Alan Powell
Shows & Exhibitions

EXHIBITIONS OF NOTE ( not all Inclusive )


Directors Guild of America, Hollywood, California, RISD FILM 1970 - 2000


MOTION an Exhibition of essentialist film and video, October 2 - January 2, 2000 Munson Williams Proctor Institute

Pioneers & technology: 10th Annual Feminist Video and Film Festival - presentation March 26, 1999 CEC Phila. PA


" Pioneers of Digital Photography" Syracuse University, traveling photo show curated by Mary Ross

"Paintings and prints" River Row Arts , Stockton NJ – ongoing

"Analog Journeys" video installation Rowan University Feb – March 1998

" Faculty Exhibition" paintings Bucks County Community College, Jan – March 1998


"New Paintings" solo painting show Roxbury Center for the Arts, Roxbury NY. Sept – Nov 1997

"Bucks County Invitational 1""Ballet Digital" James Michner Museum of Art, Doylestown Pa, Feb – May 1997

" Video exhibition" University of Oklahoma, May 1997


"Berks Filmmakers International Film Series presents Connie Coleman and Alan Powell" at Albright College, Dec 3, 1996

"Celebrate 25 Years of the Experimental Television Center at ART IN GENERAL" NYC Nov.8 –Jan 25  1997.

"Selected Videoworks by Connie Coleman " Dubois Gallery, Lehigh University, Bethlehem PA (Oct –Dec)

Prix Arts Electronica 96, Intnl Compedium of the Computer Arts, September 1996, ORF Upper Austrian Regional   Studio.

CROSSWAVES, A Festival of Performance and Technology presented by American Musical Theater Festival/  March 20 –24.


"Video and Film by Philadelphia Artists" Philadelphia Museum of Art curated by John B. Ravenal (April - June )

" DIGITAL VISION DIGITAL VOICE" Painted Bride Gallery, Philadelphia curated by Robert Kendall April-June)

"The Nude: Beyond the Studio" Philadelphia Art Alliance curated by Patricia Stewart (March – April)

Three River Arts Festival – (3 paintings)


"BUCKS BIENNIAL" juried exhibition at the Michener Art Museum, Doylestown, PA, Sept. 10 - Dec. 4 (two oil paintings)

"ANNUAL JURlED SHOW" Abington Art Center, Jenkintown, PA Autumn (oil painting titled "Pat's Story)

"INNOVISION `94" a Festival of PA Experimental Video & Filmmakers, New Art Voices, September 9,10,11

"Mailed Art / Mailed Music in Uppsala Sweden", 4 June - 17 September (in support of Amnesty International)

"Red, White & Blue" videotape selected for inclusion in the Three Rivers Arts Festival by juror Pier Marton, June 3 - 19th

"Red, White & Blue" videotape selected for the Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema's Festival of Independents



"The Ballet Di.Gi.Tal Suite" CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY / May 8 - June 30 - a solo ten year retrospective

"NEW ART MEDIA an exhibition of artwork incorporating technology" curated by Marlboro Gallery - Largo, MD

"NO-TV and MOVIES #12" at Visual Studies Workshop, Dec. 4,1992 - February 12,1993 "STATIC"



"American Pie: MythRepresentations" at Abington Art Center / October 17 - November 25 - 4 person exhibit

International Painting Interactive SlGGRAPH 1992 Chicago / participated at U of PA Computer Graphics Lab

"Plans, Proposals, Models and Documentation: works that surround the making of site-specific and public art"

at the Fayerweather Gallery, University of Virginia, Oct. 12 - 31 - Video documentation works included

ART BEAT - a video portrait of Coleman and Powell produced by Suburban Cable for broadcast in April

Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema / 7th Annual Festival of Independents May 14 `The Bache-Mariin Project"

`THROUGH THE LENS" - series of work by independents produced by WYBE-TV 35 `BUNKS BLUES"



Commissioned by the Institute of Contemporary Art of the University of PA to create a collaborative work as the

first in a series of its "More Than Meets the Eye" community outreach program - "What's on Kids' Minds?"

"Art of Music Video: Ten Years After" at the Long Beach Museum of Art August 1 - 29 curated by Michael Nash

to coincide with MT""s 10th broadcast year - "Gender Rolls" included in this traveling videotape show

`Tele-visions: Channels for Changing Tv' at the Long Beach Museum of Art April - June "STAT-lC"curated by

Michael Nash for the section titled "Critiquing Television with Television"

"BEYOND AESTHETlCS: ARTWORKS OF CONSCIENCE" Part l, at the Alternative Museum, NYC April 13 -

May 18, curated by Geno Rodriguez "Sweet Talking Guy" 2 channel video sculpture with drawing

`THROUGH THE LENS" - series of work by independents produced by WYBE-TV "STAT-lC" & "ALGEBRA"

"6th Festival of Independents" International House / included installation of "AS THE WORLD TURNS"

"WAR and PEACE" curated group show at Nexus Gallery' March - April / video installation "Song + Dance"

Commissioned by "New American Radio" to produce 26 min audio work for radio "GROUND WARS: Parts l&2"



`The Stilled Image" a solo exhibit of Printed Computer Stills at the Booktrader Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

SALE of videotape titled "DA.DA Dance " to the permanent collection of the Futures Center at the New Franklin Institute

COMMISSIONED by "New American Radio" to produce an original 26 minute radio piece "BORDERLAND"

"Arts Festival of Atlanta" September 15-23 Videotape Competition - "Gender Rolls" selected by John Hanhardt

"The Armory Selects" favorite works from the Art at the Armory show - exhibition at the CEC

ART at the ARMORY 1990 - created a video sculpture titled "AS THE WORLD TURNS"

BEST OF SHOW AWARDED at Three Rivers Arts Festival Juried Exhibition, Pittsburgh "Stat-ic" and "Bunk's Blues"

Downtown Community TV, New York City June 19th show of "SERMON"



Da.Da. DANCE PARTY - A Pertormance event by Coleman and Powell which concluded the "Bal'et Di.Gi.Tal" held at

International House on September 30,1989 and featured the live cajun music of Beausoliel.

"WYSlWYG, What You See is What You Get" - an invitational exhibition of computer graphics and video imagery

at the Blair Art Museum, Nov. 23 - Jan 6 & Johnstown Art Museum Jan. 13 - Mar.1 `The Ballet Di.Gi.Tal"

PATTERN AND SYMBOL at the TOWER, NYC - November 10 - February 1989 curated group show - drawings

"150 Years of Photography: A survey" August - Sept. at the Booktrader Gallery

Three Rivers Arts Festival Juried Exhibition - Pittsburgh June 2-18 "Girl on a Swing" & `Two Angels"

UNlCA Festival in Baden-Baden, Germany featured "Gender Rolls"

The Festival of Independents at International House / Spring - "STAT-lC" was first introduced

"DADA PROCESSING - The First Ten Years" April 16 - 28 in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the computer art lab at

Mason Gross School of the Arts Rutgers University - New Brunswick, New Jersey

"Computer Generated Art & Animation", March - at Commerce Square (IBM Building) Color video photographs



"MATTER OF TIME" Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts June 30 - Sept. 25 / a curated group installation and the

first exhibit in the Philadelphia ART NOW sequence

"Negotiations for a Heaven on Earth: THREATS, PROMISES, DESIRES" a solo Video Installation Trilogy at The Temple

Gallery of Temple University, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA - March 30 - May 8th

INFERMENTAL 8 The Tokyo Edition 1988 - First International Magazine on Video featured "SERMON"

"POST CURRENTS" at theUniversity of Buffalo, New York November 11 - 13, curated video survey show

"PostIndustrial Expression" - invitational at Sordoni Art Gallery of Wilkes College October 2-301988

UNTAMED VIDEO; Artists' Tapes from the Experimental Television Center - at the University Art Gallery, SUNY Binghamton September 29 - October 30th curated by Sherry Miller- Hocking



COLEMAN & POWELL .... six works from the permanent collection selected by curator William Judson, June 2 - 28,

The Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA

"SONG + DANCE" video installation at Rutgers University Mason Gross School of the Arts March 22 - 27, and a

Live PERFORMANCE of the same name at the Neighborhood Film/Video Project in PhiIa. on March 28th

Made in Philadelphia 7" at the Institute of Contemporary Art of the University of PA curated by Judith Tannenbaum

"Artists' Video and the Experimental Television Center" at the Neighborhood Film/Video Project curated by J. Vassallo

"THE OTHER NEW YORK" at the American Museum of the Moving Image, NY - Tapes from the AFl National Festival



MEDIA HOSTAGES / American Museum of the Moving Image, NY October 16,17,18th In person videotape

presentation with curator Deirdre Boyle

COLEMAN and POWELL at the Neighborhood Film/Video Project of International House / solo videotape presentation

ANTHOLOGY VIDEO Program at Millenium, NYC - Feb. 27 Coleman and Powell solo screening curated by Bob Harris

NATIONAL VIDEO FESTIVAL presented by the American Film Institute and SONY - ALGEBRA... selected for 2 shows

"Video Marathon" Copenhagen, Denmark selected "HOT PINK"

"Monitor `86" Vastra Frolunda, Sweden selected "HOT PINK"

Three Rivers Arts Festival Juried Exhibition - Pittsburgh June 6 - 22 "GLASS VIBES" selected by Bruce Jenkins

POLITICS: ART AND IDEOLOGY / Yellow Springs Institute for Contemporary Studies - presented work June 7 / panel disc



The Utah Media Center - "HOT PINK"

44 ALUMNI at the Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design Oct.4 - Dec.29 (the very first exhibition of RISD alumni)

VIDEO ON PAPER at Film/Video Arts, NYC curated by Jon Burris Nov.14 - Dec.23

"Visions of U.S. Home Video Competition" sponsored by SONY and the American Film Institute - runner up prize


"Emerging Expressions - The Artist and the Computer" April 13 - Sept.22 - curated group The Bronx Museum of the Arts

"The Artist and the Computer; Personal Vision in a New Age"- Sept. 20th City College of NY, curated by Neil Zusman

"Negotiations for a Heaven on Earth: PART 1, THREATS" ... May 6 - June 7th video installation at the Painted Bride

"9th Atlanta Film and Video Festival", High Museum of Art - April / Atlanta "GLASS VIBES" awarded New

Technologies/New Music prize by Lucinda Furlong

CONTEMPORARY VIDEO, Houston Center for Photography - June 28 - July 28 curated by Laurie McDonald

Three Rivers Arts Festival Juried Exhibition, Pittsburgh - June 7 - 23 "ALGEBRA" selected by David Ross

4th Annual NYC Experimental Video and Film Festival "GLASS VIBES" selected by John Hanhardt & others


"Living in Glass Houses" / PORTICO Gallery, PhiIa. April 20 - May 26th - Two Channel video installation & color photos

"MEDIAWORKS" at Nexus Gallery, PhiIa., PA - November 17 - In person videotape screening of Coleman & Powell works

"VIDEO 84" International Video Festival & Conferences, Montreal, Canada - 11 countries Sept.27-Oct.4, Barbara London

curated "RADIATION THERAPY" for the United States portion of the show

PORTICO Gallery Group Show at Don Yates Art, June 14-July 14 organised /selected by Stephen Lowy

1984 Three Rivers Arts Festival Juried Exhibition , Pittsburgh - Juror's discretionary award for "RADIATION THERAPY"

"FIVE PHILADELPHIA ARTISTS at School 33", Baltimore, May - invitational show curated by Janet Kardon of the lCA

COORS Southern Images Film and Video Festival, Shreveport, LA... won 3rd Prize in video for "SOUTHERN EXPOSURES"

The Artist and the Computer, City College of New York - symposium and exhibit curated by Neil Zusman - April

18th Annual Independent Film and Video Exposition, sponsored by the Brooklyn Arts and Culture Association - February

Juried Selections from the 1983 Three Rivers Arts Festival at the Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute February 14 - March 4

Hollywood Erotic Film and Video Festival, Los Angeles - awarded "Most Erotic Video" for "HOT PINK"

CONTEMPORARY PHILADELPHIA ARTISTS / PORTRAITURE curated by Judith Stein & John OIlman at the Art Alliance



"ELECTRA", The Musee d'Art Moderne de Ia Ville de Paris, art influenced by electricity - video curated by Edmond Cuchot


Australia - videotapes were curated by Brad Buckley

Three Rivers Arts Festival Juried Exhibition - June - video juried by John Hanhardt who awarded the Prize for Videography


NYC Experimental Film and Video Festival: tape shows at Downtown CTV and Millenium

SlGGRAPH `83 ART SHOW - year long touring exhibition in U.S., Europe, and Japan COLOR VIDEO STILLS

The Artist and the Computer Symposium, City College of New York



"IMAGE PROCESS PART l" curated by Shalom Gorewitz at the Kitchen, New York

"Works About Television" curated by Kathryn High at HALLSWALLS, Buffalo, NY

"Tapes from the Experimental Television Center" at the Center for New Television, Chicago - presented by Peer Bode

SlGGRAPH `82 ART SHOW, Boston, MA - 4 videographic stills reprinted in a fullcolor catalog

The New York Experimental Filmtuideo Festival, DCTV - curated by Hunter Yoder

1982 Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh - "WElGHTLESS" received the Award for Videography from David Burke



San Francisco International Video Festival selected "HOT PINK" for KOED broadcast and 17 shows

"ELECTRONIC IMAGE PROCESSING" group show at the Kitchen, NYC curated by Shalom Gorewitz

"IN BLACK AND WHITE AND LIVING COLOR" - a solo multi monitor video installation & tape show at the Painted Bride

HALLWALLS, Buffalo, NY - in person solo videotape screening curated by Kathryn High

Anthology Film Archives, NYC - Tapes from the Experimental Television Center group show curated by Sherry Miller



6th ANNUAL ITHACA Video Festival selected "ADVANCED BOWL RIDING" - reviews in Videography & Televisions

Hartford Video Festival - SECOND PRIZE awarded to "ADVANCED BOWL RIDING"

ATHENS VIDEO FESTIVAL - OUBE Choice Awards for "RENOVATIONS, a self-portrait"

"The Electronic Image" - the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago - "ADVANCED BOWL RIDING"



4th ANNUAL ITHACA Video Festival selected "Beavertail Point"




ARTPARK, Lewiston, New York - the "Lost River Video Installations"

Worcester Museum of Art, Worcester, MA - "Holding My Breath Under a Watertall" video installation



Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY - "Electron Movers and the Video Maze"



THE KITCHEN, NYC - first SOLO videotape show