May 2, 2006
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May 2, 2006 A Weekly Publication Highlighting Arcadia News and Events

Campus News

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Living the Promise: Mehwish Rashid 06

Dr. Annette Halpin taught her how to run a company. Dr. Joan Thompson arranged an internship with the state Attorney General. How did Mehwish Rashid 06 integrate this business and political science knowledge? She started her own import/export business, IMSurgicals.

New Dean Focuses on Non-Traditional Delivery

LoomisDr. Fredrick D. Loomis started May 1 as Dean and Founding Director of the new Center for Continuing and Professional Studies. He will be the chief administrative officer and academic leader for programs that are delivered to adults by non-traditional means, both on- and off-campus. In cooperation with the academic departments, Loomis will oversee the development of new programs delivered in an accelerated mode and/or via electronic means to adult learners, both during the traditional academic year and in the summer. “Fred has a proven track record of developing and managing successful non-traditional programs for adults,” says Dr. Michael Berger, Academic Vice President and Provost. “We look forward to working with him on similar initiatives here at Arcadia.”

"My initial priority is to work closely with our faculty to develop new programs and innovative delivery formats that will meet the professional development needs of working adults and the desire of organizations to be competitive in the global economy,” says Loomis. “The Center will allow us to reach a great number of adult students and provide them with personal support and integrative learning opportunities."

Read more about Loomis at

Capstone Projects On Display

Members of the Arcadia community, along with their familes and friends, are invited to the 37th Annual Presentation of Capstone Projects. Undergraduate and graduate projects will be presented until Thursday, May 11. For a complete list of presentation times for each discipline, visit

IT DepartmentSpotlight on ... Which department supports Windows, but doesn’t have any in their own offices? Which department is one of the most diverse on campus? Who writes in code? What phone number do you have memorized (2898)? Who do you call when e-mail is delayed? Who is actually behind the Blackboard? Who connects Arcadia with the rest of the world? Learn more about this department.

Cultural Ally Award Nominees Recognized

The Cultural Ally Recognition project is a student-led initiative established in 2005 to provide an award for members of the Arcadia staff who validate the experiences of African, Latino, Asian American and Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Transgendered (LGBT) students. A maximum of two faculty and two staff will be selected (from the nominees at the link below) bby a student committee and recognized at the 2006 Staff and Faculty Recognition Luncheon on May 15. The selection committee understands that when those students who have been historically marginalized during the college experience identify an ally, s/he is someone who serves the entire student body. Read about the award nominees at

Martha Washington Award Nominees Announced

Four staff members have been nominated for this year's Martha Washington Award for Distinguished Service, which is awarded annually to an Arcadia University staff employee who exemplifies the ideals of consistent excellence, exceptional performance and service to the University community. It is awarded in the name of Martha Washington, a dedicated employee who served Arcadia University from 1946 to 1976. Congratulations to all the nominees! The winner will be announced at the Awards Luncheon on May 15 in the Dining Hall. In alphabetical order, the nominees are: Bill Elnick, Associate Registrar, Registrar's Office; Dottie Ettinger, Secretary, Psychology; Josh Stern, Associate Dean/Director of Residence Life, Student Affairs; and Dick Torchia, Gallery Director, Fine Arts.

Spring Clean and Donate to Rummage Sale

Donations are needed for a rummage sale to benefit service projects. The Community Service Office will be collecting donations from Tuesday, May 9, until Friday, May 12. The rummage sale will held in the Dining Hall on Friday, May 12, from 5 to 9 p.m. All donations and proceeds will go toward service projects such as this past year’s alternative spring break trip to Louisiana. Donations can be dropped off in residence hall lobbies and in the Community Service Office in Knight Hall.  For more information, call the Community Service Office at 215-572-4000.

Interest Rates to Rise on Stafford Loans

Beginning July 1, 2006, Federal Stafford Loan interest rates will rise by 2.1 percent. This year’s in-school Stafford Loan interest rate was 4.7 percent (5.30 percent during repayment). Effective July 1, 2006, Federal Stafford Loan interest rates will move to a fixed rate of 6.8 percent. 

Additionally, the option to consolidate one’s federal loans while in school will no longer be allowed effective July 1, 2006. For those who have ever borrowed a federal student loan (Stafford Loan and/or Perkins Loan), are in repayment or will be in repayment in the future, and have never consolidated before, now is a good time to consider consolidating federal loans to lock into a lower rate, prior to the July 1 rate change. 

Consolidation may not be beneficial for everyone depending on prior federal loans borrowed.  For more information on how to consolidate federal student loans before July 1, or whether it is the best option, individuals should contact their loan servicer or lender (bank) directly. Anyone considering consolidation who has borrowed through AES/PHEAA should call 1-800-692-7392 or go to (go to Apply for a Loan and choose Apply for a Consolidation Loan) to get more information or to actually consolidate their federal loans online.

Apply Now for ‘Campus Achievement’ Scholarship

Are you a current full-time undergraduate student involved in the campus community? Have you demonstrated service and leadership on campus or in the surrounding community? Do you have a cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or better, or do you anticipate having this GPA after the spring 2006 semester? Do you have financial need? If so, you may want to consider applying for the Campus Achievement Award for Returning Student. This award, which ranges from approximately $200 to $3,000 annually, is renewable each year, provided a student recipient remains full-time on the undergraduate level and in good academic standing. The application deadline for the Fall 2006 semester is June 1. Applications are available on-line at and in the Office of Enrollment Management. Please note that no late applications will be considered. Contact the Financial Aid Office at 215-572-2980.

Volunteers Needed to Help with Commencement

Volunteers are needed to help with the May Commencement ceremonies. The Graduate Commencement will be held at 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 18, and the Undergraduate Commencement will be held at 10:15 a.m. on Friday, May 19. Please e-mail  by May 5 to volunteer.

Volunteers Needed for B2EST Activity Day

Volunteers are needed to help with the B2EST Program’s Activity Day and Chess Tournament on Wednesday, May 24. Members of the Arcadia community, especially students, are invited to participate. The volunteers will be working with young schoolchildren 8 to 13 years old. The Activity Day runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Arcadia and will involve students from seven classroom programs in the B2EST Program. Visit site to learn more. To volunteer, call 215-572-8545 or e-mail Keesha Dixon, B2EST Secretary.

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Campus Events

Last Oasis for Faculty and Staff, May 3

The last faculty and staff Oasis of the season will be held on Wednesday, May 3, from 4 to 5:30 p.m., in the University Art Gallery, where student work from the senior thesis show will be on display. Don’t miss special guest catering provided by AVI.

Young Writers Flex Their Flash Fiction Muscles, May 4

Come see some of the most innovative young writers—seventh-, eighth- and ninth-graders—in the city as 18 Philadelphia youth read from their chapbooks of short short fiction. Flexing their writing muscles in forms ranging from blasters to the New Sentence, these youth will showcase their technical prowess in handling this sophisticated and increasingly popular genre. The audience will get a sneak peak at stories that will be published in a forthcoming anthology Taking Note 3: Young Writers Project at Cliveden of the National Trust.

The reading, part of the Arcadia University Young Writers Project, will take place from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 4, in the carriage house of Cliveden of the National Trust (6401 Germantown Ave., on the corner of Cliveden and Morton streets). Refreshments will be provided. The young authors will be available at the end of the reading to talk with the audience. Admission is free and open to the public.

The six-week “flash fiction” workshop is led by Arcadia’s Dr. Leif Gustavson, Assistant Professor of Education, and Tyler Doherty, Director of the Writing Center and Adjunct Professor of English. Students explored the precise and often absurd world of an emerging literary genre, “short short” or “flash fiction.” Usually limited to the small space of between 150 and 400 words, flash fiction is an ideal vehicle for middle and high school students looking to hone their prose-writing skills. Through an integrated series of exercises ranging from the writing of vignettes of people, places and things, to flash fiction pieces, to prose poems and New Sentence experimental prose, students will get a firsthand taste of the diversity of moves this genre can encompass and learn to apply the techniques of the best contemporary writers in their own pieces.

ALANA Recognition Ceremony, May 13

Mark the calendar for the 2nd Annual ALANA Recognition Ceremony on Sunday, May 13, at 3 p.m. in the Chat Performance Area. 

Seniors vs. Faculty/Staff in Softball, May 16

The 4th Annual Seniors vs. Faculty/Staff softball game will take place on Tuesday, May 16, at 2 p.m. on the upper softball field. The game will be a great way to interact with the class of 2006 before Graduation. Any faculty or staff member who is interested in playing should contact Nick Luchko. Any senior who is interested in playing should contact Amber LaJeunesse.

See Colorful Birds, Big Cats at the Zoo, June 10

A day at the Philadelphia Zoo, including the special exhibit Birds of Australia is planned for Arcadia staff members on Saturday, June 10, for $11 per person, open to close. Bring friends and family to see the Birds of Australia exhibit where visitors walk around with a cup of nectar while the colorful birds come for a drink. Or be some of the first visitors to welcome the "big cats" back to the Philadelphia Zoo in their new exhibit, Big Cat Falls.  Please contact Andrew Johnson (x2520) by Friday, May 26, to reserve a ticket!

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Campus happenings

Class of 2011—Already Setting Records

The Class of 2011—high school juniors—got their first taste of Arcadia on Sunday, and set a new record for the amount of people in one day at an Enrollment Management Open House with almost 1,600 visitors for the day. “We handled the crowds very well, and the Office of Enrollment Management would like to thank everyone involved, faculty, staff, students, physical plant, public safety, IT, and administrators,” says Dennis Nostrand, Vice President for Enrollment Management. “It was a first class effort by everyone.” To handle the large number of students interested in Arcadia, two open houses were held, one in the morning and another in the afternoon.

Campus, Special Donors Get Close Look at Capstone Art

weckselblatt paintingArt students displayed their Capstone projects and talked to many visitors at displays in the Art Gallery and Murphy Hall on Friday, April 28. In addition to students, faculty, staff and family members, the visitors included some special guests. The art tour was a highlight of the first-ever President’s Circle event, honoring those making annual gifts of $1,000 or more to the University, hosted by President Jerry Greiner and his wife, Terry.

View more photos from the event and of the students’ work.

Matlock Puts Pieces Back Together in Cold Case

matlockFor Suzanne Matlock ’06, completing her Senior Capstone Project meant going beyond the grave…literally. A scientific illustration major, Matlock had an interest in forensic reconstruction. With the help of the Montgomery County Coroner, Matlock was able to obtain pieces of an unidentified gunshot victim. The victim had been shot in the back of the head, which shattered the face. Traveling to Oklahoma for a two-week course on head reconstruction with a forensic sculptor—a medical illustrator by the name of Betty Pat Gatliff, who taught the same techniques to Associate Professor and Fine Arts Chair Scott Rawlins—Matlock learned the skills needed to reconstruct the skull. After the reconstruction was completed, Matlock was able to construct a likeness to the victim.

“You can tell sex, race and physical size and get an idea of physical features by examining bone structure,” she says. “You can determine musculature and facial structure from the skull.” All of these details were used to construct the likeness. She would like to use her research to help identify the victim.

Matlock began studying at Arcadia in 1999. Her upcoming degree in Scientific Illustration will be her second undergraduate degree. She already has an undergraduate degree in chemistry with a minor in biology, as well as a teaching certificate. She says she will continue to work full-time at Merck doing pharmaceutical research after graduation, and she would like to do forensic reconstruction on a freelance basis. View more photos of Matlock’s project. The senior projects will be on display in the Art Gallery through May 19.


foreign correspondence

Five Roofs in Five Days – a Powerful Lesson

By Alan Powell and Connie Coleman

id181 roof buildingThe ID181.1 Mexico Experience was designed to enable Arcadia students to experience firsthand the living conditions of the working poor in the developing state of the Yucatan in Mexico. Service Learning in this instance meant that the class members were the construction crew responsible for completing five individual homes in two different neighborhoods in both the southern and northern sections of the city of Merida.

Each day the team of 20, including 17 students (16 women and one man), embarked under the capable direction of Roger Aviles of Accion Ministries in Merida to the various work sites. Alan Powell, Assistant Professor of Communications, and Connie Coleman, Adjunct Professor of Communications, were team leaders and were joined by Tim Philpot, Associate Director of Bucks County Youth Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program. Altogether, this able crew lifted, mixed and poured approximately six tons of cement and block each day. Five roofs in five days … that is a powerful record of accomplishment. While the students were building roofs, they had the opportunity to interview the families of the homes and photograph them and the people of the community.

Read more on the Mexico Experience including student commentary at

View the Mexico 181.1 Web site at

Siestas Can Only Get You So Far

Though the allure of a mid-day siesta may sound tempting, they can only get you so far. For Sara Bustard ’07, the idea of sleeping away her days in Barcelona would take away from all the fun.

Spending her spring semester in Barcelona, Spain, Bustard has found more to see and do than she could have imagined. “There is so much to do in this city and so much to see. I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface!” When not touring the city or enjoying a night out on the town, Bustard can be found hard at work in the classroom.  Enrolled in the Barcelona Center for Education Abroad (BCEA), Bustard has a full course load, which includes a Spanish art history class, international marketing and Spanish language and grammar. Says Bustard, “I am taking nine hours a week of Spanish. I understand a lot more than when I first arrived.”

The Barcelona Center is staffed by experienced student service professionals and faculty dedicated to supporting students throughout their study abroad experience and helping them find ways to take full advantage of their time abroad.  The Center is beautifully renovated and its facilities include classrooms, student lounges, a library, computer lab, and administrative offices. “The people at the center here are wonderful. They are real helpful and friendly. They really want to help us, and talk with us to see how we are doing and handling this experience.”

Read more on Bustard's experience at


Sports Update

Baseball Team #1 Seed in PAC Tournament

With a win on Saturday, Arcadia’s baseball team secured the #1 seed for the PAC conference tournament this weekend at Bear Stadium in Boyertown, Pa. With two outs and Arcadia trailing Wesley College by one run in the seventh inning, Junior John Connell '06 delivered a clutch RBI single to even the score 3-3. Connell got the chance to be the hero again as he delivered a one-out RBI single in the bottom of the ninth, plating Ken Spangenberg '08 and delivering the 4-3 victory. Arcadia starter Matt Remchuk '06 threw six strong innings before giving way to Steve Chobert '08 (3-1), who picked up the victory. On the day, Connell was 3 for 4 with two RBIs. John Bellis '06 had two hits in the win. Read more about the team’s weekend results.

Bellis was featured in the April 28 issue of the Courier Post. “Bellis, an Audubon High School graduate, is a team captain and is a senior leader for the Knights, who are an impressive 24-10,” the article said. “You won't hear him bragging about the fact that he was named Arcadia's Senior Athlete of the Year on April 9, or that he's first on the school's career list for at bats (66), runs scored (162), triples (10) and RBIs (133), second in stolen bases (65) and hits (216). He only needs seven more hits to become the all-time leader and became just the second player in school history to eclipse the 200-hit mark. He also won't brag about his career .351 batting average (fourth on career list).”

Upcoming games: May 5, 6, and 7 PAC Championships at Bear Stadium in Boyerstown, Pa.

Softball Team Powers Past Gwynedd-Mercy

The Knights recorded the program's 274th and 275th wins on the strength of six homeruns as they topped PAC rival Gwynedd-Mercy 6-2 and 9-6 on April 25. In game one, trailing 2-1 entering the third inning, Jenn Compton '07 launched her ninth homerun of the season to tie the score at 2-2.  Laura Fencik '07 then followed with her ninth homerun of the season to give the Knights the 3-2 advantage. Fencik would launch another homerun that plated three RBIs and provided the final margin of victory.  Danielle Discher '08 went 2-4 and scored two runs. On the mound, Compton went the distance to pick up her 12th win of the season. She scattered seven hits, struck out three and gave up two runs, neither earned. In game two, Arcadia hit three homeruns in route to the 9-6 win. Fencik hit her 11th and 12th homeruns of the season, knocking in three runs. Disher went 3-4 with two RBIs and three stolen bases, and Becky Kimble '06 hit a solo homerun, the sixth on day for the Knights. Kiersten Hughes '09 pitched 4 1/3 to get the win and improve to 11-1 on the year.  Jacquie Johnson '07 pitched the final 2 1/3 innings to get the save.

Upcoming games: PAC Championship TBD.


The 2006 Arcadia Lacrosse Team.

For Arcadia athletics schedules, scores, and team information, go to:

Arcadia in the News

Faculty in the News

On Tuesday, April 25, Robert H. Kieserman, M.B.A., Adjunct Professor of
Business/Healthcare Administration and Economics and Coordinator of the Healthcare Administration Program, presented the keynote workshop at the Annual Meeting of the New Jersey Library Trustee Association, which was part of the Annual Conference of the New Jersey Library Association, in Long Branch, New Jersey (April 24-26). The title of his workshop was “Charting the Future of Your Public Library.” The workshop focused on writing a strategic plan. Next month, he will complete the MLIS program at Rutgers University with a focus in library administration and management.

Staff in the News

Michelle Reale, Circulation Supervisor at Landman Library, was pictured with her Maine Coon cat, Inky, in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Friday, April 28. It was National Hairball Awareness Day, after all! "He emits this big, whooping cough," Reale said. "It sounds like a baby with croup... . The first time, I thought he was dying. I picked him up. I was going to do the Heimlich maneuver." Both survived!

Students in the News

Josh Gurin ‘06 received a Certificate of Merit award from the Prudential Spirit Community Awards. Gurin received the award for his exemplary community service. His award and photograph were featured in a recent edition of Montgomery Life.

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