 5, with a new poll being released every Tuesday throughout the season. To view the complete DIII top 25 listing for both men and women, please visit

Arcadia in the News

Arcadia was mentioned in the article, “Go to College, See the World,” in the Aug. 16 edition of the Christian Science Monitor.

NodineFaculty in the News

Dr. Barbara Nodine, Professor and Chair of Psychology, received a Presidential Citation from President Mary Kite, Bowling Green University, President of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology. The citation, a surprise to Nodine, was presented at the American Psychological Association Convention in New Orleans, on Aug. 13 in recognition of her significant career contributions.

Mark Wade, Assistant Professor and Director of Theatre Arts, was profiled in the Aug. 8 issue of the Intelligencer. Read more about his plans for developing Arcadia’s theatre program.

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Contributors to this issue of the Bulletin: student Bridget Curtis '08. Photos by Joshua Blustein, Associate Professor of Psychology.

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