Masters of Education: Mathematics Education

Master of Arts in Education: Mathematics Education



Mathematics Education Coordinator:       Peter Appelbaum

Taylor 312A

215-572-4476; fax: 4075





The Culminating Project must:


All work must be original and of advanced degree quality. Presentation form will vary as appropriate for the project.



Possible Formats:

Proposal Guidelines:



Suggested Timeline:

·       Meet with advisor about possible ideas and guidelines at least 1-2 semesters prior to graduation.

·       1-2 page project proposal should be presented to and accepted by the advisor at least 1 semester prior to graduation, and before the candidate spends significant time on the project.

·       Meet with your advisor in the first two weeks of the semester to plan meeting dates. Expect at least two progress-report meetings with your advisor where you may be asked to refine or revise original plans.

·       Presentation to advisor of “next-to-final draft” must occur at least 6 weeks prior to graduation.

·       Meet with your advisor to review a draft with your advisor no later than 6 weeks prior to graduation.

·       Public presentation must occur no later than 5 weeks before graduation.

·       Notification to candidate of acceptance or further revisions should occur 4 weeks prior to graduation.

·       Revised project and/or public presentation must be submitted or occur no later than 3 weeks prior to graduation. If this version is not accepted, it is possible that the candidate may not graduate that semester.



!NOTE: Any substantive changes must be approved by your advisor!

Last update: Spring 2009