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This site has taken a brief hiatus since last summer. New updated links will arrive soon! Until then, please send your recommendations and notes about links that are no longer active to Peter Appelbaum.


Featured Sites Fall 2006:

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Summer 2005:

·        International Commission for the Study and Improvement of Mathematics Education, CIEAEM 57, in Palermo, Changes in Society: A Challenge for Mathematics Education,

·        Connecting Math to our Lives Project/ Conectando las matemáticas a la vida

·        Andrew Nestler’s Guide to Mathematics on the Simpson’s



Featured Sites Spring 2005:

Have you noticed “crazy weird math people” are the rage in popular culture these days? Why? How might this impact on our work in schools?

Numb3rs Fridays at 10:00 pm on CBS ... 

Committed , 9:30 pm Tuesdays on NBC

Monk, 10:00 Fridays on USA, is our best example of problem solving?

Recent films:

 21 Grams, The Butterfly Effect

Not as recent but still relevant:

Pi (paranoid fantasy)

The Cube  and its sequel, Hypercube (horror flicks)

Enigma (Hollywood dramamath)

A Beautiful Mind (fictionalized biopic that has interesting and misleading elements) 

Good Will Hunting (images of math support clichéd gender depictions)

Alex Kasman’s Mathematical Fiction Website:


æ Previously Featured Sites



The Regular List:

Math in the News Project

Tools for Understanding

The Shell Centre, University of Nottingham

The Maths Room – Virtual mathematics resource room.

NCTM Illuminations Website

The Algebra Project.

Biographies of Women Mathematicians

Association for Women in Mathematics

Teaching with Original Historical Sources in Mathematics

FLM  For the Learning of Mathematics (Journal)

Educational Studies in Mathematics


April is Math Awareness Month!

Research for Better Schools – Pennsylvania Math & Science Events

Encouraging Mathematical Thinking: Discourse around a rich problem – From the Math Forum

Moving from Telling to Listening in Mathematics (Brent Davis)

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse: Exemplary and promising programs report.

Show-Me-Center Middle Grades Math Curricula.

Math Forum Problems of the Week.

MegaMathematicsLos Alamos National Laboratory



Mathematically Correct: the people who are concerned about current reforms in mathematics education.

Mathematically Sane response

Math Wars in the Wall Street Journal.

“The Guide” to math and science reform: Annenberg.



Platonic Realms.

Cut-the-Knot: Interactive math miscellany.

Figure This! Math challenges for families

Bamdad’s Math Comics.

Sodaplay! Indescribable virtual world of experimentation and creativity

Playground – animated environments for learning project

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Beakmaniac’s World 

SMARD: Secondary Mathematics Assessment Database.

European Research in Mathematics Education Volume I.

MacTutor History of Mathematics Archives

Eric Weisstein’s World of Mathematics

NRICH Mathematics Enrichment Club

POP Mathematics – whatever got your teacher excited about math?

Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Art. Music, and Science.



Juggling Links. or

Origami Links. or or

Sewing Links.

Kite Links. or

Quilting Links. or

Kente Links. or

Ron Eglash’s African Fractals. 

Paper Airplane Links. ,,,

Weaving & Knitting Links.

String Figures Links or or or , and especially or

Math in Daily Life

Number Watch – the guide to wrong numbers in science, media and politics

Sumfun – the trail of the math slug


Fermi Problems: or

Some math webquests.



Botball: Robots in Education

Lego Mindstorms ; see also

Robotics and Girls – A Promising Alliance

Robotics Education at Carnegie Mellon

KISS Institute for Practical Robotics


Math Forum Web Units.


MathnotesAn English to Spanish Glossary.

Mathematics Equals Opportunity.

Ethnomathematics on the Web.

International Study Group on Ethnomathematics.


National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Pennsylvania Department of Education Mathematics Website, including Standards.|3161|

Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey.

New Jersey Mathematics Coalition.

New Jersey Mathematics Curriculum Framework.

Research Council on Mathematics Learning.

Association of Teachers of Mathematics

Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers

Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group


Mathematics education into the 21rst century project.

Science Friday online.

The Geometry Center.


Riverdeep Interactive Learning.

Unofficial TI-Calculator Homepage

Key Curriculum Press.

University of Chicago School Mathematics Project.


Math Solutions Publications.

Connected Mathematics Project.

Middle School Mathematics through Applications (MMAP).

Core-Plus Mathematics Project.

Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP).

Math Maven’s Mysteries


John Allen Paulos

Clifford Pickover

Ian Stewart

Penrose’s Corner (Theoni Pappas)

Martin Gardner: Gathering for Gardner: ; interview:

Dennis Shasha

Rudy Rucker

Marilyn Burns Math Solutions publications

Paul Ernest and the Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal

Valerie Walkerdine Trading Card


Featured Sites Fall 2004:

The Nature of Proof in Today’s Classrooms. . A recent review of a classic in mathematics education.

NCTM Eastern Regional Conference, Baltimore, October 14-16. More than 300 sessions and workshops covering all grades.

MathnotesAn English to Spanish Glossary.

Botball. Robotics in Education, from the KISS Institute.


Featured Sites Summer 2004:

Opensecrets. Track how and where the money flows in current and recent elections.

Idea-a-day. Sometimes silly, often feasible.

Arcadia University Department of Education

Arcadia University Department of Computer Science and Mathematics


Featured Sites Spring 2004:

Jim Millar’s Fractals with Pattern Blocks

Mathematical Moments, brought to you by the American Mathematical Society

Choosing a High School Math Curriculum, by Jo Boaler – IMP or not?  (other Jo Boaler publications:

April 21-24 2004 – NCTM Conference in Philadelphia!

10th International Conference on Mathematics Education, Denmark, Summer 2004 (Including a mathematical circus!)


Featured Sites Fall 2003:

SodaPlay – the world of creative play.

Ensuring Equity and Excellence in Mathematics

Weaving Gender Equity in Mathematics reform


Spring/Summer 2003 Featured Sites:

NCTM Annual Meeting comes to Philly in April 2004. Start planning now so that you’ll be able to make it!

NCTM Illuminations – Selected Web Resources: search by standard and grade!

Math Central

Canadian Mathematics Education Resources

Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) – first “results” report from 1999 Video Study.

World’s Largest Math Event! Start Planning! Math Awareness Month:

MathArt Webquest by Barbara Lierly and Elaine Sullivan

Those Math Wars are heating up once again. Mathematically Sane is a new addition (See Mathematically Correct, Annenberg’s guide to reform, and related sites down below)

Math in the News Project! Come join us for a rollicking ride!

Studio 360 Numbers, Theorems and Truth Day

Math in the Movies

Mathematics and the Media at the Math Forum

Mathematics Assessment Resource Service (MARS)


2002 Featured Sites:

Eric Gutstein, middle school teacher, getting students to “read their world” <Links no longer active?> and and

Sodaplay! Indescribable virtual world of experimentation and creativity

String Figures Links or or or , and especially or

MathnotesAn English to Spanish Glossary.

Learning Math Through Literature, by Ellie Cooper <link no longer active?>

PBS Cyberchase.

Mathematics Education and Society – third annual conference.  (second conference: <link no longer active?>

Math Medley – online broadcast with Pat Kenschaft

Breaking Away from the Math Book by Pat Baggett & Andrzej Ehrenfeucht



Thanks to the following people for suggesting good web resources:

Jessica Kulick

Bob Klein

Melinda Smith


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