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While eitherĀ Barcelona orĀ Sicily offer plenty of cultural and historical attractions for your semester abroad, they are both great bases for exploring Europe. Weekends in London, Athens, Paris, or Berlin are just some of the possibilities along with experiencing small seaside villages and local cultural festivals that may only be a short train or bus ride away. Let Arcadia’s experienced staff help you realize your dream of being in Europe.




In Barcelona you can choose from a wide variety of subject courses offered in English as well as taking Spanish and a core course which explores the city and its connection with Catalan language and culture.   In Sicily, you’ll take courses in English, Italian, and a core course that introduces the history of Syracuse and the important role the city played in the Mediterranean region.

In either city, your learning will be supported by our expert staff and you’ll participate in excursions that provide a deeper understanding of local culture and history.

Submit your application by October 1st for either the Barcelona or Sicily programs and you can receive a $500 discount so don’t delay! Apply now and prepare for a truly inspiring educational experience.